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  1. Shi no Gēmu
    A Survival-Fantasy Roleplay

    Shi no Gēmu. After the bland performance of Group 7 last year, Yakazuma has been eagerly awaiting this month's show. Promised to be one of the most unique and strange islands out of the previous seven chosen, producers of Shi no Gēmu have been hard at work scouting out this year's eleven. Though it hasn't been easy - due to volunteers becoming less common after the Group 6 tragedy - they've found enough volunteers.

    And so, the eighth season of Shi no Gēmu begins.

    Will they be the first to collect all eight artifacts? The first to overcome and survive the endless trials? And if they do, how will they do it? Will there be only one survivor? Will they make it through it all together? All of these questions are pondered by the frenzied citizens of Yakazuma, as they push and shove to get a look at the eleven as they're transported through the city.

    Surrounded by what's essentially a small army, Group 8 walk through the grubby marble streets, hearing their names yelled occasionally - the sheer numbers of people gathered to see them just for the first time are overwhelming. The sound is dazing. They walk, knowing that the ultimate trial is ahead of them. And all these people will be watching. Perhaps they're already picking favorites by looks alone.

    Transported into various buildings around the city, the eleven do all the pre-game procedures. They fill out various forms first - ones inquiring about any past jobs, past crimes, etc, for whatever reasons, and a form that confirms their consent to the trials that await them. In the next building, they're stripped of their usual attire (to some of the contestants' dislike) and supplied with simple white clothes, with their candidate number big and black on the back. Any of their weapons are confiscated, and replaced with one crude weapon of their choice - supplied by the producers.

    Allowed to eat, drink, and bathe to their heart's content for a short while - they're then transported to the final building before Shi no Gēmu will begin.

    They were simply minutes away. The crowd was roaring, gathered around the white marble screens around the city, eagerly awaiting this month's show.

    So, Group 8. I suppose it now begins.

    Group 8
    It's been a long couple of days, but you've all finally reached the ultimate step before Shi no Gēmu truly begins. Guarded by various men in heavy white plate armor, you're all dressed in your white clothes, equipped with your crude weapons of choice. It's hard to dampen out the roaring of the crowd as you approach a tall, cylinder-shaped building made of smooth marble - a heavy oaken door at the base of it.

    Guided into the building, the room within is wide and spacious, with a blue-green light seeming to cast over the marble floor below it. The walls are hidden behind huge bookshelves of various colours. There's some sort of smell in the room that's hard to place your finger on. ...Something like bitter almonds and peaches.

    Within the middle of the room, a huge circle of chalk is drawn with intricate decals and writing within it. This is the final room before everything begins - this is where you'll be teleported onto the island of Shi no Gēmu.

    In the center of the room, a tall, young man, dressed in a long black robe looks at you all with a pleasant smile as you enter. His hair is long and black, poking out from a bandana tied around the top of his head, and his face is covered in strange black tattoos of mostly triangular symbols, with a wide blue line going down from his right eye.

    "Ah, hello." He says in a soft tone. The guards stand firm as the oaken door closes behind the eleven of you, the shouting of crowds muffled by the thick wood.

    "Group eight, I presume? A real, real pleasure to meet all of you. I'm Connor, the Entrance Mage for Shi no Gēmu." He pauses, and closes his eyes as he gives another soft smile. "Which means I'll be the one teleporting you all on to the island. Nothing more, nothing less. And don't worry, it doesn't hurt!" He gives some sort of barely-audible and somewhat strange laugh to himself, before looking up.

    "...You must be all so nervous. But don't worry... you all had a nice lunch, I presume?" He gives another laugh, before looking at you all with a somewhat encouraging look. You notice his eyes are, strangely, purple. His voice grows more serious.

    "Just take a deep breath, relax, and do your best when you're on the island. Don't think about all the people watching you. Be yourself."

    Connor gestures for you all to take a step further.

    "Now, before you begin: I'm sure you've been informed about the rules, but if any of you have any questions about Shi no Gēmu - I'll answer any that you might have. Obviously though, I can't tell you anything about the island. Don't worry about making the crowd wait." He pauses, and the hair covers his eyes for a moment.

    Those with 4 or above accuracy hear Connor whisper:
    "Yakazuma can wait for an eternity for all I care. Those pigs."

    Connor looks up and smiles, and awaits patiently for any of you. Despite his weird tattoos, his smile is strangely comforting as the smell of bitter almonds hangs strong in the air.​
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  2. Jay was quite enjoying all the screaming fans as they were paraded through the town like animals, but he would have preferred a few more shouts of his name, such is the life of a thief. Jay was glad he got to do this it's about time his skills had a challenged but he might have preferred a bit less death, but he did have allies but no one should know about his past right? He was quite sure, he didn't think he met any of the others, so working behind their backs if necessary shouldn't be too hard, he would have also preferred his rapier rather than this thing looking to his sword, but rules are rules. As the man said he was hoping for questions Jay instinctively asked the one that was on his mind, "Yes I have one," He spoke up, "Why do you only take an odd number like 11, why not more, why not less?"
  3. Katsuko Akiyama

    It was all overwhelming, really. Walking down the marble streets, hearing the roar of the crowd (some even shouting her own name, she didn't think she'd have any supporters), all Katsuko could do was offer a dumb little smile and wave as she and the others were escorted to a tall marble building- their last stop before the arena, she guessed.

    She stood quietly while listening to Connor, occasionally offering nervous glances at the other contestants. Some of them looked, if not exactly kind, at least pleasant enough to not murder their teammates, but others looked utterly remorseless. Turning her attention completely back to Connor, she absentmindedly tightened her grip on her crude club.

    Her ears had caught what Connor had whispered, but she let it slide and decided to not question it. After he finished, she stood in silence, then blinked, just realizing how better the glasses she had been given were than her old, cracked glasses.
    Questions? Heh, maybe I should ask to keep these when this is all over... no, that's dumb, don't ask that, everyone's gonna think you're a moron. Pulling herself out of her thoughts, she cleared her throat and spoke up. "Uhh, yeah, so if we, like... die, what happens to our families? Do they at least get to know that we're... you know, if they don't watch the show?"
  4. [​IMG]
    Arn Woodson
    And so, it all began. Arn Woodson had been guided to this place where he would be teleported in, by three guards- all none the less extremely itchy around him- as if they were awaiting for him to make a wrong move. Waiting for him to reach for his warhammer and try to whack at them- only for them to put a sword through his chest. But Arn didn't feel the urge to kill, or wound for that matter- his mind was doing a fair job of killing himself during the walk- his mind jolting with ideas. So far, no one had won Shi no Gemu. Everyone had died, or been wounded so badly that the once upholding it decided to cut it short to avoid a riot. To avoid the feeling of death creeping up in his concioussness, he began thinking about her.

    Her smile, calm attitude, kindness... It eased his thoughts quite well, his mind steadying itself for what there is to come. He thought back on the times he had heard his own name being shouted at him by the people of the street- by the sound of it, he had atleast gained one admirer. Perhaps it was because the trial more or less highlighted his name across the bored down of Yakazuma, enlightning some attention towards him. The boy who murdered five men in cold blood, a hammer as his only weapon and leather studded armor to aid him. He didn't want to be associated by that event alone- he's a fine blacksmith as far as his father told him, and his father wasn't directly the kind to sugarcoat words.

    He looked infront of him, now realizing where he was standing- the final nail in the coffin was being placed over the wooden creation, inches away from being slammed into the poor construction. Before him was the man who held the power to transport the group into the firey pits of hell- or into the graceful grasp of heaven. He couldn't let his judgement be clouded, however- none had thus far survived Shi no Gemu as winners. Only as losers, but of course: at this point in time, there was no shame about it. Shi no Gemu was definently a challenge only worthy of the mightiest of figures- and yet, somehow, Arn found himself there.

    As the man proceeded to talk, Arn looked over to his other group mates- these would be the people that could either be the saving line of Arn, or the disease riddling inside his brain. He had to know who was who, who to trust- who not to trust. It was that simple, do or die. He noticed suddenly that the man was looking over towards them- and based on all the times his father had given him that look, he knew what was about. He heard his fellow mates ask two questions thus far, and decided to jump in. "I got one, regarding what'll happen to those who need to serve jail time afterwards? Do they still get some form of compensation, even though they won't really taste the fame or wealth if they do win?"
  5. [​IMG]
    MENTION : @Jakers (Connor), Players who ask questions

    A soft knock on her carved wooden door dragged Delvenia back from her wandering mind. Today was the day they picked her up from her lovely manor, the place she had been raised and fed, the first place she ever laid her feet and might be the last place she lifted her feet. Shi no Gēmu... Not the best way for her to breathe her last breath, she didn't expect to die there of course, but the possibility was too damn high. Would she survive? Would she able to back to her normal luxury life? Would she even get married?? Delvenia strangely smiled softly as she found the answer to her questions... "I, Delvenia Esme, has incredible abilities that will elegantly make me comes out from that cursed mysterious island alive. Then, I will marry the most charming man and having such wonderful marriage at secluded island with bunnies and puppies everywhere~ Oh I love my future life."

    Delvenia brushed her hair for the last time and dusted her dress from anything dare to lay its hand to the expensive knitted fabric. Soon, she would have to remove this fancy dress, so the lady savored each seconds she wore it. When she walked out from her room, her father, the greedy heartless old man who dared to send her to this not-fancy-survival game, welcomed his only daughter with open arms and warm fake smile, "Oh, my pretty daughter, I wish I don't have to send you out there."

    Delvenia rolled her eyes and passed the man without bothering to hug his fat body, "Oh, dear father, I wish I don't have too see your chubby cute bottom when I get back. Stop smiling because you showed more wrinkles when you stretch your aged face. Farewell!" With that, Delvenia left her manor to somewhere she wished she never there, even in her worst dream.
    As Group 8 walked through the grubby marble streets, Delvenia could hear her name shouted by rough heavy voices as clearly as her green eyes. Being the daughter of richest man made Delveni quiet popular. Women didn't grow fond feeling toward her, but the men, were a total different story. Delvenia threw her enchanting smile as she brushed her lovely long hair from her shoulder, it was enough to melt the stupid airhead men to their knees. This was the last taste of popularity she would ever feel, she would like to enjoy it as much as she could.

    After that, they were transported to several buildings for preparation. Began with the form, Delvenia imagined how she would rip the paper and threw it right to the guards, then yelling her fury for she wanted to go back where she belonged. However, she was not as barbaric as her little imagination, so Delvenia wrote everything needed in the form and proceeded to next step. This one perhaps was the one she hated most, they forced her to wear the plain ugly white shirt with big number on her back, "How could you strip this pretty lady in harsh way? Please, my dear, treat my dress nicely for I will be back and taking that fancy dress home. Don't you take too much courage to sell it to lowly merchant." At least, she managed to ask for a fancy umbrella as her weapon. It wasn't that fancy, no laces nor soft color on it, but hey girl with umbrella always looked so elegant. Then she was allowed to eat, drink, and bath. Not really happy with this one for she knew she was just an inch away from the deadly game.
    Delvenia felt like a very important person as she walked with several guards with heavy white plate armor. If only she could bring this men to protect her there. Delvenia's heart was beating too fast that it almost lost its control. She realized that once she stepped inside the sole marble building in front of her, her life would turned upside down. As she released a heavy warm breath, Delvenia went inside the building only to find a creepy young man dress in long black robe. Black robe, black hair, black tattoo, everything on him were black and black was not a good color. Black meant death for most occasion. Bad luck right from the moment of beginning.

    The man who called himself as Connor, seemed enjoy himself by staying friendly with pleasant wide smile on his tattooed face. Delvenia wouldn't affected by those smiles, she had through too much that she knew how fake the most welcome smile could be. Warm smile and simple laugh wouldn't able to ease the terror exuded from the island or the fear hiding unconsciously in each players. Before they began, Connor offered them to ask questions before he whispered very lowly. The last words spoken softly from his mouth were not enough to make Delvenia wanted to ask questions. Besides, other players already asked several questions that answered her curiosity as well.
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  6. Luther Engrem

    The crowds of people were infatuated by him. Funny how as soon as he put his life on the line for their enjoyment, they admired him and treated him as a hero. But he was only interested by the fact. Not disgusted, nor please. merely intrigued. He was revered by many for his chivalry and gallantry. He remained distant from the adoring crowds, though that alone only made him more attractive to some. Once escorted away from the crowds, he began the preparations for the game. He cared little for the paper work. He knew what he was getting himself into, and he was positive that everyone else here was. Though he did question the well being of some of his fellow contestants. Some of them seemed far less capable than the others. But that was not his duty to decide. It was for the Game to decide who was truly worthy.

    Outfitted in a simple shirt, and equipped with a crude axe, Luther was reminded of his training. "Armor of the beast. Power of the tyrant." What he wore on his back did not matter. He had the power of their scales. What weapon he wielded did not matter. He had the burning flames of old. He had his fill, and only his fill of the food provided. Considering the setting, having a full stomach before they are to fight for survival seemed foolish.

    Once more through the cheering crowd. They were lead into a large spacious room. The man inside was perhaps the most intriguing thing there. He seemed as if he had some sort of secret. This feeling was only further encouraged when Luther thought he heard him mumble something, though he could not make out what. However, he gave the man the benefit of the doubt, and moved on.

    Many of his companions asked the man questions. Though he was not concerned. He was here only to test himself. However, he was rather curious about some of the others here. One being the elegant young lady who asked for nothing more than an umbrella.

    "My dear lady, I must say it is surprising to see one such as yourself standing here, partaking in such a barbaric game."
  7. Stelva Mattaro
    Stelva steeled herself as she stepped out into welcoming cheers of hundreds of people. It wasn't the public attention that was getting to her, but the death game she was about to sign herself into. Stelva was half expecting to receive a rejection from the Shi no Gemu committee. Now, her ticket to revenge and her future was in her hands. All she had to do was win a game that had never been won.

    To hell with that.

    Stelva put on a fake smile and waved to the crowds. Being popular was advantageous in this game, and she wouldn't mind getting all the help possible. Besides, there would most likely be a lot of not-smiling in the next few weeks of her life.


    Clutching a medium-sized knife into the final building, Stelva observed the other ten members of the game. With the pre-game preparations keeping her busy, she had not spoken to any of them yet. Her memory was beginning to recognize their faces. No doubt they would come back to haunt her if when they died. If they died, she corrected herself. No point getting negative thoughts already.

    Stelva half-listened to the Entrance Mage's pointless pleasantries. Rather than the words he spoke, she was far more interested in the tattoos covering his face. It was most likely related to the magic he practiced, but Stelva had no information about the mysterious mages that ran the game. Her own war magic was completely different, and offered no insight.

    Her attention was also diverted to one contestant who asked for nothing but an umbrella. Being a magic-wielder herself, Stelva knew better than to question the abilities of individuals that appeared harmless. However, this woman was throwing away the one gift the organizers were giving them and taking along a useless item. To call it foolish was an understatement.

    Before Stelva could open her mouth, a man echoed her thoughts in a question directed at her. Stelva stared, listening in on their conversation out of curiosity.​
  8. Gideon "Serick" LaVail

    The disquiet was already starting to settle over him. Agoraphobia wasn’t something he ever grappled with before, as he’d always been somewhat of a people person. But THESE people . . . All clamoring and carrying on as the eleven of them moved through the streets toward what would likely be the final resting place for many of them. Maybe even all of them, himself included. And while some of these cheering fans might actually be there to wish them success, a lot of them were probably just there to get a good look at the dead men and women walking. That’s what bothered him. Yet he had volunteered to be a part of this spectacle, so what did that say about him? He had no idea, so walked in silence, his normally steady heart skipping a few beats as the large marble tower caught his eye.

    “So this is where it begins,” he murmured to himself, the crude bow and quiver bouncing lightly against his back as he continued forward.

    As they stepped inside and the oaken door closed, Gideon crossed his arms and put a hand to his face, briefly touching his mouth with the flat side of his fist as he usually did when he was either thinking or semi-disturbed. Or both. He could barely hear the crowds outside anymore, which he was thankful for. But the sound of that door closing was ominous and unyielding. No going back, no time for second thoughts, and no time for regrets. Gideon dropped his hands and hooked his thumbs into his pockets, shifting his attention to the curious mage before them. Those purple eyes reminded him of something he couldn’t quite put his finger on. No matter. It wasn’t important. He smirked at his own lack of attention span. With the stress of what was to come, his thoughts were all over the place. He took a deep breath, letting it out slowly as he refocused on the mage’s words. THEY were important. Not his bizarre eye color.

    Don’t think about all the people watching you. Be yourself.

    Gideon raised an eyebrow at this. Kind of seemed a bit more like a warning then a suggestion, but maybe he was being paranoid. He wasn’t even on the island yet and he was already suspicious of others, even though he himself had already lied once. It was a harmless lie. He had written a false name on the paperwork: “Serick Andrews.” His family didn’t watch Shi No Gemu. Hadn’t even heard of it. So on the likely chance that he didn’t make it out alive, he didn’t want to give his wary, judgmental family an excuse to watch for the first time and say: “See, we were right. Those powers are cursed.” The young man dropped his gaze and closed his eyes. A question-and-answer session had begun. The crowd would have to wait whether they liked it or not. This was the only chance for them to learn anything of import other than about the island itself. As he was finally regaining control of his thoughts, his ears picked up a comment from Connor that was barely audible. Gideon was once again reminded of his own feelings . . . the disquiet that the crowds had instilled in him . . . .

    He opened his eyes and looked at Connor with mild understanding and perhaps the merest flicker of irony before checking out the others in his group for the first time. Some of them seemed normal enough. Now that he was paying attention to them, he realized he was getting a weird vibe from a few, and a downright nasty feeling from someone else, but he couldn’t be certain to whom those sensations were attached. He’d find out soon enough, wouldn’t he? He noticed the conversation starting up between a man and a woman. Number One and Number Nine if he remembered correctly. Gideon ignored it for now, instead directing a question at the entrance mage. He didn’t know a whole lot about Shi No Gemu, other than the rules, and a rather gruesome rumor about the sixth contestants. Not rumor, he thought. The truth. Why was he here again? To test the limits of his new magic and prove to the rest of the LaVails that they were wrong. To avenge his brother in a way that didn’t involve killing everyone he was pissed at, despite the strong urge to do so.

    “I’m not entirely familiar with Shi No Gemu, other than what few requirements it entails. I’ve never seen it, so know nothing of what happened before, other than the incident that seems to be on every gossiper’s tongue. That, and that there have been no winners. Assuming the rumors I heard were true—and I believe they could very well be, given what we’re forced to wear—can you ever be one-hundred percent certain that what happened during the sixth Shi No Gemu never happens again?”

    Out of all the questions he could have asked, this was probably the most bizarre and least useful. But he hadn’t asked it without reason. Sure, he didn't want to die a brutal, ridiculous death five minutes into this thing, but it was more than that. Something he was only semi-aware of, yet intuitively felt the need to ask. Just in case . . . .
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  9. Falkare Burnhild
    Falkare didn’t spare any attention for the numerous guards that surrounded him and the other participants, or to the crowd that had turned out to watch them march across the city. It was all just background noise that he gladly filtered out without care. Another step closer with each building they entered, Falkare openly grinned when his fingers wrap around the grip of the provided weapon. There is a sort of comfort to be had with cold metal in one’s grip, even if the quality is questionable. Provided with both weapon and clothing, he really was reminded of his first few entries into the pits. Not the most pleasant of memories, but the comforts that followed afterwards were enough to soothe his mood.

    With a full stomach, he approached the tower with the others at ease. As the heavy oak door swung open slowly, his eyes narrowed at what lay within the building. Odd scents tickled his nose when Falkare stepped inside, and his attention focuses on the man at the center of it all as the door was closed behind the group. Despite Connor’s attempt to lighten the mood, for Falkare the man’s jovial attitude just set him on edge instead. He wasn’t necessarily their executioner, but close enough as the man who simply led them to the place of their deaths. Not the Falkare was a defeatist, but the past of this event spoke for itself well enough.

    His eyes flicked back towards the door the group had entered from when keen ears caught what Connor whispered quietly. Intrigued, he remained quiet on the issue in the end and simply waited for the others to finish with their questions so this show could get on the road. He could hear some of the other begin to talk amongst themselves, but didn’t focus in on the conversation.
  10. [​IMG]
    INTERACTION : @Reanimator Bob
    MENTION : -

    DELVENIA ESMEDelvenia glanced over to the man who seemed to speak to her. She threw him a soft smile and brushed her hair from her eyes to see the man who surprisingly had a beautiful long hair. Men usually known for their carelessness about appearance, it was always about strength and muscles, also money for her father case, "I am surprise as well, even in my worst nightmare, I wouldn't choose this place. Can you even imagine? How I drenched in blood and covered with unnecessary sweat? Things happened, my dear, and I must sadly say that now I'm at the lowest part of the life wheel."

    The man who spoke to her was a complete opposite from her. He seemed strong and dependable. Those eyes had seen battles and wars more than her, those pairs showed how his former life had polished him into him today. She was merely guessing, the way he stared and the way his father did was a completely different. Let's just say that first impression really did its charm. He could survive this battlefield and had high chance to beat this wilderness, she assumed. Forming an alliance with him might helped Delvenia through this hell. Though they were supposed to be work as group with other, having at least one to trust wasn't a bad idea. However, gaining trust in one day would never enough, she needed to wait patiently and saw how things worked out.

  11. Connor's Answers

    Jay's Question

    Connor looks at you, frowning for a moment before he ponders your question. He keeps quiet in thought for a moment, before clearing his throat and speaking quietly.
    "Yes... I figured someone would be wondering that." Connor paused, then smiled patiently. "The truth is, I'm not fully sure. You know who Roy Maou is, correct? He designed these games. Apparently, he seemed quite persistent on having eleven players: it was the 'perfect number'." He gave a slow shrug. "Why it's the 'perfect number', I don't know; I've never spoken to Roy personally. But I'm sure he has his reasons..." Connor says vaguely. "I doubt it's anything important, though. Don't think too hard on it." He eyes the guards for a moment, before moving on to the next question.
    Katsuko's Question

    Connor nods.
    "If you die, they'll be sure to inform all of your family members about it, if possible." He looks at you closely. "If the body is still intact by the end, we'll do our best to deliver that to them too, if they wish." He gives you a short reassuring smile, before moving on to the next question.
    Arn's Question

    Connor gives a similar nod to the one directed at Katsuko.
    "Yes, you will get compensation. You will not need to serve any jail time, provided your crime wasn't murder or manslaughter or any form, and you will get the same rewards and benefits as everybody else for winning." Connor pauses. "If they did commit a murder-related crime... then your sentence will be shortened, but you'll still need to serve it."

    He looks at you for a long couple of moments, with a piercing-yet-soft stare, then smiles.

    "But you don't look like a murderer."
    Gideon's Question


    Connor remains very quiet for a moment at this question, his black hair covering his eyes as he looks at the floor for a moment. The topic you bought up seems to have made him somewhat conflicted.

    "No." He finally answers. "We can never be one-hundred percent sure. But we check the levels of power of each person thoroughly, and be sure they're not hiding any enchanted objects. It's much easier with the restrictions of equipment, but... let me make one thing quite clear."

    Connor looks up, and a deathly silence suddenly fills the room.

    "If any of you are here to try and recreate what happened with group six... I will make sure you suffer a fate worse than death."

    The silence lingers for a few moments, before he blinks, and his plain smile returns.
    "But you shouldn't worry about that, the group six incident was a simple mistake. That mistake has an extremely low chance to happen again, and nobody here seems to possess a huge level of power."
    He pauses, and gives another one of his quiet, strange laughs as he looks about the crowd.

    "...And nobody here looks like that kind of person."

    Almost right on cue when Connor is finished answering your questions, one of the two guards by the door speaks loudly through his helmet, in a rough and low voice as he takes a step forward, his armour giving a metallic shuffle.
    "Connor. It's time."

    The tattooed man pauses, looks at the floor for a moment, then nods with understanding. He adjusts his robe, closes his eyes, and begins to outstretch his arms.
    "Well, I'm afraid I can't answer any more questions..." He says. "...but I hope I helped those who asked. You're a lot more talkative than the previous group, to say the least... haha. But now, I must transport you all to the island."

    Connor's hands begin to hum with some sort of purplish-black energy, and the many tattoos around his face begin to glow with the same colour.
    "Good luck, all of you. It's... been a pleasure."

    The intricate chalk circle at the base of the floor does the same, and the humming intensifies as he makes delicate gestures with his arms. He sweats heavily, clearly exhausted by the power of the spell he's about to perform, but still manages to give you all a smile.

    "Just... h-ha... please stand still and... remain calm." He seems to be slowly losing conciousness as purple light begins to flood the room, and the humming makes Connor's voice barely audiable amidst the magical roars. "E-Exciting, isn't it? To think that you eleven might be the first... to... nngh... win! And remember... b-be... yourself."

    A piercing screech echoes through the room as Connor gives a loud grunt of effort, making a final, wide motion with his arms.

    The purple light wiggles as if it's alive, and seems to embrace, weave, and wrap around all eleven of you like a cocoon, and it feels somewhat... soothing. Even with the huge roar of magical energy literally causing the room to shake, you feel somewhat at peace. This was it - one of the biggest moments of your life - yet you feel calm and sleepy.

    Mummified within purple light, the last thing you're able to see is Connor collapse to the floor.

    And then everything goes black.

    Day One
    Dawn of the First Day

    Sprawled in various positions, you all come back to your senses. Whether you awakened face-down, face-up, or on your side, the ground below you feels wet and uncomfortable and sticks to your clothes and skin. Mud.

    You all feel like you're outdoors, and can hear the gentle breathing and groans of each other's confused voices as you all wake up at roughly the same time. The teleportation spell worked. This was it. Shi no Gēmu. The wind around you all seems to gently hum, and the sun above you feels intense - almost uncomfortably hot, but it's tolerable.

    As you all come to your senses and look around, the terrain around you is absolutely bizarre.

    Yellow-green grass grows around oddly-shaped trees, with strange red mushrooms and short tufts of a reed-like red plant sticking out here and there. You can hear the gentle flowing of a river straight in front of you, the water flowing through the intricate twists and turns of the strange forest. Little, strange spirits of red and light blue sometimes appear, pause, and dart along the forest floor harmlessly, leaving a little trail of light behind them.

    Wherever you are, it's certainly not a mundane island. It seems to be of a magical influence, and the ambience of the island is tranquil and quiet, apart from the little 'poofs' that spirits make as they whizz past, and the gushing water of the river. A huge, red flower blooms not to far in the distance - with a bright yellow bulb. Of all the flowers you've seen, this is undoubtedly the biggest. Most of you wouldn't have seen anything like a place like this before. In a way, it's breathtaking.

    Now that you think about it... the patch of clay you're all in doesn't seem to fit in with the landscape at all. As if it were created purposefully by humans. The clay is easy to walk through, albeit it clings to your legs uncomfortably.

    It takes a while to sink in. All those crowds were undoubtedly watching you through that marble screen, and the Gemu Eyes were somewhere watching you - although nobody can see even the slightest trace of these 'Gemu Eyes'. You were here, in Shi no Gēmu now. It was the first day, and from this moment - it was up to you to collect the eight artefacts placed within this island. For this was the first day of many.

    At last, it truly begins.

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  12. [​IMG]
    Arn Woodson

    Arn noticed more and more figures beginning to fill up the room- clogging his senses with new sounds, shapes of figures and tones- postures, the things alike. He began to notice however that the figures arn't what he thought they would be: they weren't too tough looking, much more or less like your average folk. A girl who would fit rather well with a dress, her aura shouting nobility around her, wavery grey hair and green eyes who looked into the very soul of Arn. She was definently pretty, but still: Arn knew that he shouldn't get too attached to anyone, besides: she's too old for him. That caused him to look over to the figure she was adressing- directly speaking to. Green eyes, grey looking hair, and the stance of what Arn would assume to be someone on high-alert: someone who had experience in something, but he couldn't just put his finger on what it was that he was looking for. Either way, the guy was older than Arn, and most likely stronger than Arn. A good combatant, he figured. As for her- she was most likely a mage of some sort, they always had such an aura around them, since most mages came from noble houses- atleast that's what Arn thought they did.

    As Arn glanced through his teammates- he was suddenly awoken by the man: and came face to face with him. He looked right on over him, and deciphered what it was he was saying- and came to the conclusion that he spoke about his question. "Yes, you will get compensation. You will not need to serve any jail time, provided your crime wasn't murder or manslaughter or any form, and you will get the same rewards and benefits as everybody else for winning." Connor pauses. "If they did commit a murder-related crime... then your sentence will be shortened, but you'll still need to serve it." Arn nodded to him at this point, not wanting to seem rude or anything. But it was the response after that which sent shivers down his spine- 'but you don't look like a murderer'... Looks can apparently be very deceiving, especially since Arn was convicted of that... even though Arn himself didn't admit to doing it.

    Of course, after that it all went by in haste: One word slung another, and some form of incarnation was happening! Arn noticed this very quickly- felt his mind warp, his senses shudder and his brain broke: He wanted to scream but found his voice stolen from him- trying to piece together something! Anything to get his life back! And then- it all went black.

    Arn suddenly awoke- sweating and confused. He had felt the grasp of the man, and yet- now he was suddenly gone. It felt confusing to him, in more than one way- but he tosssed the thought out of his skull- he had to take in what was going on. He felt something sticky surround him and his now-waking up teammates, red in colour. Clay? He had worked with it sometimes when he had a break- they were a good, easy way to form jugs, cups and plates. Plus, if need be: you could very well build a minor house from it: although it would take quite some time to finish it up. He grunted loudly and forced himself up on his two legs, his eyes now focusing in to take in the background of the place. And to say the least: if he hadn't been thinking about Shi No Gemu as a death sentence: he might've been in awe at what he was seeing. A fairy tale would be the best way to describe what was going on around him, the happy switch flicking on inside his skull as he scanned his environment for anything else in particular. Grass, loads of it- some fancy mushrooms, twigs, rocks- water, you name it: the place had it... except metal, food, and other things. Heck, there was even sand in the area: Great for making glass: if you have a furnace or oven to make it in.

    Arn began to walk around in circles, taking in what he could do with the things surrounding them: what would be good to have and lastly what kind of armor he could make. Soft Wood was definently one idea- he had made basic armor frames from it before, but it of course has a major weakness: it isn't called soft wood for nothing. Arn decided that it was best just to get workin and tuggin' immediately, and approached the twigs- taking a handful of rather bendable twigs up, before approaching a nearby tree. "I'll be working on some basic armor for those interested. It'll take some time to make on it's own, so uh..." Arn looked over towards Katsuko, thinking that she could very well be able to help him do the job. "Hey uh, ma'am- with the glasses. Could you come here and help me a bit? Just take some tree bark that can fit on the side of your arm, take a twig and bend it so it'll act as a tie. That way we'll be able to start off with some very basic armor: but atleast good protection against wild beasts." Arn began to get to work by striking at a tree with his hammer- losening up a few chunks of tree bark, before reaching down with it and bent them over his arm- below the elbow to try and find some good bark that could be fit for protection. After finding some bark that could fit well, he took ahold of some of the twigs and began twisting and bending them: until they began to feel rather twistable: a lot more easier to handle than previously.

    He took the bark below and used the bendable twigs to secure it on his elbow, and looked on over towards the final product to see if it's worthy of having his name on it. Whilst doing so, he looked on over towards Luther- realizing he had a pretty good looking axe, for it being crude: and uttered "Hey, sir... With the Axe, could you try to cut down some of the soft wood around here? It could aid in making better armor for all of us- or atleast those who need to be in the front lines. And those who don't know what to do, we should try to get some form of tent set up: so we'll be prepared for the night."


  13. Luther Engrem

    Important Actions:

    Crafted crude shield

    As expected of nobility. They adore the romanticism of real knight standing beside them. She was certainly quite the character. Her gaze was soft, and gentle. Though it seemed rehearsed. As if she had spent as much time perfecting that smile as he did his own skills in combat. Actually, that might be what it was. She was obviously well born. Given her dainty appearance, and lack of actual weaponry, it was safe to assume this women's strength was not in her physical prowess.

    Luther bowed, humbly before her

    "This is hardly a place a lady such as yourself should enter alone. So I, Luther Engrem, shall do what I can to protect you, or any other in distress, for it is my sworn duty as a knight."

    She would be a valuable ally. It would be best to gain the trust of the entire group, but one at a time. These things take time and commitment. Given her well birth, it was only appropriate that he turn to her for support first. And besides, if his assessment of her strengths was correct, having support from behind would be very fortunate.

    After that, the entrance mage began answering the questions asked. Now Luther had managed to form an idea about every one of the contestants who asked a question, strictly from their question alone. The girl in glasses seemed to be worried about her family. The young lad seemed to be convicted of some crime, though one would never expect given his appearance. The blue haired man of questionable character was merely curious it seemed. That could be dangerous. But the last man. Luther felt something dangerous about him. Not evil, no. Just dangerous. He too was curious, though even his question seemed dangerous.

    But only time would tell, and it seemed time was still moving. The group was corralled into the magic circle, and Connor began his ritual. As he continued, he became visibly exhausted. Luther was concerned for his well being, but he had his own problems at the time. However his concern grew upon seeing his figure fall to the ground. But it was only for a moment.


    Day One

    Luther awoke in the soft clay. A quick glance at his surroundings, and Luther could tell that his skill set might actually be invaluable in this island. Mythical creatures surrounded them. If there were any enemies Luther was prepared to fight it were creature of legend. He looked around to see the young man working on some sort of craft. Luther felt the same need to do so. turning to the large trees, he tore off a large piece of bark. Then, he pulled some of the reeds from the riverbed, and twigs from the forest floor. Using the bark as the shield base, the reeds as support, and the twigs from the forest floor, Luther thrashed together a crude shield. It was very ineffective, but it might save someone's life some day.

    The boy asked for Luther to chop down some of the trees. This was an excellent idea. He claimed it to be for armor, though the wood could be used for a plethora of needs.

    "Luther Engrem is my name. I would be happy to cut down trees for our company. But in exchange, I would like to learn your name. We are, after all, going to have to put up with one another for a few days at least. It would only be proper, if we introduce ourselves to one another."

    Luther began his work on the trees, thankful they allowed a weapon of choice. A weapon is a tool first and foremost. The sword, the knife; the War Axe, the hatchet; the war pick, the pick axe, and so one. He worked, but made every sign that he was indeed listening to his companion. It would be rude to ignore one you just engaged in introduction after all

  14. Stelva Mattaro
    @Reanimator Bob

    The lady answered in the most roundabout fashion possible, causing Stelva to roll her eyes in disapproval. She should have known better than to expect something intelligent.

    After the entrance mage answered everyone's questions, the transportation spell soon begun. Stelva closed her eyes to prepare herself for the side-effects of magic, missing out on the flashy purple glow. As her consciousness faded, her thoughts were on Connor's strange words, be yourself…

    Stelva found herself sprawled in an unsightly heap on the cold clay floor. She wasn't the first to awaken, as there were sounds of movement around her. In retrospect, she should have assumed the worst and jumped to her feet, but the game was at least kind enough to let their entrance be a peaceful one. Stelva picked herself up, the clay causing her hair to form a stiff cake. She raked at it with her fingers, grimacing.

    "Well color me surprised. It's not a wasteland. That's a start," she said dryly, wary that the seemingly tranquil forest hid secrets far more gruesome. She could see some of the contestants trying to make something out of the bark. Protective gear, Stelva surmised from their actions. Stelva approached them with a smile.

    "Good morning, fellow suicidals. Since we'll be working together for the foreseeable future, and that our lives are very much dependant on our teamwork, I think some basic introductions are more than necessary." Stelva spoke to everyone in a raised voice. Although her speech was eloquent and clear, her messed up hair and short stature made her lack authority. "The name's Stelva. Skills: writing, reading, and battle tactics. And, of course, magic."

    As she was speaking, a soft glow formed in her closed fist. When she opened it, a small translucent globule of light floated in the air. With a voiceless command, Stelva sent it up into the sky. As formless as it was, the watcher spirit soon become indistinguishable from the bright daytime sky. She had ordered it to scout out the nearby terrain and watch for any hostiles.

    "I've just sent a watcher to scout out the area. My school of magic is designed for warfare, and I specialize in summoning magical constructs. I also have some basic healing magic," she explained. With a nudge of her head, she gestured for the rest to introduce themselves as well. As Arn was the nearest, it could be construed that she was asking him.
  15. Katsuko Akiyama
    Katsuko listened to her teammates' (well, hopefully teammates) questions, occasionally offering them nervous glances, fidgeting in her spot. Though she had prepared herself for this, there was still a feeling of apprehension deep inside her that she couldn't seem to settle. As Connor answered her question, she gave a slight nod of understanding. It was relieving to know her family would hear about what had happened to her, but she wasn't sure that they wanted to be delivered a corpse.

    But question time quickly drew to a close, and Connor began to cast a spell, a strange incantation she couldn't even begin to understand. The room soon became engulfed in a strange purple light, one that began to soothe Katsuko, allowed her concern to ebb away. The purple light kept her calm, even as Connor collapsed to the floor and everything went black.

    Katsuko awoke on her back, limbs splayed as she laid in the soft clay. Her mind still groggy as she picked herself off the ground, she looked around to take in the environment. And was thoroughly astounded. She had never been near a place so bizarre as this, so obviously mythical. She stood quiet, looking at her teammates, some of who were already awake.

    "Huh?" Hearing someone address the "ma'am with the glasses" and assuming that to be her, she turned to face the speaker. Listening to his instructions, she gave a curt, obedient nod and began to search the nearby area, gathering some tree bark and twigs. She held each piece of bark up to her arm, measuring to see if they were near the right size, but wasn't picky about it, as it was survival they were all banking on. Then taking a twig, she bent it, and checked to see if the final product would work as armor.

    Working intently, she kept an open ear; if there was anything of importance to be said, she wanted to hear it. As such, she heard Stelva's introduction, and looked up from her armor making to give a little wave.
    "Hey. Uh, I'm Katsuko. Skills.... uh, I don't know, I know some magic, I guess?" Forgive her, she hadn't planned to give a formal introduction. "Not magic like that, though. That's cool. Helpful. ...thanks." To avoid any more awkward rambling, she tilted her head down and turned her focus back onto her work.

  16. Gideon waited patiently, listening as Connor answered everyone’s questions. His curiosity only rose. Eleven was kind of a strange number to choose for this event. Maybe it held some sort of personal significance to this Roy character, the weird soul who had invented these games in the first place. If they died, they’d be sure to inform the families. They wouldn’t be able to inform his, though, since he had falsified his entry documents. No matter. He’d rather they just assumed he had vanished and went to live his life in solitude than to know he had perished in Shi No Gemu. The question of jail was certainly interesting. The one who had asked the question didn’t look like a killer, but he was capable of it if necessary. Weren’t they all? He’d reserve judgment, however. Killing in cold blood was one thing. Killing in self defense was another.

    When Connor got around to answering his own question, the look on his face showed the troubling nature of Gideon’s query. He knew it might unsettle some of them. It should, as the sixth Shi No Gemu was a tragedy of epic proportions according to the tales he’d heard.

    “No. We can never be one-hundred percent sure. But we check the levels of power of each person thoroughly, and be sure they’re not hiding any enchanted objects. It’s much easier with the restrictions of equipment.”

    But what about power levels that are as of yet not fully tapped? He recalled what his older brother had done on the battlefield. The semi-living darkness that had radiated from him as he channeled his magic. Gideon had only just acquired these powers himself, and had no idea how they would develop, or how hard they would be to control. Perhaps that was why he had asked. Should the time come when he found out that they were too powerful and chaotic, dangerous to everyone and everything, it would be a relief to know that he’d be snuffed out before killing anyone. He was not here to murder people. Only prove a point.

    “But . . . let me make one thing quite clear. If any of you are here to try and recreate what happened with group six . . . I will make sure you suffer a fate worse than death.”

    At this Gideon stared at the mage for a moment, then dropped his gaze to the floor. He wasn’t out to recreate anything. But what happened on accident was something else entirely. Connor’s attempts to lighten the mood with his smile and laugh did little to ease the disquiet that had settled over Gideon again. Something was about to happen. Their time had run out.

    At first, Gideon’s nerves danced and his heart started to race as the adrenaline kicked in. Connor seemed like he was in some sort of pain already, and Gideon didn’t blame him. Teleporting eleven people at the same time was bound to take every ounce of fortitude and skill imaginable. Was it any wonder why the man disliked the games, aside from the unnecessary bloodshed? I wonder if he ever fully recovers? Gideon thought, squinting against the brightness of the crackling purple energy surrounding him. Or if it takes a little piece of him every time until they’ll eventually be nothing left? I guess I’ll find that out firsthand pretty soon . . . Be yourself, Connor had said. And now the meaning of that simple phrase seemed to hit with full force. Don’t let the island change you. Be yourself.

    The young man took a deep breath, grimacing as Connor collapsed, his natural empathy surprising him for a moment with a stab of guilt. Then he closed his eyes, letting the warmth of the teleportation spell embrace him, clinging to those last, lingering seconds of peace before the world disappeared.

    ==Day One==

    He awoke on his side in the sticky red clay, wilderness all around him. It was pleasantly familiar. At least until he remembered the stakes this time. Groaning quietly, his eyes rolled around in their sockets for a moment before fully focusing straight ahead, where the other ten members were in various stages of awakening. A couple were already crafting items. I see they wasted no time, he thought, staggering to his feet and absently brushing the clumps of clay from his shirt and pants as he moved toward the grass. Clay was useful. Much like Arn, he considered the possibilities of fashioning jugs to haul water, or even using it to patch together some sort of shelter, perhaps by mixing the clay and grass to form a crude cement to help seal things in place. They’d need water for that. Luckily there was a stream nearby. As he was cleaning the clay from his sandals, he spotted a rather small pile of animal droppings a few feet away. That meant there was game nearby, if and when they needed to eat again.

    The young man glanced over at Arn and Luther, listening to their conversation when a strange odor met his nostrils. It seemed to be coming from one of those huge red flowers, and was bitter . . . like almonds, and some sort of fruit. He was smart enough to know that the acrid almond smell likely meant it was poisonous, but there was something else. Hadn’t he smelled that before? Gideon stared at the plant for a moment. Then he ran a hand though his hair, knocking loose some stray clay as it hit him. That had been the strange smell coming from the room where Connor had greeted them. “And the mystery deepens,” he muttered under his breath.

    While the others were working and conversing, he decided to do something constructive. Judging by the position of the sun overhead, it was roughly ten or so in the morning. They had a while before the sun went down. Throughout the quest, he guessed rope of varying lengths and thickness would be invaluable, whether to serve as bindings, fishing line, trap snares to catch game or predators . . . anything that required cordage. It might also help the others secure there hand-made bracers and various armor pieces better, which might be appreciated. The idea of trusting strangers unsettled him, but if ever a person needed allies, it was in Shi No Gemu.

    Gideon scanned the area, looking for a tree that seemed a little less alive than the rest. He found one a short distance away and started toward it, pausing to inspect the quality. It seemed suitable enough. There were some long shafts of bark that had already fallen off. Or perhaps were scraped off by something. He hooked his fingers under the loosening edges that were still attached to the tree and began tugging, carefully working up and down to tear sections free without making them too short. When he had a decent amount, he sat down, running a hand over the inner layer. Then he tested a section to see how easily the bark stripped away. It was a little resistant, but he thought he could work around that . . . .

    With patience and care, the mage began collecting a nice pile of fibrous ribbons. When that was done, he then began the tedious but necessary task of twisting, wrapping, and splicing the lengths together, slowly making several strips of natural cordage. Maybe if he collected enough before more immediate concerns took over, he could weave some sort of belt with a satchel for storage, or perhaps a fishing net if there were fish in the river nearby. As he worked, a flash of light caught his eye, and he glanced up, watching as Stelva released some sort of magic into the air. It sounded like she called it a scout. Interesting, he thought. I wonder what the rest of them can do . . . .
  17. Jay Spade
    Jay listened to Conor, glad to hear his question answered and the other answers were more than helpful. He watched the others around him being careful to spot what weapons they had grabbed the most interesting thing someone had was an axe, hmm that's going to be helpful, he thought to himself. Jay heard Conor motioned he had ran out of time and had to send them to the Shi no Gemu, he was physically ready but wasn't sure if he was mentally but he was going to find out as everything went dark...

    Day 01

    -Alive no damage taken
    -Not hungry
    -Not thirsty​
    Jay slowly awoke to the sound of a tree being cut down, feeling around he felt a light dirt, no clay under him. He slowly rose to everyone talking about skills, he slowly brushed off the clay that clung to his arms and clothes. Jay walked over to the group, "Greetings, I'm Jay Spade a procurer of items," He said, "I'm skilled in sneaking, climbing and general athletics. So what plans do we have for survival." He looked around at the area looking over everything making sure not to miss anything in the area, spotting the man making armour from what it seems, "Oh could you make me some armour too, we might need to fight somethings, we've all seen Shi no Gemu at least once and their are animal droppings over there and the animal maybe hostile," he said pointing towards where he spotted it. "Though that could also make good food for us so if someone clever figures what made it go ahead and tell us. Now I'm thinking we should stick together as we will live much longer or at least one or two days longer than some of the previous contestants."​
  18. [​IMG]
    Arn Woodson
    Arn looked over his bracers, and smiled lightly- it was his first set of bracers he had made so crudely, and also the first once he had made outside of his dad's workshop. Even if it felt a bit clunky to wear... and would only hold against light attacks- he felt proud of it. When Luther suddenly spoke to him once more, Arn turned over and looked directly at him: clearly surprised for a response from him so quickly. What he was saying was proposing a trade- wood, for his name. Of course Arn had some doubt at first: people had heard of his court date and all, and how a boy like him ended up in Shi no Gemu, but... he couldn't keep it secret forever, and it would be a really dick thing to say no. He decided to go for the easy route, and fulfilled his end of the bargain: that was atleast his intention until he suddenly was greeted by a new figure. She looked pretty and all, too. But this wasn't really a judging party based on looks- this was a fight to the death. She seemed rather exotic by the looks of it- weird enough that out of everything, it was that particular word that found it's way into Arn's subconciousness for usage, and after she made a very thorough statement about what she does- can do and such: Arn decided to go more in depth in what he was going to say previously "My name's Arn Woodson, I'm the son to the blacksmith outside of Yakazuma. I'm good with the Hammer." Arn raised his crude warhammer to emphasize his point. "So uh... no magic really- but I can do magic when it comes to forging and smithing- so if we ever come across iron and such- or equipment in need of repairs, I can more or less do the job rather fine. If you want to put me anywhere, I'd suggest on the frontline... although losing me might impact heavily on the equipment you'll have." He stared over towards Katsuko, and nodded to her as she made her introduction. Good to know that he was now aware of the names of some of his fellow teammates.

    Arn decided now that with his rather simple construction finished, he would try something else to hopefully aid him further in combat. He had heard of something called 'sand-bags' that could be used to stop projectiles from hitting their target, but he would need help in order to make that any where near true- plus he needed something to hold it all together- like a bag, the clay could work... But the reed would make for a lot firmer overall grip on it all. "Hey, could someone cut the reed over there? So we got something more to work with. We'll want to try and gather up as much as we can: and also find a place to set camp. Also, some form of good length sticks would do fine- don't do any form of fancy camp, two layers under- one above. The ground's the coldest spot, as far as I remember." Some might've speculated as to why Arn knew that: but knowledge came with the territory- plus he kind of had to know whenever he would disappear from his dad's workshop, only to reappear the following day. He decided: what the hell, he might as well start working on it. "Actually, I'll get to work on it immediately. This might as well be our base: given that we got water close by, what appears to be edible mushrooms and plenty of wood." He suddenly came to look at another figure- and according to what he was saying, Arn already didn't want to trust him.

    By 'procurer of items' and 'skilled in athletics' Arn already got a pretty solid idea of who he was looking at: A Thief, who was good at running. Who wanted Arn to make armor for him. Of course- he did have to trust his fellow mates, otherwies this would all have been for nothing: but none the less- he would be more careful around him. Arn ditched his idea of working on of the flooring for the camp, and approached a spot with twigs and the trees . He softened up the tree slightly by hammering it with the hammer- and slowly twisted a section of fresh bark off the tree, and began to wire it around his elbow- doing so to fit the other one on as well. He took ahold of the twigs and placed it below him- and began to soften them up by attacking the poor defenceless twigs with his hammer- softening up the wood sections underneath and crack it in certain spots. This way- it wouldn't feel as uncomfortable to wear them as the previous model had: and after testing it with his arms once more: he checked out the final product. "Sure... I'm uh... working on it, lets hope these turn out better."

    Arn looked over the final product: clearly better than his previous ones, and passed it over to Jay "Here you go, pal. Now: should we start constructing our shelter?"
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  19. [​IMG]
    INTERACTION : Everyone who has been introducing themselves, @Reanimator Bob @A Clockwork Tangerine
    MENTION : -

    DELVENIA ESMEThe answer coming out from a man who called himself as Luther was more than Delvenia expected. Having a knight to protect her in this hell might increase the chance she would survive. They could be a great duo, seeing how he worked well with close combat, Delevenia could support him from behind. To accept his kindness, Delvenia gave another smile and now slightly bowing to the man beside her, "How wonderful to have a dazzling knight staying on my side. I, Delvenia Esme, gladly accept your humble kindness to protect this helpless lady."

    Delvenia ended the conversation with her last sentences because Connor started to answer the questions thrown at him. He answered it perfectly, his answers flowed smoothly like he had been memorized it all the time. However, the last question did get his tongue frozen. The memory about Group 6 crawling back to Delvenia's mind. It was scary... terrifying... the main reason she didn't want to participate this game. Though they had done the best to prevent the possibility, she couldn't lay 100% trust on them.

    Finally the time has arrived, signaled by someone came in and talked to Connor. He began to perform some kind of magic, normal thing expected from a mage like him. Delvenia could feel strong energy coming out from him as the his tattoos started to glow in dreadful way.

    Delvenia didn't expect something good would happen after the piercing screech torn her ears. However, she was completely wrong. When the purple light started to surrounded the group, Delvenia felt surprisingly at peace. It was... comforting. Just as warm as her favorite blanket that always protected her from the cold night, just as soothed as the lullaby that calmly sung when she was going to bed... It made her... sleepy and moment later she completely lost control of her entire body. She let the light brought her to deep slumber.
    Delvenia woke up from her beautiful sleep slowly, she blinked several times as the pain because of the sunlight burnt her green eyes. As she moved her body, Delvenia could feel sticky and uncomfortable mud stained both her body and clothes, "What a wonderful way to wake the sleeping beauty," she rolled her eyes irritably and stood up with all her might. Delvenia tried her best to clean herself from the unnecessary mud, she murmured under her breath and cursing her father in the middle of her complaint.

    The sun was shining too bright that Delvenia could feel her skin toasted. She was glad for picking umbrella as her weapon, so she could protect her precious skin from the sun. The umbrella served its functions well though it wasn't as fancy as she wished it to be. Delvenia might attracted negative comments about her act, but she didn't really care. As long as what she did didn't cause any harm to her fellow teammates, why did they need to complain? Delvenia would show them how she could be useful despite of her princess behavior.

    Some of them had began to make things, some had introduced herself, and one woman had sent a watcher to scout the area. A fellow magician here, great. Well, not that great, that totally depended how she would act in the future. After everyone finished with their introduction, Delvenia cleared her throat to gain their attention to her, "My name is Delvenia Esme. Don't count on me when it comes to anything that requires strength, but I'm proficient at magic. My mind is way stronger than my muscle. About my skill... I can help you with negotiating, proudly say I'm good with that. Other minor skills, like knitting, cooking... Skills that needed to be a perferct housewife, not that useful here though."

    Delvenia watched as they started to make things out of the environment, she couldn't do nothing to help them since she was not really good with brute job, just like she said earlier. So, instead of trying to help which might ended up messing all the hard work, Delvenia observed the surrounding to find something to eat. They might be full now, but better started gather it now, "I guess I am no help for what you are trying to do now, I will bring myself to somewhere else where I can be useful, like collecting some plants for eat. Till I see you again!"

    With that, Delvenia left the crowd and walked over to red mushrooms that had been stealing her attention. She picked one and smelled it, maybe it wasn't poisonous. Not really sure about that, bu its size and smell was quiet alright. Delvenia shrugged and started to pick the rest of mushrooms. When she was busy, she slightly caught another figure not far from her. She believed he wasn't there when the group introducing themselves. Since yelling wasn't something a lady should do, Delvenia approached the man and tapped his shoulder lightly, "I believe you weren't with the group before?"
  20. Stelva Mattaro

    A girl in the periphery of her vision waved. The girl was named Katsuko, and she was very young. Her introduction gave no useful information whatsoever, leading Stelva to wonder how in the world had she gotten herself in this death game. It wouldn't be the first time the committee had selected young contestants to win the hearts of the masses. Their deaths made the best emotional scenes, and was sure to draw in viewers. Such was the putrid state of Yakazuma'swealthy. Stelva acknowledged her with a nod and smile, careful not to let her thoughts show.

    The next was Jay Spade, a 'procurer of items'. Stelva chuckled at the thinly-veiled term. Someone quick with their fingers could be useful, and he was confident in his physical abilities. The quiet man making equipment introduced himself as Arn Woodson, a blacksmith. He was right to assume that his talents were going to be valuable to the team; as far as Stelva knew, no one else had such a vocation. Arn suggested that the reeds be collected to use as rope. With nothing on her hands, Stelva walked to the edge of the river and began cutting up some of the plants. She had chosen a knife because it was the most useful tool she could use effectively. Anything larger would require strength she sorely lacked.

    Still in earshot, Stelva continued to listen in on the conversation, making a mental list of the contestants and their abilities. As a student of military tactics, it was likely she would have to lead the group in battle, unless there was someone else with more experience. Stelva thought the chances were slim.

    Delvenia Esma was the princess who brought an umbrella along. As suspected, she was capable of magic, but omitted to tell them what exactly that entailed. After finishing her introduction, Delvenia occupied herself by foraging for food.

    Stelva had a good armful of reed when her watcher spirit reported back to her in a surge of mental images. Her eyes unfocused as she sorted through a bird's eye view of the surrounding area. In a few seconds she was done processing them.

    "Guys, I've scanned the surroundings. Good news is there's nothing obviously out to kill us yet. There's just a lot of trees, as far as the eye can see. To the north," Stelva pointed in the vague direction, "I've spotted some movement in the brush. There might be some game we can hunt there."

    "That way…" Stelva adjusted her arm to point towards northeast, " a large flower field. Similar in appearance to the red flowers blooming here. I wouldn't suggest we go there, if my memory serves, they're at least mildly poisonous."

    "I spotted another patch of clay to the east, just like the one we appeared in. I'm not sure what we'll find there, but it might be a chance worth taking. And finally, to the south is a large… hole. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be."

    After a moment's deliberation, she sent the watcher spirit on a course to investigate the clay patch, informing the group about her actions. Stelva herself brought the bunch of harvested reeds to Arn for further guidance. She knew that these reeds were good for making rope, but the exact steps eluded her.
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