Shattered lands

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  1. Five lands on one world dark,light,water,fire,and earth. Eons ago the planet was whole until the void appeared. [​IMG] whatever caused it has long since vanished into memmory but the planet itself was forever changed into the five realms each fighting for supremacy over another or trying to remain out of the war for a prophecy has been written that after the war the void will return to shape the world as the victor. There are five kings (light and dark are taken) first three to claim a lord of land gets it. After that you must choose an alligeance. Light and dark are equal fire is weak in water vice versa fire is strong in earth, earth is strong on water so if you character has an act as part of your alligeance it will weaken. My character is a necromancer in the land of death and shadow I can raise 10 dead in the realm of light I can only raise 5. The history of your land is up to you as long as it does not conflict with an existing one. There is no light in the land of death no fire in the land of light ect. How your people live are up to you

    Artunicka [​IMG]

    Age undead
    power necromancer blood Magic
    main weapon blood rune sword
    Occupation lord of the lands of Death and Shadow.

    land of death called karthos
    after the event Karthos rose from the ashes. It's people live off decay and rot. Anything living that enters this land slowly dies and is feasted upon. The citizens are creatures of the dark. Vampires ghouls zombies witches wizards and lycans roam here, but only The Lord knows necromancy. The necromancy power enables him to raise zombies anywhere corrupt living flesh so it starts to die and rot(. Yes it can be treated with potions and spells) a death touch where animals and characters npc die instantly has the ability to blur vision and knock out playable characters ( if they so choose to let it) however he will still be affected by it. There is one library in each city detailing magic and history the world itself contains lost libraries but none can contain what a lord of land knows ex necromancy. Please no one line posts or attacking a character without letting them respond ex he punched her in tge face and knocked her down
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  4. Finally decided...hopefully this one is okay. Let me know if anything needs adding or changing.

    Name: Wendy

    Species: Witch
    Powers: Ability to add weight to weapons, and manipulate plant life.
    Faction: Either earth or can decide
    Personality/history: Wendy is what you'd call a reluctant hero. She was kind of thrust into her magic, even before she was aware of her gifts. She seeks to do good with it, but is kind of afraid of all the enemies she will inevitably have to face. She is usually cheerful but hesitant when it comes to new situations and enemies. Somewhat insecure, Wendy is easily manipulated herself, quite a weakness, really.
  5. Name: Pharus
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    Age: without age
    Race: Angel
    Rank: Archangel
    Land: Iuris, realm of light
    The place of civilization
    Power: Ritual magic of humans, enchantment of angels
    Lands Power: At first you will feel light and airy, if you arent from there, but continued exposure will eventually lead to blindness and a dulling of the mind that lasts as long as you are in its realms. The longer lasting effect being that your flesh will start to morph and deform into strange creatures.
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    This image is what Pharus looks like in his intermediate stage.

    History: At the onset of the event humans that inhabited the plains lands were quite gracile and un-evolved. The people lived in simple farming communities. When the event shattered the land, the angel Pharus came to the people in disguise. While among these peasant people he encountered a young woman and taking an interest in her he observed her for some time.

    After a sufficient amount of time passed enabling him to become friendly with her, using his angelic glamour like charm, they had relations. She would have no memory of the event though. Strangely, after the encounter she did not become pregnant by the archangel. Instead the life force that would have been the child was absorbed into Pharus. He left the woman after this and never spoke to her again.

    This life force in him though, soon caused the angel flu like symptoms. So he entered a crysalis like state to recooperate. When he emerged he had changed in appearance. He could feel the energies of the land all around him, in very much the same way humans gifted with magic could. He wished to test the limits of what he could, so he took time to think and meditate on the idea, but as he did he discovered he was channeling the magic of the earth. Whispy energies gathered around him like ghosts of hte past. They were warm and seemed friendly enough. He stretched out his hand and found that he could hold these energies. No angel febore had even seen these. He took the energy in his hand and molded it into a ball. But before he could do anything more with it the energy vanished.
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    Realizing he had obtained the ability of the humans, he took a week to ponder how to prevent others from doing this. He decided he would craft a curse which applied to all angelic kind. The curse stated that if an angel had sex with anything they would die. However he was not specific enough when crafting this curse and so he also cursed himself. But after he had enacted this, he found that he was feeling rather weak. He then took the belief that the energy in him must be used more wisely less it be lost forever.

    Following this he left the plains and returned with a battalion of his kind. He came to the humans and introduced to them to metalurgy, science, medicine and other advancements.

    Because of this, the humans made him their king. When he took the throne he made several decrees involving the humans.
  6. Remember if you want to be lord with a unique power you have to state that right now you are in the land of green but not lord of it.
  7. Thanks. Wendy's not good enough to be a lord. She's more than happy to be a minion xD
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  10. Keep in mind every land has an effect on your character the land of death causes you to slowly die so you can't stay there too long before your character starts to get weak and tired there are lines between each land where reality is warped and it is neutral ground.
  11. Every land can have different species and unique characters where there is only 1 of that creature these creatures are not player controlled and do not exist in other lands their history ect are up to you. You can use them as plot devices or whatnot they can be killed but not by only 1 player
    There can sldo be unique places please lrovide pucs of creatures and places. i will updAte A list if unique creatures for my land and a little about them in time for now;

    This creature roams the bone graveyard attacking anyone it sees it feeds on the shattered bones of the fallen
  12. Ok i have a post which i will make early in the morning
    ill also be adding content, but essentially my char does something similar to artunica. in finding books except in this case its through oracle. also ill need someone who's going to play the new oracle. she's an important figure in my char's story.

    also some hints are dropped about the inbetween place at the light dark'll see
  13. [​IMG]
    this creature has only been seen during times of great death and chaos nothing is known about him, but it is rumored he is as old as the Event
  14. I have not conceptualized this yet but I dont know what kinds of creatures besides humans and angels I want in this world. It would probably be better and make more continuty if there were other things to guard agaisnt besides corrupted deformed priests.
  15. Corrupt angels dark priests your species are one thing the uniques don't have to be included but give more depth to your land and the story overall also they don't have to be hostile
  16. I dont think corrupt angels would exist. Maybe they would differ in opinion, but that would require them to have at least the same level of power over my char.
    As far as createures...I donno
  17. Well dude it's all up to you how your land/ people function we still need three more Lords and more players
  18. blondefury_zpseddfa508-1_zps5c28e884.jpg
    My name is Elisabeth
    Obviously I'm a Female.

    In this story, my race is unknown and I like it that way.
    I spend my days as learning from my father to lead the land of fire in his absence

    I've been told I act mysterious and deep, I prefer not to speak and say more through my actions then I ever could through meaningless words. My Trust is hard to come by but ounce you have it I am loyal and protective. Something to remember never judges a book by its cover.

    I love:
    the moon

    I don't care for:
    my own abilities
    people who talk far too much

    Can you keep a secret. i can create fire out of air and i am an oracle

    If you knew me then you would know. My father is the lord of fire strong a benevolent in his actions. He held the land firmly and at times without Mercy. As a child i would sit and listen to him address the people he ruled with a certain heartless grace. My mother did not agree with his tactics but it kept everything running smooth and the land wealthy. When I turned fifteen my mother left fled and never returned. My father would never let me live he needed me far too much.
  19. A change you need Elisabeth ...the war hasn't really happened yet. Also, in this mythos all seers/oracles etc can only see the emotions of events. Were they to try as hard as possible, their mind you only hit a black wall

    secondly, we would really like you to be a ruler of one of the three remaining realms, if you would please
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