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FILLED REQUEST Shattered Lives and Scattered Memories (MxM) and OuaT Plots

Discussion in 'PARTNER CONNECTIONS' started by Tinder, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. I'm sorry, I suck at titles...

    And I swear this is the last one.

    Hello again, my fellow writing addicts. Tinder is back with more ideas that have been haunting my brain.

    A short introductory note about me. I’m a night owl and recent college graduate who’s been roleplaying since middle school. I have a tendency to play around with new plot ideas whenever I come across an interesting song or story, which causes them to pile up quite often.

    Today I have a mixture of fandom cravings and an original character or two I'd like to find a plot for.

    First things first, the partner matching information! Here we go.

    Friendly Guidelines:
    • Length - I'm looking for people who can post 2 paragraphs at minimum. I so prefer quality over quantity, however so don't filled up the post with filler. This is meant to be fun, not a school essay. Put in some fun details such as what’s going on around our characters, what your character is thinking or feeling, etc. Just don't play them in a vacuum. It makes reading and responding more fun when we both work to set the scene and further the plot. I can post anything from two paragraphs to a small book depending on the point in roleplay with my longest posts being my intros and solo scenes.
    • Grammar - I would like you to have a decent understanding of grammar. Mistakes will happen, I’m not looking for perfection, but I would like to see a little effort here. Also be able to write in the third person and stay in the correct tense.
    • Activity – I’m a slow writer, I admit it. My personal speed is a post a week or every other week depending on my work load. I can work with all kinds of posting speeds, but just know going in I'll need to take my time. You’re always free to send me a reminder if it’s been awhile, just don’t make it every day.
    • Plotting – I love to world build and I love to plot out scenes in advanced (I also tend comment on the what-if of the story often/gush about characters). I know that some people prefer to just start the roleplay and go, but it’s just in my nature to try and plan out the next step. So I would love it if you would be willing to chat about our ideas ahead of time. We wouldn’t be making a comprehensive outline or anything, just bouncing ideas back and forth while we go.

    On to me, because you ought to know some more about my insanity before agreeing to engage in conversation with me.

    Warning Label:
    • Chatting – Getting to know my partners is half the fun of starting a new roleplay, so feel free to chat about anything with me. Got a new obsession, a ridiculous story or two, dreams, plots to dominate the world? Go ahead and share away. I’d be glad to listen and share some of my own.
    • Characters – I enjoy playing both men and women equally, though which one I play usually depends on the plot and my mood. I had a habit of thinking up female characters but lately I've actually been more interesting in playing guys. I suppose it had to happen eventually. Regardless, I will always add in a color cast of side characters to use to flesh out the story and would ask that you be able to do to the same. Please be able to do the same.
    • Genre - Fantasy and romance are my main genres but I do dabble in other areas on occasion. Feel free to suggest something new or different though I can't guarantee I'll say yes to it. Also I rarely do only one genre i.e. pure romance, straight action, horror. I prefer to mix genres and ideas to keep things interesting.
    • Romance – I don’t do smut. Kissing and actions with clothing still on (more or less) are fine, but nothing explicit. I'm willing to do fade-to-black if you're a red star and the plot calls for it. What would make me especially happy is someone who is willing to get the romance going a little faster. This isn't to say I want our characters proclaiming their undying love for each other after a day, but I'd rather not have to wait for several weeks worth of conflict to pass before there's even a hint of a relationship. I have nothing against slow burns, I've just been doing a lot of them. If we could meet somewhere in the middle, that would make me very happy.
    • Violence - I'm not bothered by violence or gore, so bring on the bloody stumps and what not. If you've got any issues with it, please let me know. I can get a little carried away at times…
    • Language – Swearing is totally fine, so long as it’s not every other word out of your character’s mouth. There is a difference between punctuation and cussing.
    Now that you have been sufficiently warned, on to the good bits!

    Note: My preferred role in bold.

    Shattered Lives and Scattered Memories

    • Amnesiac x Ex-Lover (MxM)
    For years Character A and B were in a serious relationship, leading quiet lives away from the big cities. That was until Character A broke things off and disappeared without any explanation.

    In the years that followed, Character B managed to get on with his life and tried to forget about his lover. He moved away and started fresh, almost succeeding until the day he ran into a familiar face on the way home from work. That was when Character A stumbled out of an alleyway looking half-dead and mumbling something incoherent before collapsing. Glowing symbols shone on his back for a split second before fading. Unsure what else to do, Character B takes Character A back to his apartment to rest. Upon waking up, Character A asks Character B two questions: “Who are you and why am I here?”

    With the embers of their relationship slowly being rekindled and a group of people out to kill them, our characters must work together to figure out the meaning of the symbols on Character A’s back and piece together his memory. Will they managed to survive their many brushes with death and will they ever discover how Character B fits into this mess?

    I’ve been craving an amnesiac plot so here we are. As per usual, this idea is still rough so we can take it in plenty of different directions. The setting could be anywhere on the modern to high fantasy spectrum depending on preference. So long as there’s some magic, it’ll work. I’m looking for someone to take Character B/the Ex-Lover for this plot. He is completely in your hands (appearance, personality, etc.) so go crazy. Even his involvement in the plot is up to you, so don’t think he necessarily has to only be connected through Character A. I’ve got a few ideas for what’s going on. Feel free to bring your own ideas or just jump on for the ride. I’m always happy to hear from my partners.

    Son of the Dark One: Once Upon a Time AUs

    Possible Pairings:
    • Baelfire/Neal x Emma
    • Baelfire/Neal x OC
    • Eh...Ask, I'm open to ideas
    Full disclosure: I stopped watching OUAT in season 3. You can probably guess why. Yes I was absolutely devastated when they killed Neal off, making him like what the second character to stay dead? They had to kill the two best guys. Anyway, I have always felt that Neal had so much more story potential in him than the writers utilized from his relationship with basically half the cast to his own growing personality. There are so many possibilities left and I'd like to explore some of them.

    I'm looking to get a few AU plots going where I can play Neal. I'm fine with you playing any number of characters so long as we can build a strong plot around them. Romance is an option but not needed and perhaps not likely depending on the character you go with. I'm not as interested in shipping Neal with others as I am just exploring his character and having fun with him. We could make this a romantic roleplay or one with more platonic relationships. Either is fine by me.

    I'd also like to characterize Neal as more of a drifter as his history might suggest that he is. I don't feel his engagement made as much sense considering his history. If anything I'd think someone with his history would be opposed to commitment and perhaps never bothered to set down roots. If that kind of character sounds like fun to you, then we may be in business.

    Living with Fewer Curses and Cameos: Let's go back and plot things out a little different. Maybe emphasize taking everyone back the Enchanted Forest. Or come up with a solid threat that we can build up to. Or turn things into a game of world hopping, I don't know. Anything to build up the cast that's there and not just keeping adding new characters.

    Most importantly I want to explore his relationships with other people like Henry, Emma, and his father. Even more interaction between him and the other people in the town would be a lot of fun. He was the freaking son of the Dark One, but no one thought to use and/or fear him for some reason! He was just there. What if rather than using him as a cheap sacrifice, you have villains trying to get to Rumple through Baelfire. He was pretty much his biggest weakness. What did the Charmings think of the fact that their grandson’s father was a thief and had pretty shady background? Were they really just cool with all of that?

    Baelfire as the Dark One: What if Rumpelstiltskin dying hadn’t meant the end of the Dark One but instead it somehow traveled down his bloodline and ending up making Baelfire the new Dark One? I think this one could be a lot of fun because you’d have a new powerful magic user in town who hates his abilities and had no idea how to use them with the added danger of the dagger that could make him do anything anyone wanted. Pretty much spells ticking time bomb to me. Perhaps the only real way to free him is for him to find true love such as what almost happened to Rumple with Belle.

    Surprise Me: I'm totally open to hearing other people's ideas here. As long as I get to play around with this character, I'll be happy.

    PM me if you're interested!
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  2. Updated and back on the prowl in a new fandom.
  3. Updated my plots with some extra story tidbits (aka I put more effort into creating an actual idea to build off of) and also put some more information into the guidelines and warning label. Come on, lovies, let's have some fun.
  4. I like your Cinderfella idea. Wondering what the political intrigue surround the royal might entail...
  5. Updated with a new plot. Still looking if anyone likes either of these ideas. The amnesiac one in particular would be a lot of fun.
  6. I am very interested in your ideas for Once Upon a Time; Neal was one of my favourite characters too. If those ideas are something you would still like to pursue please let me know, thank you.