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    • It's a new year, new school for [Guy char]. He was fairly new anyway, just starting at Bridgewood High this year. It was his senior year, the year he planned to graduate, have his life under control, and avoid any more... accidents.
      Even though he got to know a bit of people during his stay, he wasn't known well by anyone. If you were to mention his name, they'd ask for a picture. He wasn't very social- he was the quiet, introspective type. Most people found him weird because of it, and made up rumors and talked about him.

      However, his motives change once he sees [Girl char]. She's beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. On top of all that, she's smart, talks to him, kind... he has to have her, to be with her.

      Even if that means taking her away from anything or anyone she's ever loved.

      *I can be the guy character or the girl. I'll leave the first post open for a while in case someone wants to take up the guy part. If no one does, I'll be him.

      *There will be friends, police, etc. involved, so make a character! :) Feel free to also add NPCs.

    • 1) No hijacking, please!
      2) This roleplay will and can include murder, and mature themes of the sort that may make others uncomfortable. I will step in if something goes too far though.
      3) If something in the rp troubles you, please tell me! I will try my best to take care of it.
      4) PLEASE have decent grammar and roleplaying skills!
      5) Please wait until two or three posts are posted after yours, so the rp doesn't move too quickly or become a 1x1 thing. However, if certain posts are *for* you, you can reply.

    • Stalker [guy char]-
      Stalkee [girl char]-

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