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  1. Why, hello there.

    I am the whisper you hear in the wind. (hence the name)

    I have heard of this site from friends and I decided why not.

    Lets just jump right into some about me then.

    Ten random facts.

    1.) I am Female
    2.) I am 5'7
    3.) I have a deadly fear of bats. (literally I cry and cower like a little child.)
    4.) My hair is half black and half white (right down the middle)
    5.) I have 4 weiner dogs
    6.) I think mice and rats are adorable.
    7.) I love the rain, thunder and Lightning
    8.) My favorite color is Purple.
    9.) I love to put weird makeup on my friends (like the stuff you see in face off, minus prosthetics)
    10.) I have the attention span of a squirrel

    What I look for in a roleplay partner.

    1.) Please be understanding, this website is not my life.
    2.) Please be semi-literate. One liners are an automatic no go for me.
    3.) Don't be shy/hold back. I may be young and a girl but anything you wanna throw into the roleplay, no matter how gruesome, dirty, profound, or vulgar it may be. Go for it!
    4.) Try. By this I mean with everything in general. Spelling,grammar,ideas,input,output. If i am the only one putting any work or energy into it, its not fun.

    Genres I like.

    1. Fantasy *****
    2. Apocalyptic *****
    3. Romance ***
    4. Sci-fi ****
    5. Neko ****
    6. adventure ***
    7. Military **
    8. Historical ***
    9. Horror *****
    10. superhero *
    11. High school
    12. Other wordly/universal *****
    (If you noticed there are no stars by highschool. I find them boring, I live through high school today I don't really wanna do it more in 50 different ways.

    About me.
    I respond mostly at night or in the evening. If I am on during the day it is rare. I am still in highschool so starting september 3rd I most likely wont be on until around 5 or 6.

    So yeah that is pretty much me, and all the important stuff, sorry if it was a bore to read. Please contact me for roleplays, either 1x1 or groups they all work for me.

    Thank you.
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  2. Stick around a while, we can change that : )