Shemar Moore leaves Criminal Minds

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    For all of the Criminal Minds fans here like yours truly, this is a very sad occasion. Hopefully he'll come back like A.J. Cook did but that's probably wishful thinking. I'll definitely miss seeing Derek and his great relationship with Penelope. I wish Shemar the best of luck :)

  2. I haven't really watched it too much since Prentiss left, but even I can admit that it'll be sad to see him go. It won't be the same without the Morgan/Garcia banter.
  3. I've been watching the show regularly since Prentiss left and while I do miss her, it's still fairly awesome. I'm definitely gonna miss that banter :(
  4. I only caught the tail end of last night's episode it was quite heartbreaking to find out this morning that he was really leaving, though I do not fault him as he wants to pursue other things he's been on the show for eleven years. But I am going to miss the chemistry of Garcia and Morgan, especially their little pet names. :bawling:
  5. I am so sad :( i haven't caught up this season but damn...
  6. Chocolate daddy! D:
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