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    Starting Point
    So you stand in the assembly room and listen to people giving speeches, but your mind keeps wandering to the people you saw at the gate, are they really here? Are they really in your class? But your thoughts was cut short when the representative from your grade walks up on stage. It was Leonardo. The Lonely Prince.
    See the school setting as Japanese style



    Leonardo sat in the front row of the assembly, along with the other representatives. He held the cards with his speech written on it in his hands, he didn't even need to look at it or rehearse, he had memorized everything after the first time reading it. Still he felt a bit... nervous? No, impossible, Leonardo Di Mikealson does NOT get nervous, but what was this weird feeling? "Please give a warm applaud for the freshman representative, Leonardo Di Mikealson" That was his cue. The spotlights turned to him as he walked up on the stage, he didn't show a hint of hesitation or nervousness when standing in front of the at least 900 people. He was too busy trying to identify the feeling "I'm honored to stand here in front of you today, as a representant for my fellow classmates and friends" Oh, what a load of cliché bullshit. "Our future does not stand in the stars, but in ourselves, each one of you can make your own destiny" Boring boring, couldn't they have given him something a bit more spicier? But it couldn't be helped, the school was still a school after all. Even though the boring speech had given him a bit of a distraction, the feeling was back again. How annoying. Like a chick who doesn't understand it's over, eugh, I've fallen so low that i make those kind of jokes to myself now? Disgusting. "And as a end to this speech, i want to quote my favorite author, William Shakespeare" He cleared his throat and continued, William Shakespeare was one of the few things he was serious about " 'Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt' So, my fellow students, this is the time to be adventerous! This is the only real time we will have to find ourselves, so don't be afraid to take a chance or two, even if you fail it's still a good part of your youth, is it not? Don't live your life with regrets of what you might have been"

    Leonardo walked down from the stage at the sound of applause, his improvisation succeeded then? Humans really are simple beings after all, given one mention of living their youth and they start roaring. He smiled a bit to himself as he sat back down on his seat, not only at humans simpleness but also that he uncovered what the feeling was "Well, i lived here for years before, so it's no wonder...." He whispered silently to himself and closed his eyes, shutting everything out, he wanted to be alone with that feeling. The feeling of loneliness and fear, haha, he haven't felt that in a loooooong while.

    (I realized while writing this that I'm a bit rusty and keeps switching from first-person to third-person XD sorry about that)
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  2. (sorry, i have a math test tomorrow that i need to study for so this will be my only post for tonight :/)

    Robyn arrived fairly early to the school, or at least earlier then she had on her previous schools. She was in high school now! She was gonna get her shit together!... Kinda. It was really hard to get her motivation up, she pretty much already had a set future and it didn't involve much academics. But being the bright young girl she was, and having those pushy, looking-out-for-your-best parents, she decided to stay for high school on one condition: She got to go back to her hometown. Which she did and now she's here.
    Even though she had showed up early, there was already a ton of students here "You can't expect anything less from the first day i suppose..." She mumbled while looking around through the crowd. Suddenly a figure caught her attention, a male with brown hair. Of course it had been a while since she saw him but she could have sworn that it was Damien. "Dami-!" She lost sight of him as quickly as she noticed him. "It probably wasn't even him" She said in a attempt to convince herself, but failed.

    Robyn sat in the far back of her year, she tried to stay as hidden as possible but people had already started whispering "Oy, ain't that girl over the Robyn Smulders?" It's nothing she haven't dealt with before but she had some inner hope that people would forget about her when she left Japan and that was now kinda crushed. There was nothing wrong with a bit of fame but it's not like she worked with what she did because she wanted to be famous, that was just something that came along. If you're a famous person that don't really have a desire to be famous it's generally pretty hard to deal with being famous, so Robyn did that better than most. Probably. Up until now there had only been teachers and the principal talking, same old boring stuff really that she's heard so many times before, but when they announced that the first year representative was gonna hold his speech she finally gave a slight bit of her attention, to see if the representative was the same old brainless guy like the rest of them or if he actually has something up there in the head. But what she saw gave her mixed emotions, Leonardo!? Didn't he move to some far away town or something? How come he's back? These questions went around inside her head, it even showed a bit on her face. Her mind was in chaos trying to figure everything out, except one thought, that was as clear as a beacon of light in darkness: He still has that cold, distant, but still so very dear expression.
  3. [​IMG]

    Demian didn't have to do much effort to be a popular guy, even though he was in a brand new school. There were many students that knew him from his first school, some from his previous school and some others just met him in some social meeting. Many, many students greeted him before even passing the gates. He had no idea who most of them were, but they seemed to know him from all their lives. He just did what he did best: pretended. That way, he greeted back everyone as if they were friends and everyone believed it. During the whole process, he had a wide, warm smile stuck on his face. It was smile that made every stupid girl want him and every smart girl, that was able to see through the fakeness, stay away. Still on the gates, Demian could see beyond the superficial crowd around him and spoted a real person, a person that he knew from a long time ago but will never forget. Myra Oceania Grace. He rushed to approach her, but a few seconds later, he lost her. Could it really be her?

    He had a few more meaningless conversations before hearing a very familiar voice calling him. He was sure that the voice, even though it changed a lot, belonged to a very old and good friend. He turned around to find her but he couldn't. He sighed, was all that unwanted attention making him crazy? Who would say that being popular could stress someone that much. Of course, he enjoyed some moments of it, but at that time he just wanted to send everyone to hell and find out if he really saw her. Finally, the beginning of the day saved him and they all went into the assembly room.

    He sat down and looked around, in order to see any familiar faces. He did indeed see many familiar faces, but not the ones he was looking for. Hearing a very well-known name made him pay attention to the stage. Anyways, it wasn't a name he was pleased to hear. He watched and heard as Leonardo Di Mikealson did his annoyingly smart speech and sighed. That day was getting worse every second. Why, on every school he could chose, was he there? And he needed to call everyone's attention on the very first day by talking about Shakespeare and making brilliant quotes and everything.

    Demian was incredibly irritated to see him. Anyways, as he watched Leonardo walk close to him when he descended the stage, the first real smile of the day crossed his face. That boy could be the person who bothered him the most, but at least The ruthless king was sure that it was going to be a really interesting school year.
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    The sun peeked into the room of the Raven haired girl as she laid fast asleep. The bedroom door of the girl opened as a small boy with dark hair that resembled the girls entered.


    He said gently tapping the girls arm as his sleepy eyes peered in her face. His brown teddy bear being tightly held to him as the girl began to stir in her sleep. He poked her cheek and the aqua colored eyes slowly opened as she awoke. The girl stared at the boy and softly said with a bright smile,

    "Good morning Jamie."

    She sat up in her bed and lifted the small boy up so he would be on her lap. She then held him close in a hug and showered him with kisses as he giggled. She smiled and giggled too. She stood up and carried the boy into the restroom. Their day had officially begun.

    After brushing their teeth in their matching pajamas and taking a bath together, the big blue-eyed girl dressed the boy and made him breakfast before returning to her room and dressing herself in her new schools uniform. Surprisingly her skirt was quite short and showed off a bit too much of her legs for the skirt was just covering her thighs. She didn't have time to look for shorts and hoped the wind would be on her side today. Her blazer fit nicely and the girl let her hair air dry today revealing her natural wavy black hair that flowed down beyond her knees. She combed her bangs before adding a blue star hair clip on the right side of her hair after feeling satisfied with how she looked she double checked her schoolbag as well as the boys. The boy reappeared by her side and said,

    "Sis we have to hurry..."

    The girl nodded and replied,

    "Ok ok I'll be done in a minute and after I pop some toast in the toaster and take it out we'll go to school ok!"

    The small boy nodded his eyes still sleepy as he smiled back at the girl.

    15 minutes later they were out the door. She dropped Jamie off at preschool and felt saddened that she had to leave the adorable boy there for the entire day. She wished she could take him with her to school but knew she couldn't. She masked her sadness with a smile and encouraged the boy to have a pleasant day. Once he disappeared with the other children the Raven haired girl continued her journey to school while munching on her toast with strawberry jam.

    It took her 10 minutes on foot to arrive before the massive gates of the building. She began to feel nervous and paced back and forth before the gates wondering if she should enter. She took to long to make a decision and got locked out. Determined she ran to a different side of the schools wall and climbed it without being caught since their were numerous trees around. Once she made it to the top of the wall she hopped onto a trees branch and took a seat on it as she waited for the ceremony to begin. As she looked at the many students she spotted a familiar face,


    She wandered as she hopped down from the tree and ran into the crowd searching to see if one of her dear friends had really returned. She couldn't find her before the ceremony so the girl simply decided to see if Robyn was really there after the ceremony.

    Then there was only moment later siting within the crowded assembly room breathing down someone's neck as others breathed down hers in the humid room. She was half-asleep as the speeches droned on, that was until she saw a familiar face take the stage. She didn't catch his name so she began to think about who exactly he was. When the final person took stage to present their speech Myra remembered who it was, her first love Leo. She had made such a shocking revelation that she jumped out of her seat and exclaimed,

    "That means that both Leo and Robyn are back! And maybe Dem returned too!"

    When she realized that not only had she interrupted someone's speech but that she voiced her thoughts as well. Her cheeks turned a strawberry red as she shouted out to the final presenter,

    "I'm sorry for interrupting your speech!"

    She sat back down after bowing and slid down in her seat to avoid the glares and stares of the others as she hid her reddened face with her hand.

    She was embarrassed, excited, nervous, but happy all at once as her heart sped up and voiced it's opinion of all this.

    Her freshman year was going to be fun.
  5. [​IMG]
    Leonardo sat at his seat with his eyes shut, he thought of the girl that had interrupted his speech, it was only for a short moment really but still incredibly rude. He didn't get a good look at her face and he couldn't hear what she had said, wonder who she is? She sat among his own class so he'd be able to figure it out soon enough.... Was it her? No, that didn't matter. He's not that little boy that needs protection anymore. He would NOT get involved with that again. In a attempt to distract himself he decided to pay attention to the other representatives, after all he'd probably spend a lot of time with them, it's best to know the people around you. The first one, the second year, was a very... ehm... blonde-looking girl. Like she didn't really think about anything else than boyfriends and friends, which was really surprising because the representatives is the ones with the highest entrance-score. She held the same boring speech as him but designed for a second year, they are 'role-models' after all.
    The second representative, the third year, was a good looking glasses-wearing dude, Leonardo knew him, well he didn't know him personally but he knew of him. His dad is some big-shot businessman from USA which attracts a lot of attention, plus it seems his son got his business-sense because he's one of the biggest drug dealer around. Oh, to be rich.

    Leonardo breathe a sigh of relief when the last speech was finished and they were told to go to their classrooms. Sitting down to long made his legs itch which was incredibly annoying, so when he finally got the chance to stretch them he happily took it. But now he had to focus on the task ahead, why couldn't he use his brain for once and actually think? Eugh. He stood and scratched his forehead while trying to remember where his classroom was, making irritated noises as he looked to see where everyone else in his class were going, but they were just happily chatting amongst themselves and he got tired of watching them real quick. As he stood there thinking about what to do two girls walked up to him, both were above average in prettiness but nothing special, they introduced themselves then started a messy conversation that didn't really include him at all, with his charm turned on he interrupted them "Do you happen to be in my class?" Both girls shook their heads and one even blushed a little, they probably thought he were taking a interest in them but the second they said no the little interest he had taken disappeared completely and he made a run for it "Sorry, but i need to get to the classroom early" His bright smile that he had glued on disappeared the second he turned his back to the girls and he started his search for the classroom.
  6. [​IMG]

    The girl was still quite embarrassed and secretly slipped out the assembly moments before it ended. While she still had a few minutes before class the girl wandered around the schools campus before seeing the student classroom roster posted in the schools main hallway. She tried her best to memorize her classroom number before the herd of students made their way to the roster and made the girl feel cramped once more. She broke free from the sea of students only to fall flat on her face soon afterwards. She felt her cheeks burn once again as she picked herself up and laughed it off. She smiled and scurried along down the hall in search for her homeroom class. As the hall soon became crowded the tiny girl was pushed around the hall. When she was pushed out a students path once more she bumped into Leo unknowingly.

    "I'm sorry I didn't mean to bump into you! Are you alright?"

    The overly energetic girl asked as she looked up at the boy after bowing. Her face brightened up once more,

    "Eh! Your Leo right? Do you remember me! I'm Myra remember we use to play together when we were little and talk about different books and stories! Dont you remember?"
  7. [​IMG]

    Leonardo walked through the crowded hall, he never really liked big crowds but at least people moved out of his way so he didn't have to struggle to walk through. One of the perks of standing out. Growing more and more frustrated that he couldn't find the freaking classroom he started walking faster, looking around rather than in front of him, when suddenly he bumped in to someone. "Eh! You're Leo right?" Who the hell is Leo? He looked down on the girls face and made the realization, Myra. So it was her in the assembly, huh? Leonardo thought for a second how he should respond, how does one respond to something like this? Wait a second, why is she so friendly? Does this girl really have no social limits at all? "You probably misheard my name, I'm Leonardo. Nice to meet you" God, that was a crappy move. He almost felt a bit disgusted with himself. ALMOST. But Myra only knew him through books, she was just.... She wouldn't understand. She should hold onto the illusion of the past him. He gave off a charming smile then continued walking, passing the raven haired girl, when suddenly he remembered what he was doing. "Ehm.... Do you possibly know where our classroom is?" He stopped in his steps but didn't look back at her.
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    The girl giggled thinking that Leonardo was just joking,

    "Yes your full name is Leonardo! But don't you remember when you had still live here that I use to call you Leo? And Dem and Robyn use to play with us too!"

    She said recalling all of the past events of her happier childhood. Sadness lingered within her as she remained optimistic on the outside.

    "I'm glad we're in the same class! Oh and maybe Rob and Dem are in our class as well."

    She chattered on following Leo down the hall. When he stopped in his tracks, the girl once again bumped into Leonardo only to look up at him and smile before continuing to say,

    "Yep! I do because when I slipped out the assembly for a few minutes I explored around and passed it earlier!"

    She cheered before taking his had and beginning to lead him down the hall,

    "Let's go! Oh and another thing, do you still wanna be a writer when you grow up?"

    She asked as she lead him to the classroom to the best of her abilities. She was still quite clueless about all of Japan's mannerism, after all her mother was American and her father adapted to her mothers culture while teaching his children a bit about traditional Japanese culture. As she walked down the hall with Leo with a smile on her face she had various emotions that were quite the opposite of that smile within her. She was sad that Leo was being so distant with her, scared that if Leo was behaving this way that the others may behave distant to her as well, and dejected all together.

    Many emotions swelled within the girl as she locked them away in her heart. Her blue eyes that were once bright all the time weren't so bright anymore as she stopped in front of the classroom and let go of Leo's hand.

    "Here we are!"
  9. [​IMG]

    "I'm pretty sure you have the wrong guy" Well, he's already committed, no going back now. Rob and Dem? Did she mean Robyn and Demian? That seems like wishful thinking, and Robyn would probably not appreciate being called 'Rob'. Hehe. Leonardo frowned at his hand which was holding Myra's, he was lost in thought and gave her a opening, he didn't like people touching him, not even as a kid, but just as back then she completely disregarded that. This made him even more ashamed that he had to ask for directions. "No, that was just a childish dream" Shoot, he messed up. Saying it like that totally gives him away, he could only hope in Myra's clueless nature to not notice it. Still did he go in to a defensive mood? He didn't have time to answer his own question before they arrived at the classroom. What a boring room, well it was the usual classroom but somehow felt worse then he expected.

    Leonardo sighed, he really didn't want to be here, too many people. Some waved to him and he waved back with a cold expression, he was lost in thoughts again. "There's only like a hour left of the first day..." He considered the possibility of him escaping, but what would he do? It'd look really bad. But nothing he couldn't explain. "What do you do around here for fun?" He turned to Myra, actually he didn't really expect her to know anything, knowing the kind of girl she was.

    [sorry if im a bit rusty and aren't giving you any openings, i can't really tell XD]
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    After the assembly Robyn was still thinking about the representative. She expected Myra and maybe even Demian but him? That was a shock. With her mind full of thoughts like that she walked towards the classroom, it wasn't really that hard to find, she just had to follow the stream of people from her class. Faint whispers of her name could be heard, sometimes "Is that Robyn Smulders?" To even "OMG, do we have a celeb in this school?" Well it wasn't really a surprise, this was a very good school and it's right in the middle of her hometown. But she could understand the reaction, if someone like George Clooney would be in her class she would definitely react the same way.
    Another Surprise awaited her when she saw the two familiar faces standing in the hallway outside the classroom. She considered not saying hey but that thought was quickly dismissed "You really surprised me there Leonardo, i thought you were a goner" She said with a incredibly charming smile but immediately regretted it, that was too mean. The kid she knew would lower his eyes and smile a depressed smile.​
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    How did Ashley get to be the second year representative? He knew her for a while, even though he couldn't even remember how they met. Anyways, she was a typical dumb blonde, and he had no idea why would she get to do an important speech on the first day of classes. Demian was curious about it and determined to find out. That was mainly why he approached to her with a charming smile. "Nice speech" lied before greeting her. They had a quick meaningless conversation, mainly about summer, before walking together to check in which classes they were. Afterwards, she gently offered to show him the way to his classroom, because she knew the place a lot better, and he gladly accepted. Demian appreciated that gesture, and he though that she was nicer than he remembered, or maybe she was just interested on him. Anyways, the help came in handy.

    When they turned around the corner into the hallway where his first class would take place, a wide smile crossed the popular teenager's face. He spoted his childhood's friends right in front of his classroom, so they were probably going to be together. A nice feeling went through his body at seeing those familiar faces, and approached to them leaving Ashley in the middle of a conversation. Robyn was on her back and didn't see him walking into her direction, so he decided to break the ice with a simple joke.
    "Oh my God! You are Robyn Smulders! I can't believe it, you need to give me an autograph." said before joining them with a half-smile. He took a look at them, starting at Robyn, going through Leo and finally getting to Myra, where he may took a little longer. He had seen Robyn on TV, so the grown up and beautiful she was wasn't as shocking as in Myra. Demian was sincerily happy to see those two girls, he even had to repress the urge to hug them. "I'm glad to see you." told to the whole group, finishing with a wide smile. The memories he had with them were so fresh that he didn't consider that they may not remember him as he did.
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    Leonardo turned at the very familiar voice, one would think that after spending 6 years apart someone would forget the voice of another, but he had heard this one so many times in interviews and whatnot so he couldn't possibly forget it. It was Robyn. He really liked Robyn, so much it would be a shame to ignore her. His eyes gave a hint of hopefulness but Demian intervened before he had a chance to respond "Oh my god! You are Robyn Smulders! I can't believe it, you need to give me an autograph" That voice had changed, it was almost unrecognizable, but Leonardo had that disgusting feeling it was him. Not that he disliked Demian per se, he certainly didn't when he was a kid, but as he grew up he realized his sneaky nature and hated the idea of someone like that rather than Demian himself, but he did think about teaming up if he would chose the same school as Leonardo, Demian was bound to be in a boat that slightly resembled his own, but discarded that thought quickly as it'd weaken his defense to have someone that close.

    He was now certain that running away would be the best solution to this problem, pretending like he didn't know anyone was now out of the window, Myra might be a bit of a airhead but Demian and Robyn were certainly not. "I'm glad to see you" Leonardo watched him with his thinking-expression, which was just him watching something with cold, analysing eyes. Who was that 'I'm glad to see you' for? No, it's not good to psychoanalyze.
    After a few seconds of social pressure it got to him and he cleared his throat silently "I'm gonna skip school, you guys can come along if you want to" He wore his mask again, he had avoided it with Myra but he couldn't anymore, with that dignified look and prince-like aura he slowly started walking towards the entrance of the school, without giving anyone the chance to reply.
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