She Needs a Doctor, He Needs a Second Chance

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    Rose Marion Tyler

    Nineteen | British

    - Always the popular one, Rose was easily distracted from her studies and barely managed to graduate High School with average grades. Rose was never without the company of her various boyfriend and close friends, she's very much a socialite. However, life for Rose became extremely difficult after her father's death.

    - Pete Tyler, a beloved father and estranged husband, died in a car crash shortly after Rose's seventeenth birthday and her graduation ceremony. Overwhelmed by his death, Rose began acting out and got herself involved with a very dangerous man. His name is Jimmy Jones and he's widely known for criminal activity.

    - Mickey Smith, Rose's childhood best friend, has expressed his concerns about Rose's new boyfriend, but she keeps dismissing them. Jimmy used Rose's depression and vulnerability from her father's death, to completely manipulate her into his puppet. She never goes against anything he says and everyone is deeply worried about their dearest Rose.

    - After taking two years off from education, Mickey finally managed to convince Rose into enrolling for University. She was accepted and is currently taking classes in Psychology and Child Development. Rose works part-time at a clothing shop, Hendricks, to help support herself and her mother. Jackie Tyler, Rose's mum, is a loving parent, but isn't aware of the dangerous lifestyle that her daughter is involved with.

    - Rose is broken, she carries emotional damage from her father's passing and feels completely lost to the world. She is looking for another job, after learning of Jimmy's gambling debt. Rose is excellent with children, including her younger brother, Tony, and can't wait to graduate and work with children. ​
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    No one knows what life has in store for them. No one really has it figured out, sure people have dreams, ambitions but no one truly has control over what happens in their lives. He sure didn't. He'd focused all his time after graduation on his studies and had come out victorious with a Doctorate Degree in Medicine, Metaphysics and Psychology. His name was Theta Sigma, he didn't live a lavish life, but he was happy. Or so he thought until he met Patience, the two hit it off quite well and ended up falling in love, married within a year and settled down in the city of London. He had his wife, young daughter Jenny who had just turned five, they were all he needed in his life to feel complete. Things were fantastic in Theta's book. They lived the medium class lifestyle, his main focus was his family, keeping them safe and happy, nothing could go wrong, right?

    Who would think that their world would change in the blink of an eye? Not for better but for the worst? Certainly not him. Theta had been finishing his shift at work when chaos ensued, he saw a flash of brown curled locks wheeled by on a hospital stretcher. The face was so familiar that panic entered his heart immediately 'Patience' sure enough he was approached by the head of the paramedics with the information and without a second to lose Theta was racing toward the operating room. A fatal car crash, but there was a still chance he could save her right? Wrong. He'd seen it all before, had helped in numerous surgeries due to crashes and other causes of internal bleeding. But the moment he appeared in the room, the man who had been stone solid during the worst of operations and procedures was struck heavily with an emotional blow to the stomach at the sight of his wife in the horrid condition she was left in from the crash.

    Being ushered out, and later given the news that her life couldn't be saved, it was the biggest strike down in his life. After her death, the funeral, the countless nights of holding a sobbing Jenny in his arms at night until she fell asleep. The man could feel himself slipping into a deep depression, so much he called up his twin sister, Donna who immediately moved in with him. To try to be the balance to his chaotic mind. For months the two spent nights just sitting in the living room in silence, Donna just being there for her brother, offering him a cuppa tea, an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on when he needed to.

    But even then that comfort faded. Theta had taken his leave from the hospital, being around the medical facility that his wife had lost her life in was too much for the Doctor to handle. Having taken a position as a physician in the city of Gallifrey, his home city at that. Theta found himself not home as often as he'd like. Leaving early in the morning to travel the hour drive to the clinic and arriving home rather late. With Donna working odd hours, Theta out at least five set days out of the week. Their time at home wasn't set in stone so the need for a nanny to look after Jenny had come up in numerous of the twin's nightly conversations over tea.

    This particular day, both siblings had taken off from work to interview women for the position. After a full morning of harsh drill sergeant type personas, too firm, too strict or others that just were not the right ones for the job. Both siblings were exhausted.

    "C'mon, chin up" spoke Donna with a smile as she handed him a cuppa tea, having went to brew them both some. "Just a few more interviews I'm sure we'll find someone" she added, handing over a few couple of aspirins for a headache she knew the man was getting.

    Theta gave a sigh as he reached up and pulled off his black horn rimmed glasses from his face and gave his eyes a rub before a groan escaped his lips "I hope you're right" he took the items handed to him and down the pills then winced at the sound of the door bell "I don't care if this one is horrible. It's the last one for today I'm tired all these failures, Donna" he muttered with a sigh and sipped his tea.

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  3. Balancing a part-time job and University is not ideal, but necessary. Hardworking as her father, Rose Tyler was not about to complain when the opportunity for additional employment was given. Working at Hendricks, a popular fashion shop with modest pay, was not Rose's ideal career path. So when Mickey announced someone looking to hire a full-time nanny, Rose leaped at the chance.

    Rose eagerly began reading the flyer that Mickey had handed her. There was no picture, only several lines of text that requested the services of a qualified caretaker. Judging by the information written on the flyer, the mysterious person was seeking someone that could properly care for and manage a young child. Considering Rose is currently studying Psychology and Child Development as her major courses, she found no reason why this couldn't be the prefect source of employment.

    "You already have a job, though, darling."

    Rose frowned, playfully rolling her eyes. "Hendricks is only on the weekends, mum. I can use the extra money and besides, I love working with children."

    Jackie Tyler wasn't convinced. "What about school?" She worried for Rose's studies. "Tending to a child is very distracting, dear. I don't want your grades to drop as a result." For once, Jackie was actually showing a concern in her daughter's education.

    Mickey interjected himself into the conversation, offering support for his best friend. "She's bright, Jackie. You don't need to be bothered about her studies. Besides, I'll always be here to help!" Indeed he would be, Mickey never liked being away from Rose. He doesn't have dependency problems or anything, but rather he hates the man that Rose goes home to every night.

    Although originally thrilled when Rose announced she'd be moving out of her mother's flat, Mickey immediately withdrew those excited feelings after discovering Rose's new household. A broken down apartment, located in a bad neighborhood and living with that disgusting excuse of a man. Ever since learning the truth of Rose's secret life, the parts she keeps hidden from her family and friends, Mickey became determined to provide a better life for her.

    "So, when's the interview?" Jackie handed Rose a cuppa tea, "You should wear that lovely suit you just bought a few weeks ago for the last interview at...what was it again?"

    Mickey chimed in, "The Attorney's Offices."

    Rose smiled, remembering how many compliments she had received on her outfit. "Yeah, sadly my gorgeous looks couldn't get me the job." She laughed, sipping happily at her tea. "The interview is in an hour. I need to get changed."

    * * *

    Rose Tyler was terrified.

    Absolutely, without a doubt, nervous as she waited to be seen. Reaching up to twirl a lock of slightly curled blond hair around her index finger, Rose struggled not to display further signs of her anxiety. She wanted this job. The pay was excellent, she'd get to work with a child and the job had great benefits. When her name was suddenly called, Rose lifted from the chair and quickly straightened out her outfit. A white blouse, with a black suit-jacket left unbuttoned and a sliver locket hanging just above her modest neckline. It was a gift from her father, a token of good luck.

    The bottom of Rose's black heels clicked loudly with the title floor, making her walk slowly and nearly stumbling a few times in the process. Thankfully she managed to composure herself when the doors opened and she was let inside. Immediately her eyes rested on the couple she assumed were the parents. Although, they had similar facial structures, which was confusing.

    A red-haired woman and a man with brown hair that was rather....amazing. Rose walked to the designated place and stood with perfect balance. Her hands nervously fretting with the ends of her black skirt, long enough to be decent and professional, but still showed off a nice view of her toned legs.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you both," she began, offering her hand to them. "I'm Rose Marion Tyler."​
  4. In his home office was where the interviews were being held. The room itself held an old english mixed with modern type vibe. It was how Theta liked it, he enjoyed his large oak and black marbled desk. Theta sat in the black leather arm chair his cuppa tea in hand as he took a sip, rubbing his temple with his free hand. Donna had sat herself on the arm of the very same chair, the two muttering a semi-conversation to each other until Rose entered the room. When she did , Theta set the cup down and arose to his feet as did Donna. The man smiled held his hand out to her, giving it a firm professional shake as he did to all the other applicants "Welcome, Miss Tyler" he gestured to a chair not too far off "Please have a seat and we can begin"

    Donna had taken note of the girl's nervous demeanor and offered a soft kind hearted smile "No need to feel nervous, Dear. My brother may look mean but he doesn't bite" she laughed softly trying to lighten the girl's mood. Reaching for her tablet she placed it in front of Theta "Take it away maestro" she pat his shoulder.

    Theta could tell that Donna already liked this girl, she wasn't as talkative during the other interviews. He had to agree with that notion, Rose was very easy on the eyes and quite a sight to look at. But Theta kept a professional manner and took up his black horned rimmed spectacles sliding them up the bridge of his nose before looking to the clipboard "Tell me, Miss Tyler" he lifted his deep chocolate brown eyes looking to her over the black rim of his glasses "Have you any experience with children? if so what kind? how long? is there any child development education in your history?" She was rather young, probably barely out of high school from what Theta could tell.

    The Doctor himself wasn't much older for being an accomplished man with several Doctorate degrees hanging behind him on the wall. It could be seen he was a man of serious business and professionalism for he wore a blue pinstriped suit. Donna was similar in terms of attire for she wore a black blazer with a magenta under shirt and matching pants with wedged boots. Both of them waiting for Rose's answer and took notes upon what information was given to them by Rose. That was until a wail of despair echoed from upstairs "Jenny…" they both spoke in unison.

    Theta moved to get up but Donna stopped him "I've got her" she pat his shoulder and got up, as soon she opened the door what followed caused her to pause.

    "Daddy!" cried out the little one between sobs.

    "I'm sorry" he spoke to Rose "I'll be back in a moment" he was on his feet within seconds and rushing out of the door "I'm on my way sweetheart!" he raced up the stairs until a sobbing five year old Jenny was in his arms latching onto him for dear life crying her little eyes out "I've got you" he whispered "Daddy's here" he combed his fingers through her hair before patting her back softly, reaching up to wipe her little tears before holding close. Jenny burying her face into her father's chest as he carried her, moving to sit upon the bottom steps. He needed her calm before he could even think of leaving her alone again, it wouldn't be professional to take her into the office in the middle of an interview so for the moment, the interview was paused.​
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  5. The interview didn't last long, due to a young girl's sudden cries throughout the building. As the dark-haired man hurried out to handle the situation, Rose was left in the company of only the other woman. Thankfully, she seemed rather friendly and held a disarming aura around her. Rose began to relax in the silence, still seated and crossed her legs with hands fitted politely on her lap.

    Unsure if she should still answer the man's questions, Rose eyed the mysterious woman with suspicious eyes and shifted herself nervously in the chair. After his absence lingered for more than ten minutes, Rose lifted from the chair and straightened her skirt. "Perhaps I should try again at another time?" The last thing she wanted to be was inconsiderate.

    Obviously the man was preoccupied and Rose could understand, tending to children is demanding and they don't exactly adhere to a schedule. Once discussing and arranging a new time for Rose to be interviewed, the anxious blond began to leave. However, she happened across an adorable scene which practically melted her heart. Sitting at the bottom of a staircase, with arms wrapped tightly around a precious little girl, was the man from before and what Rose assumed to be his daughter.

    Without meaning to, Rose caught herself smiling and this seemed to draw the curious eyes of the unknown child. She returned the expression, tugging gently on her father's tie and raised a finger pointed to Rose. Immediately realizing that she had been spotted, Rose stumbled backwards with raised hands and a sheepish smile.

    "I'm so sorry!" Her back collided with the wall, nowhere to run. "I wasn't trying to spy, it's and her looked so lovely together and it reminded me of when my little brother Tony and I....I-I'm so sorry!"
  6. The Doctor hadn't realized how long he'd been comforting his little girl, but she'd stopped crying and had lifted her gaze to him with a smile upon her face. "All better?" he whispered his question and received a nod "How about we take you back upstairs and have you--" before he could even finish little Jenny had frowned causing him to cease in the suggestion. "Alright, we'll stay here a bit longer" with how work had been recently, keeping the man out for such a long time each and every day. The Doctor never really had time to spend with his little girl and was always too tired on the weekends. But this moment was nice, at least in his opinion.

    Holding her in his arms the Doctor's eyes drifted to the clock, more than ten minutes he'd been gone thus far. Rose was probably wanting to leave, they'd have to schedule for another time, that much he knew. Feeling little Jenny move, then the tug on his tie, the alerted father brought his gaze down to his daughter then those deep brown eyes followed where she was pointing until they landed upon Rose. 'How long has she been standing there?' He wondered.

    Watching her reaction, the man couldn't help it when a smile formed upon his lips. A chuckle soon following "No need to apologize, Miss Tyler" hearing that she mentioned her little brother caught his attention. So she did have experience with children. Holding little jenny in his arms the man arose to his feet "Would you like to meet the nice young lady?" he questioned his little girl placing a kiss upon her forehead. Jenny gave giggle and a nod which caused Theta's body to relax a bit "Alright then" he walked toward Rose with Jenny in his arms "Miss Tyler, I'd like you to meet my little angel, Jennifer Anne Sigma, Jenny for short."

    Jenny looked to Rose with a smile before looking to her father, giving him a tug on his tie "She's pretty" her voice in near astonishment as if she'd seen a life sized barbie doll. Bringing her gaze back to Rose she grinned "Will you play with me?" her eyes turning back to her father "Daddy can she play with me?" hearing this Theta wasn't sure how to answer. So it turned out Donna liked Rose, his daughter seemed to like her as well. He hadn't even started the interview with this woman. He didn't know her background or anything.

    "She can later, sweetheart" he smiled to Jenny then chuckled as she gave him a pout. It seemed his mind was made up for him. Bringing his eyes to Rose he looked to her "That is if you don't mind, of course, Miss Tyler. Jenny rarely takes a liking to someone this quickly. Both her and my sister seem to like you. You give off a comforting aura, nurturing in fact. We can draw up paperwork when you're ready, Miss Tyler"
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  7. "I happily accept, sir!"

    This was the opportunity that Rose had so desired. A chance to work with children, in this case a young girl that seemed to be rather impressive for her age, and Rose couldn't ask for more. She agreed to the father's terms and conditions, all of them reasonable and fair. Signing her name on the last of his paperwork, Rose failed at containing her smile. The excitement tugging her lips apart and widening them to a grin, she darkened in the cheeks.

    "Thank you so much for this, sir." Rose still didn't know his name. "I promise to be an excellent caretaker and I'll keep your precious daughter entertained as well!" Looking forward to spending some quality time with the child, Rose kneeled down to the floor and got to eye level with Jenny.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you, Jenny." She extended a hand, offering it to the girl. "You may call me, Rose."
  8. Theta had lowered Jenny to the floor where she headed off to her play room, the man's sister, Donna keeping an eye on the little one was The Doctor and the new Nanny headed into his office once more to draw up paperwork. "I am more than certain that you will, Miss Tyler" he gave her a smile taking the paperwork after she signed off on it and placed it in a manila folder for his sister to make copies and file it away. To think Theta had just hired her and knew hardly anything about her, he hoped he'd made the right decision, only time would really tell if he made well on his choice.

    It wasn't long after the paperwork that Jenny had entered the room, wanting to see her daddy and her new nanny. When Rose got down to her level, Jenny's blue eyes sparkled as she grinned a giggle passing her tiny lips "Rose?" she questioned before grinning once more "that's pretty" by then Donna was nearing.

    "Let's get you a snack, shall we, munchkin? Leave your father and Rose to discuss matters" taking Jenny's hand, Donna led her away, leaving the two alone once more.

    "I do apologize, Miss Tyler, where are my manners. I haven't properly introduced myself" he stepped toward her and extended his hand "I’m Theta Sigma, I'm a full-time physician in a clinic within the city of Gallifrey which is where I will be during the weekdays. You may call me Theta, Doctor, Mr. Sigma. However you see fit" he gave her a smile. Heading for the door he glanced to her from over his shoulder "Allow me to give you a tour and show you to your living quarters, Miss Tyler" he extended his hand out to her for her take before leading the way on the home tour.
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