Sherlock x OC Email/possibly thread?

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  1. Hiya guys!

    Normally I would pretty this up, but feeling particularly lazy tonight. So, I'm going to break this down to a short, sweet and to the point.

    *Looking for a Sherlock to my OC, I do have a plot idea for it. Or if you have your own lets brainstorm!

    * I am willing to double as John Watson!

    * It's gotta be over Email or thread, simply because it's easier for me when I'm out and about with just my phone.

    * I tend to like to have it long term, and at least four paragraphs. I want to make a great story and I am pretty laid back when it comes to people who 'Want to try out' in doing Cannon characters. To me, it's how YOU interpret the character. I'm not expecting perfect here, we're all human and I love to see how other people interpret their favorite characters they role play as.

    I will try to give you at least one post a day, more so when it's something I'm really passionate on. Which is this of course lol. If you are a quick poster then by all means :D I'm down with that too.

    I love to OOC on Skype. it's easier that way.

    Welp, that's all I can think of. Here is a rundown of me.
    -26 F/OH
    works everyday but weekends are free
    Has recently graduated with her second degree
    Is a dork- fair warning.

    Occ: Mostly Skype which is AtelierBostyAlchemistofSkyrim Please tell me you're from this site or I won't accept you.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
  2. Ok, :D To help those who wish to know the plot before hand. Here it is!

    Plot: This can take place before or after The Fall. (Season 2 episode 3)

    My Oc is named Alexandria Scott Yates, an Irish American who has the skills of ex military and mercenary. It started out as simple thefts of government buildings, taking bits of secret information on various people and research. And then the cycle of murders started to happen, each more vicious than the last. Moriarty wants to throw the entire country of England upside down. If before the fall- it's all to help leading Sherlock to his suicide. If after maybe we can collaborate as to why he's making her do these things.

    What is even more unfortunate is the fact that she can't stop, not if she wants her only baby sister and family member left, to die. The child is safely recovering from her recent treatment for heart cancer. And it was a pretty hefty bill to produce.

    Was- thanks to Jim Moriarty.

    Her half brother.

    It's a rough idea but I would love to collaborate with you on it.But basically my OC is a bad person who switches sides to bring down her own half brother (same mother different fathers.)

    I can gladly play as John Watson, I just adore his outbursts and his snarky comments, and I think it would be fun to play as him. So if you have an OC you would like to replace as John's Mary I would be happy to do so! Hell, I wouldn't even mind if it was a Sherlock/OC/John or even an Sherlock/Oc/John/Oc type of relationship. I've done all types of relationships so nothing has really surprised me at this point lol

    Either way, I hope this peaks your interest a bit more.
  3. Still interested folks!
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