She Tried So Hard.... (This was a hoax.)

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    @ZsafineGypsy passed away due to Heart Failure. I knew her personally for so long, yet it seemed our time together was short. Gypsy always tried so hard to accomplish a lot of things no matter where she was, it was her goal to be helpful every step she took even if it was a challenge. Her body was so young and cheerful with a smile that would make someone take a second look at her yet her mind was always so wise. No matter how much she suffered physically, Gypsy still would put others before herself especially in their time of need. A young woman who raced, worked on cars, took care of six boys who stayed with her, worked four jobs and was stubborn as all hell. She will be missed by family and friends but never forgotten by the footprints she left in our hearts.
    I do not know what all Gypsy has done for Iwaku nor any other site, what I do know is that she tried very hard with everything even if she couldn't accomplish what she wished to do. Nearly a month before on September 7th, she came down to Tennessee to get medical help that was offered through my family. Unfortunately it was already too late and there was little anyone could do as her condition was far worse than we knew. We prayed that she would hang on being the stubborn, proud woman she was but falling into depression she let herself go....
    I wish there was something I could of done to let her be around just a little longer....

    Zsofika Hager(Lefelhoc)
    Ozmanbuk, Zala, Hungary 1/17/1994 - Knoxville, Tennessee US 10/06/2014
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  2. It will take a long time for me to move on. The smile she had on the skype video chat will be remembered for a while. I believe I could have done something to make her happier. I did not because I once choose poor words, then felt offended and was selfish for a moment. Why did you have to leave? I was looking so much forward to seeing our Roleplay be reborn, remade. I was waiting for you to shine...

    I shouldnt have waited... I should had helped more.

    @SunsetBumpkin Thank you for telling me. I have to admitt, I was wondering where she was....
  3. Don't put the blame on yourself, nothing was your fault or anyone else's. Zsofika use to always say she knew she was going to die young to me and another friend of hers. We never "listened" because we didn't want to think of her dead. She had great power and for her to know that she was going to die...and keep going. I wish I could be that strong. If Zsofika made a place in her heart for you, it's because you were probably one of the best people she ever came across knowing her.
  4. When my grandfather died, my dad told me about some of the funerals he'd been to. Rather than mourn the person's death, they celebrated their life.
    I want to do that here.
    I wasn't around for most of it, but I saw how hard she worked on the Iwaku Channel. I saw how much she tried to get it to work, and how much she wanted it to succeed. And I don't want her efforts to be in vain.
    I've never dealt with death before. Never been good with tragedy in general. But I'll be damned if I don't do something in her memory, least of all something she wanted so much.
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  5. Gypsy was admirable... I'm glad she was here while she was, and I wish her family and friends the strength to overcome what grief they have pertaining to her death.
    She will be missed.
  6. I'm so sorry to hear that.. my sympathes and condolences go to her family and friends.. I didn't know her that well..but I had the pleasure of speaking to her a few times.. she was so nice and I really enjoyed talking to her.... I may not have known her that long..but I will miss her and wish I could have known her longer..

    my thoughts are with her family and friends at this this time, and I wish that I could give you all hugs..
  7. Just so everyone knows, we are banning SunsetBumpkin/ZsafineGypsy/Dreaded Sonata for multi-accounting and stirring up drama via fraud. We have very good reason to believe that Heather/Zsofika Hager/Lefelhoc is not dead. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to message me concerning this.
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