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  1. hello, the name is anima. i am currently searching for a Sherlock based roleplay because the hiatus has me going insane. these are the pairings i like, the ones italicized are the ones i have done before and therefore have the most experience with. the ones that aren't italicized i want to do but have never done. I am ok with AU's but they aren't my favorite.


    (i am also up to here any of your pairing ideas.)

    now to the more technical stuff.
    I do not roleplay through private messaging
    I can write 2-6 paragraphs depending on my mood and what you give me to work with. Sadly though the medication I am currently on makes it very hard for me to concentrate for to long so my posts aren't as long as they normally are.
    I can play Dom and Sub and versatile.
    I try to be as active as I can, though with it being summer I wont be posting as often because I am out trying to have fun.
    any questions feel free to pm me. :)
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  2. yay :D which pairing would you like to do?
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