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Sherlock Anyone?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Geek, Feb 16, 2015.

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  1. Geek here. I'm searching for some mature Sherlock roleplays. I'm fine with playing either male or female characters. I'm open to all pairing types. I prefer to play submissive characters.

    My favorite pairings:

    John x Sherlock
    Greg x Mycroft
    Irene x Molly
    Irene x Sherlock
    Janine x Sherlock
    Moriarty x Sherlock

    I'd also be up for Sherlock x John x Mary or Irene x Sherlock x Molly.

    Canon x OC pairings are also welcome as long as we double up.
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  2. Omg you're the best xD

    Irene x Sherlock x Molly would be good if you played Sherlock. Or, I'd love a Greg x Mycroft if I could play Greg. Pm me if you're interested? Thanks.
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  3. Hiya, I'd be up for Sherlock x John if you are still looking for partners.
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  4. Omg, yas! I'm going to Pm everyone in this thread. :D

    Edit: Just realised you were a guest. I'd be up for a John/Sherlock!
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