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  1. Jace Everitt, son of David C. Everitt (owner of John Deere). Jace is 18 years old with a definite future in the tractor business. He lives in a small town called Peoria in Illinois with his mother and sister, his father is always away on business stuff but they have a nice big home and plenty of money to get by without him having to be around. Jace is very protective and loves to help people. He works in the fields when he isn't going to school, and he is generally very happy about what he does.

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  2. Eve Sinclair, daughter of Adam Sinclair who is a wealthy CEO of one of the largest companies in the world. Eve is 17 years old turning 18 in a few weeks. She was born and raised in the New York City. She can be classified as a definite socialite and part lover. Eve can be smart when she wants to be despite how people might stereotype her. She thrives for all of the action that goes on in the city. The shopping, the lights, glitz, and glamour, what more could one girl ask for? That is until her Dad ships her off to Peoria, Illinois to live with her Aunt for awhile.

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  3. Freshly showered, and all dressed up in a Bass Pro Shops shirt and boot cut jeans, and a nice pair of boots, that was all Jace needed to go to school. All of his stuff was in his locker, and since he was a senior at Peoria High School he didn't have any homework. All he had to do was eat a quick bite of breakfast in the kitchen and grab his keys from the key holder by the door and he was off to school in his Ford truck. He had to admit, driving to school was a perk because he would have been late for any bus that came around his neighborhood. Jace arrived at school 5 minutes before the bell. Perfect. All he needed was his backpack from his locker, and to find his best friend Chase. Finding Chase was never an easy task, he was always running around everywhere going after girls and trying to get extensions on papers and all that. After an unsuccessful five minutes of searching, the first bell rang forcing Jace to go to his first class of the day, Trigonometry. He had always had a real problem staying awake in that class but at least he didn't have it at the end of the day, that would be torture.
  4. Eve arrived in the town of Peoria early that morning.She couldn't believe her Dad had actually made her come here to visit/ help her Aunt out. At first she thought he was kidding because he usually joked about sending her away. Not this time it seemed, he was serious. She sighed as she quietly got out of bed and showered taking her time, for she was in no rush to start school. Her Aunt allowed her to sleep in and miss first period today. She dressed in a red mini skirt and a silver, red, and black tank top. To top it all off she put on her black Prada heels. Might as well give myself the impression of looking taller she thought staring at her four foot eleven frame in the mirror. After she was done she grabbed an apple and her sunglasses and walked out to her silver porsche convertible, which her Dad kindly had shipped here the week before she arrived. She arrived at her new school in only a few minutes and headed straight to the office to get her schedule.
  5. The bell to get out of Trig rang awaking Jace with a slight jump. Just as he suspected, he had fallen asleep, probably in the middle of one of the terribly boring lectures about triangles that the professor always gave. He grabbed his stuff and shoved it in his backpack then walked out of class before the teacher could stop him. From day one Professor Alden had been trying to get Jace kicked out of his class, but it would never work, Jace was too cunning. When he approached his locker a minute later his friend Chase was standing there. He began speaking as soon as Jace had his locker open, something about a new girl dressed all fancy or whatever, Jace wasn't really paying attention. He got his backpack into his locker, got out a notebook, pencil and his English book and then slammed his locker shut wondering why Chase was even telling him all of the information. Then his little friend got to the point, he though that Jace should date this girl. That was a big no-no for Jace, he had made a promise to himself in ninth grade that he wouldn't get romantically involved with any girl until college, and so far that had reigned true.
  6. After getting her schedule from the nice secretary, Eve headed out into the school. People stared at her as she walked, why? she didn't know. Maybe they didn't get new people here often she thought to herself. This brought a small smile to her face. She let out a low sigh...well first things first I have got to find someone to get me to my classes she thought again secretly looking around for a potential candidate. After walking for a few seconds, Eve noticed two cute guys standing near some lockers and thought Bingo! I have found my class finder. She tossed her long auburn hair over her shoulder and walked purposely up to the guy who was talking quite loudly about some new girl. Good to know that word has spread so quickly but I guess i wouldn't expect any less in this small town she thought before tapping the guy on the shoulder. "Umm..Hi! I'm Eve. I was wondering if maybe one of you could show me to my classes?" she asked smiling at both of them.
  7. Chase and Jace were practically arguing over whether or not he should even talk to the new girl and why there was even a new girl at all when out of the blue Jace felt a tap on his shoulder and Chases eyes grew big. Jace turned slightly to see the new girl who was, if he could even think such a thing, incredibly attractive. Neither of them said a word when she asked for a little help because they had just totally been busted gossiping about her. It was quite an embarrassing situation but finally Jace pipped up and said, "Suuure, I'll help you. I'm Jace. Jace Everitt, nice to meet you." He held out his hand for a hand shake but quickly retracted it when he realized that she probably might have thought that was weird. She was definitely not from around here judging by her clothing. No lady in her right mind would dress in such a way if they were raised around the area. But this Eve girl did look lovely, and he didn't mind taking her around the school as long as she didn't try to get with him or anything. Chase still hadn't said a word but when he looked Chase was already walking away down the hallway quickly. Funny how one particularly gutsy girl could change a guys personality in a minute.
  8. She giggled to herself when she one of the guy's eyes grew wide when she interrupted them. Eve waited patiently for one of them to say something. Finally the other guy ,whose name was Jace, decided to help her. Eve noticed that he retracted his hand quickly from the handshake he was about to give her and she thought Do I have cooties or something? Maybe there is something on my face...i'll go check that out later. Maybe it's my outfit...I guess it is a little out there for the people in a town like this. Eve handed Jace her schedule and waited for him to look over it. Hmmm...Everitt she thought that sounds a little familiar. "Does your Dad own John Deere?" she asked after realizing where she had heard that name from. Her Dad had talked about having some business deals or something with a Mr. Everitt.
  9. He was handed her schedule almost immediately after his hand was retracted, and he glanced over it while she spoke. Her words actually caused him to look up with a dumbfounded look upon his face. How did this girl know that? It was only a last name, wasn't even like he said he had money or farmland or anything at all that could possibly tip her off on that. Plus, what did a city girl know about tractors and other farming equipment, that was weird. "Yeah?" Jace stared at the girl with a quizzical expression, but slowly went back to looking at her schedule to see if he could help her find her next class, which unfortunately was not the same class that he had. "Uh, follow me." He started walking slowly so she'd actually follow, they only had a few minutes between class periods so he had to quickly show her where her class was so he could make it to his on time. Of course this didn't mean he was going to ditch her, but he was going to give her instructions so that she wouldn't get lost.
  10. Eve knew that she probably just confused this guy to no end asking if his Dad owned John Deere. It's not like she knew a thing about tractors or any other farm equipment considering she grew up in the city and she detested any sort of manual labor. She just honestly didn't think that it was a big deal. People asked her if she was related to that famous CEO all the time. "Sorry. Didn't mean to freak you out or anything. My Dad just does a lot of business and I remember him talking about an Everitt in Illinois." She said trying to quickly explain herself. Gosh last thing I need is for word to get around that the new girl aka me is some sort of weirdo she thought. Eve followed Jace to her class which she definitely would have gotten lost without his help. "Thanks again for helping me. Oh and if your teachers give you a hard time just tell them you were helping Eve Sinclair." she said smiling before taking back her schedule and walking into the classroom. Here goes nothing she thought walking up to the teacher and turning on her charm.
  11. Soon, very soon he had her to her classroom, and she was thanking him and such. She told him that if he was late to mention her name and he rolled his eyes when she was gone. Saying that to his teacher wouldn't get him anywhere, and she shouldn't think that way. People didn't tend to take bribery well around Peoria High, it was up there with cheating and being a nerd. Once she was presumably safe inside the room, he walked off towards his classroom and of course, the bell rang just before he got in the room. Thankfully, one other person was just as late as he was so they didn't get called out personally by name and shamed for it, it was more like a "you two need to show up on time!" Jace was good in English class, it was easy for him because it was mostly grammar workbooks and silent reading with questions, not boring equations and lectures on stupid things.
  12. Eve walked up to her teacher and introduced herself. First day introductions were always the worst. She hated having to repeat her name and such in front of everyone, quite frankly it was annoying. After she introduced, the teacher gave her seat the empty seat up front near the window. As the teacher began to talk she wondered off into la la land. She tended to do that when she was bored. She had already learned whatever the teacher was talking about. I need to get Aunty to call and get my classes changed if this is what its going to be like all day. Although the thought of getting easy A's was tempting she did want a little bit of a challenge. The bell rang and she stood up gathering her purse and schedule since that's all she had with her and went outside into the hallway. Glad that's over she thought happily. Now if only I could find someone to help me to my next class...I hate first days.
  13. Today was a grammar workbook day in English, thankfully, after all that boring Trigonometry he needed an easy thing. He got his ten pages done faster than most of the other kids in class, and even helped out his partner, well more like gave him the answers he was so dumb. The bell came fast, and he was out of the room quickly and off to that new girls class room. It wasn't very hard to spot her in the hallway, she stuck out like a sore thumb. Jace came up behind her and spoke, "We have the same third hour." He hoped he didn't frighten her, and he didn't realize that he could have by doing such a thing. Sometimes he was so caught up on being a nice guy that it got him into a bit of trouble. Like being late to class or getting suckered into helping everyone and having no free time at all. He still needed to go to his locker, but he didn't think she would mind accompanying him there quickly.

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    Eve was scared when she heard someone come up behind. This reminded her of the times before she had her bodyguard Steve. She had been kidnapped once and almost kidnapped twice. All three times they had come up behind her. She almost called for her bodyguard which was silly because he was back at home. The only outward sign of being scared that she showed was a gasp and her hand covering her fast beating heart. Eve turned around to face the person behind her. It's only Jace silly she thought trying to internally calm herself down...No need to have a break down in the middle of the hallway. "Oh it's you." she said in a relieved tone before dropping her hand and smiling. "I'm ready when you are." she said gesturing for him to lead the way to their next class. Eve was kinda happy that she might actually have someone to talk to during class instead of being bored the whole time.
  15. Jace smiled, "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. Um, we have to stop by my locker to let you know," He started walking with her. His locker was pretty close, but then again everything was pretty close in their school, it wasn't really that big. There were only about 1,000 kids and teens in Peoria and there was only one of each type of school, so there were really only about 400 teens in the school. This meant that the schools could stay smaller, fewer people to pay he supposed. They got to his locker and he placed his book in there and shut it, he would only need a notebook and a pen for this class. It was kind of cool to have a class with her, but he wasn't that excited, lunch would be the fun part. Everyone had lunch together, an hour and a half where you could leave campus to eat, or do whatever really as long as you were back for your 4th hour class. If you weren't back, you got a referral, and after 4 referrals you were suspended. The school was pretty strict about their lunch rules. "How was your class?" He glanced at her while they walked, trying to make small talk so it wasn't so awkward.
  16. "Oh it's alright. I'm fine." She said before following him to his locker. She felt like a lost puppy but hopefully she didn't show it. Eve took note of where they were going for future reference. Jace's locker wasn't that far from hers but then nothing is quite that far from anything else in this place. There can't be more than four hundred kids in this school she thought laughing. Only four hundred? Geez that was just her grade back at her old school in New York. Her thoughts turned sad when she thought of this. She missed her old friends from back home. I have got to go visit soon she thought making a mental note to schedule a trip back. Funny how she just arrived and was already planning on going back. Eve was pulled from her thoughts when she heard Jace ask about her class, "It was really boring. I learned everything that the teacher talked about last year." she said happy that he was at least trying to talk to her.
  17. Jace was in shock that this girl was actually smart, it wasn't nice to assume that she was the cliche popular dumb girl type, but he couldn't really help it when she dressed like the people from high school movies. He wouldn't ever admit that he thought she was dumb at first though, he felt pretty bad about, he should have know not to judge a book by its cover. "Maybe you could switch classes," Jace smiled, just trying to offer advice. They were at the classroom then and he didn't want to just abandon her, "Just give your schedule to the teacher and come sit by me when you're done. We don't have assigned seats." Jace picked a seat in the back today figuring that it would be easier to pass notes to Eve that way. He wanted to get to know her and find out about her dad and stuff. He had a feeling that she would make for a very interesting friend.
  18. Eve laughed silently to herself. He probably thought I was some half wit chick that didn't know her right from her left. I guess I couldn't blame him though, the way I dress kinda gives the impression that I have no smarts but that's the fun part she thought happily. She loved surprising people with her intelligence, their faces were always priceless. "Oh I definitely will be switching." she said walking in behind him. Eve did just as he said and handed her schedule to the teacher before quickly walking to the back and taking a seat next to Jace. She took out a large notebook that she brought with her and hid her face behind it. She sincerely hoped that the teacher wouldn't make her introduce herself like all the others. Thankfully though this one did not and she lowered the notebook as the teacher started class. Oh thank goodness she thought,
  19. Thank goodness she did what he suggested because once class started he knew that they didn't need to pay much attention. As long as they read the chapter at home or in the library they would be fine, this was a lecture class. Jace silently took a piece of perforated paper from his notebook, and wrote a simple note to her. So what brings you to Peoria? He wrote J&E and the date in the corner just in case it got to the wrong person they would know who the note really belonged to. That was an unlikely occurrence but safety was important. Carefully he folded the note in half and slid it onto her desk before the professor turned around, though that was unlikely since he was in the middle of writing a ton of notes that would probably eventually fill the entire board.
  20. Eve figured that she didn't need to pay much attention in this class. She had asked around in her other class and found out that as long as you read everything would alright. Great this is exactly what i need she thought an easy class on the first day. She wondered what her Dad was doing right now but most importantly she wondered about her friends. She wondered if they missed her as much as she missed them. Eve looked down at the piece of paper that was placed her desk. She opened and read it. No special reason my Dad just got tired of me and shipped me here. She wrote back. Looking at the real reason on a piece of paper actually kind of made it hurt but nonetheless she folded the paper back and slid the note onto Jace's desk.