sherlock rp: baskerville 2

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  1. Molly sighed, looking out from the window into the smog. She had a strange feeling that it wasn't what it seemed. Maybe Sherlock would find this interesting...
  2. Sherlock looked out another window away from Molly. Well this is interesting I wonder if Molly sees this he got an odd feeling
  3. Molly picked up her courage and started walking towards the tall, gaunt figure.

    "It's curious. The smog, that is, it seems...strange. Like it's not supposed to be there."
  4. Sherlock continued to looked out the window "yes it is strange and I believe your right"
  5. "Um... So where's John?" Molly asked. John seemed like Sherlock's shadow ever since the two met.
  6. "In the other room why do you ask"
  7. "He's usually with you."
    This was an awkward conversation as usual but Molly tried to make it normal. He was an interesting person. Stone cold, gaunt, genius and sometimes plain mean.
  8. John then walked in the "ah Watson what do you make of this"
  9. Molly did not want to be a busybody so she went back to work on some paper chromatography.
  10. I have no idea what to do now
  11. Sherlock calls Molly back?
  12. "Molly come back" he said
  13. So Molly came back. Apparently, the two were talking about panic attacks?
  14. I'm as confused as a whore in church
  15. have you seen the hound of baskerville?
  16. Um... that's why.
  17. Oh help me then
  18. Okay. The fog is actually an aerosol dispersant version of a drug that makes people violently panic and fear. H.O.U.N.D was an band of scientists who invented that. But human rights banned it so the group stopped. Except for one who was then busted by Sherlock.
  19. Ok then. So now what
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.