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  1. [​IMG]

    Five lands on one world dark,light,water,fire,and earth. Eons ago the planet was whole until the void appeared. whatever caused it has long since vanished into memmory but the planet itself was forever changed into the five realms each fighting for supremacy over another or trying to remain out of the war for a prophecy has been written that after the war the void will return to shape the world as the victor. There are five kings (dark is taken) first four to claim a lord of land gets it. After that you must choose an alligeance. Light and dark are equal fire is weak in water vice versa fire is strong in earth, earth is strong on water so if you character has an act as part of your alligeance it will weaken. My character is a necromancer in the land of death and shadow I can raise 10 dead in the realm of light I can only raise 5. The history of your land is up to you as long as it does not conflict with an existing one. There is no light in the land of death no fire in the land of light ect. How your people live are up to you



    Age undead
    power necromancer blood Magic
    main weapon blood rune sword
    Occupation lord of the lands of Death and Shadow.


    land of death called karthos
    after the event Karthos rose from the ashes. It's people live off decay and rot. Anything living that enters this land slowly dies and is feasted upon. The citizens are creatures of the dark. Vampires ghouls zombies witches wizards and lycans roam here, but only The Lord knows necromancy. The necromancy power enables him to raise zombies anywhere corrupt living flesh so it starts to die and rot(. Yes it can be treated with potions and spells) a death touch where animals and characters npc die instantly has the ability to blur vision and knock out playable characters ( if they so choose to let it) however he will still be affected by it. There is one library in each city detailing magic and history the world itself contains lost libraries but none can contain what a lord of land knows ex necromancy. Please no one line posts or attacking a character without letting them respond ex he punched her in the face and knocked her down
    Unique creatures in my land ( you can only have 5 and they will never fight for you, always against if you choose to include)

    [​IMG] roams the bone graveyards

    [​IMG] guards the Hidden library

    [​IMG] roams the Blight Swamps
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  2. Anarchy

    Age: Unknown
    Power: Mind Manipulation, Shadow Control
    Main Weapon: Poison tipped arrows w/ bow
    Occupation: Rogue Wanderer


    History: Anarchy used to belong to the Light side, but turned to the Dark side. Now she wanders around the wastelands between the lands. She does not remember her age, nor does she remember any type of family she might have had. She is an expert in archery.

    Do I need to edit anything? =)
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  3. (Optional)
    List any unique creatures for the wastelands if you want them and your powers in more detail whats the extent of mind control?
  4. Claiming leader of Light lands. CS to come
  5. Mind Manipulation: If the person being controlled is fearful, the fear can be multiplied by twice its size. Doubts are played with, like if someone doubts their partner, then she can make them think every movement their partner does is a threat, twist their words, etc.
    Shadow Control: She can move shadows with a flick of her hand, using her thoughts to control them. They're mostly used for fear.

    Creatures...uhh..I'll see what I can do. =)
  6. 1149035_535104393210495_632144352_n.jpg
    Queen of the Light lands
    Age: Rumored a hundred years
    Powers: Has a connection to the energy of the land. Can control or redirect the energy of naturally living things, resulting in both a healing capability as well as weaponry.
    Fairies: ageless, as far as anyone can tell the fairies are very mischievous and can cause trouble for unwary travellers. They are also highly skilled in poison and potion making.
    Unicorns (always wild and untameable) they retain their fabled weakness for the purely innocent. Any part of them can be considered magical, and are highly sought but rarely obtained.

    I'll be editing this more in good time :)
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  7. [MENTION=2387]SilverJae[/MENTION] & [MENTION=1969]Angel[/MENTION]. Nice Cs accepted
  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Blaise
    Age:She was only born 20 years ago.
    Power:Breathes and can control fire, can make some objects boil or melt
    Main weapon: An axe that when she touches it the blade catches on fire.
    Occupation:Blaise is the lord of the fire world.
    Land of fire:
    [​IMG]((This is the main city of the Fire Land and its where Blaise lives, it is protected by old volcanos that have been inactive since the queen died, Blaise is currently trying to figure out how to make them work again.))
    ((Most of the land looks like this, the ground is mostly lava and fire and it has a maze of paths leading across it.))
    History: Blaise was born into a family of royalty where the queen is the ultimate ruler. With the world at war her mother decided that she needed to be protected and sent her away to be guarded and raised by her uncle. Her uncle was one of the most famous and expert warriors and decided to make Blaise his apprentice so that once she was old enough she could fight and protect her land and herself. After a few years of training with her uncle Blaise discovered her powers and began to include them within her training. Not long after this her uncle told her some surprising news about her mothers passing and she learned that she was now the lord of the land of fire. She is now trying to protect her land and lead it through the chaos as best as she can.
    [​IMG]((Dragons are a constant threat to the cities, their ancestors used to help the Fire Land but now they are one of its greatest threats.))
    [​IMG]((Fire lions are another major threat to the people of the Fire Land. They are often attacking and killing people.))
    [​IMG]((Pheonix are most of a pest then a threat, they destroy houses and buildings and they often steal food.))

    Age:Unknown, but she is very old
    Powers:She has a lot of tattoos that have to do a lot with her powers, some are spells or creatures she can summon and others write literally change and will write the part or future on her skin.
    Main weapon: A sword
    Occupation: She's taking orders from the dark world as an assassin.
    History:Jez doesn't remember a lot of details in her life, but she does remember different parts that stand out in it. Jez was actually born into a family of the light world, but they could tell her intentions were more dark along with her powers so she grew up as an outcast in the family. She she was 15 she ran away to the dark world and started to train to be an experienced assassin and warrior for her new home. Her powers began to become stronger and stronger and more tattoos appeared on her skin as she became older. She has fought many battles and is known to be one of the more experienced dark world warriors and she is one of the best assassins. When the world went into war she had to leave the Dark land and became a rogue in the wastelands, she stills fights for the dark lands though.


    Name: Hew
    Age:Very, very old
    Powers: He can see into the soul and mind of s person, he can also do a little bit of magic
    Main Weapon: Hew hates fighting, but if he has to protect himself he has a heavy metal staff that can break bones or knock a person out, but he has never used it to kill anyone.
    History:Hew doesn't remember anything of his childhood, in fact he doesn't remember most of his life because there has been so much of it. He doesn't really worry about remembering the past, but main about remembering what he believes in and the lessons he has learned.

    Do I need to change anything?
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  9. [MENTION=4902]Jezibell[/MENTION] are you planning on doing all of them or just one? I also noticed that none of your characters are a Lord of their land, that's ok but I'm just pointing it out:) as far as Hew goes where he from? As for Jez even though she's dark trained she was born in the land of light so she can't stay in the lands of death too long she have to go to the wastelands(neutral ground) or the land of light. Unless I figure out a way to write it in story otherwise it's all good
  10. I'm going to play all of them and I was going to make Blaise lord of the land of fire but I forgot about it. Hew is part of the light land, and okay Jez can go to the wastelands. (:
  11. Wow I'm impressed :) accepted and the rp is up btw
  12. I edited Blaise's CS so that she is the Lord of The Land of Fire. I hope everything is correct now. (:
  13. Yeah your good
  14. Yay =)

    Oh, and Creatures of the Wastelands:

    [​IMG] Gravedigger.
    Gravediggers dig under the ground and feed on anything that moves. They're fast and if bitten by one, you die by immediate electrocution.

    [​IMG] Screamer.
    Screamers fly in really high altitudes and scream really loud, like nails on a chalkboard. they use this like echolocation, as they are blind. They use their claws to tear their victims apart and then eat the remains, picking easily around the bones with their sharp beaks.

    Hunting in packs, the Akeev do not eat. Instead, they bathe in the blood of their victims and add the bones together to make new members to the pack. Pretty much their demon souls in bones.

    [​IMG] Folleewar.
    These are beings made of pure energy. Harmless, but annoying as they lead you to certain death. They gain your trust, running around and playing, nuzzling you, and they lead you into a deep hole where you fall and die, or to an Akeev pack or a Screamer's nest.

    How's this?

    Where's the RP IC Thread?
  15. It's in fantasy and that's a good amount of creatures
  16. Just for more info, there are 5 wastelands as well. Picture the world this way:


    5 lands, 5 lines everything converges at the center, but no one has ever been there or knows how to. Each land has a library, that library has clues to hidden libraries, either The Lord or another will have to locate(with a Lords help a warrior can't open the libraries so he'd need a Lord with him. It is said that the Event will return and only one land will remain. So each Land will have to prepare in its own way. The Libraries are guarded by massive creatures(1 of the 5 you choose). Now the lines are the wastelands but its more like crossing into another dimension. It's not one side is fire the other desert then water. In between those is a noise and a blur that looks like desert but when you step forward your in the wastelands and have to proceed forward you can't go back unless you enter from another line. It should also be noted most people don't leave their Lands, let alone engage people from other Lands. Just getting some thoughts out about the world in general :)
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  17. Okay.
    Are the different wastelands connected in some way?
  18. Yes, but no one can live there long, it's waste:) for the rp I made them neutral ground as the wastelands don't have an immediate or long term affect. They are meant to be traveled nothing more but your good for now
  19. Okie dokes. I think I'll have Anarchy stumble over into the Dark Lands, as she left the Land of Light last..hmm
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