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  1. Out of the many random topics, this one I thought needed to be talked about.

    So here I was, bored out of my mind and I had a thought after watching an episode on Bob's Burgers about shaving my legs. Now they have not been touched since I was about 16, and I got curious. so, I shaved the bastards and now my legs are so smooth I keep getting wigged out every time I walk.

    shaving; do you find it comfortable or do you find it strange?
  2. I just don't shave my legs.

    My leg hair never get's in my way, even if mild it provides some level of warmth, and it makes my legs soft. :3
  3. I'm the lucky sort who has very fine, blond, sparse leg hair, so I just... don't shave. Sometimes I do for shits and giggles, and because diving into clean sheets with freshly shaved legs is one of life's greatest luxuries, but I don't feel the need to.
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  4. Nothing is as comfortable as freshly shaven legs by a brand new razor, following lavender lotion, and new sheets on the bed.

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  5. Putting on my pants feels weird. no leg hairs to block between the cloth and my legs.
  6. THIS.

    There is something just so amazing about the smoothness of your legs when they are freshly shaved. Hell, if you have silk pjs like I do it's heavenly.
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  7. Shaving is all well and good until the hair starts growing again. Nightmares x.x
  8. Men don't shave. Men shed.
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  9. I'm a guy. I shaved and I am manly as fuck.
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  10. Growing leg hair is an uncomfortably itchy process for me, so I shave every couple of days. Makes wearing shorts extra nice for me, too. Shorts are primarily what I wear out since I like to stay cool.
  11. I hate shaving, mostly because I have terrible vision. I always use Nair cream - legs smooth AF and the hair takes longer to grow. I used to wax, but, more difficult when you have tunnel vision o_o

    Also I mostly just do it in the summer, because I can't be arsed doing this all year round oof.
  12. I have very fair skin and dark hair - if I don't want to scare away anyone, I better shave in the summer. I also just love the feel and look of soft, smooth legs!
  13. Real men get mistaken for Chewbacca.
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  14. Shaving my legs is a huge waste of my time and energy. 8D So unless I want to feel sexy, or I plan on wearing a dress/bathing suit (which is next to never), I rarely shave my legs.

    I do, however, always keep my pits shaved. Because that's just more comfy.

    And my twilight sparkle. Because it makes sex yiiiiiiis.
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  15. Real men dun give a shite
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  17. I used to shave becouse as a Northerner, only a persian can rival me when it comes to bodyhair. I still do at times. Mainly during the summer. But fuck doing it during the winter. It's my insulation!
  18. Being Italian, my leg hair has been super dark and noticable since I was about 11. I only really shave my legs when I start getting self-conscious of the forest on my calves when I'm in the gym, at the pool, getting a pedicure, whatever.

    Winter is full-blown wookie mode, though.
  19. I feel you there. I feel strange without them.

    Though I don't think this is as bad as the time my sister put duct tape all over my legs and I had to rip it off. Fucking hell it was worse than nair.
  20. That is pure evil D:
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