Shattered Indifference: The Collision of Worlds

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    A man's destiny is not his own. The Universe chooses it's heroes and it's villains
    to star in the play of life: Each act chock full of turmoil and love;
    war and peace;
    brotherhood and sisterhood.
    This story is of two very different actors, who decide to take their fate a different way than the
    script of life suggested.

    The Hailed Eden. Once a beautiful place of peace and joy. Then the demons arrived. They destroyed everything. Stole our wives. Killed our livestock. Ruined our crops.
    And most of all, our lives.
    But there was a light to the darkness.
    A young boy was to be born after the climax of the decimation.
    A boy said to be destined.
    The Elders of Eden christened him...
    Danté. The Everlasting.

    Sixteen Years On...


    Danté looked expressionlessly at the bottom of the clockwork tower. He had been set to find something incredibly valuable. But they had not stated what it was in case of a mole in the organization. 10 years in The Anchor and you learn all the ins and outs of demon slaying. The hillfolk think lights and wards work, but they were always wrong beyond comprehension. Demons are creatures of flesh and magic, so can be killed by steel and flarebolt, not some oddly scrawled shape or candles strung over their fields at night. But his intel was always right. Otherwise Gabriel would suffer his verbal wrath, as per usual. Gabriel liked to challenge his underlings, and even though Danté had been in the organization longer, Gabriel had risen through the ranks just because he'd learnt a Soul Art before Danté. But Danté would show that stuck up idiot. Once he brought back the Crown of Abbadon there would be no other way for him to be promoted other than this. Then he would be equal to Gabriel and able to take on Decimation missions. He looked down. It was a fifty foot drop. Instant death. But he checked his inventory. He had a grappling hook, and he was sure there was not too much distance between him and the wall of the tower. He checked his feet for the distance between them and the ledge, then stepped back a few steps, and began into a sprint. Then, he leaped off the beam, limbs flailing as he grabbed the grappling hook, throwing it with all his might. As time slowed, his expectations were set in stone. He was going to die. He just knew it. But then, the rope tightened as the metal had caught a niché. He grabbed onto the rope hard, pulling himself downward toward the door. He gasped for breath as he took a quick stop. As soon as he was done, he tapped the door, with a quick gasp of gas, opened almost fluidly. He entered an almost bleach white room, with floodlights on the roof. He turned right, the top of a spiral staircase encompassing his vision. He decided to follow it. A few thousand steps later, he was at the base of the area. In the centre, there was a pillar, encompassed in an unnatural blue light, dust floating downward towards it. But that's when he saw it. The Crown of Abbadon. And a demon. He stepped forward, drawing his knife from it's holster. "Demon, it is time I sent you back to hell. Release the Crown or face your death." Danté said, pointing at the creature's silhouette.
  2. Envy stepped out of the swirling shadows behind her. She swung her neck round in a semi circle and sighed loudly, “Ugh, back and forth, back and forth. Can’t these Demons do there job right?” She ran along the rooftops, jumping and bouncing, looking like nothing more than a black blur in the sky to the human eye. She could some Demons stand to attention and bow down to her in respect as she flew pass. She snorted and ignored them. She’d let her brother Pride do all the attention seeking.

    She stopped abruptly on one rooftop and raised an eyebrow at the device near to her. It was what they called a satellite dish. Envy tilted her head and her reflection on the rounded surface did the same. Her midnight blue hair flowed down to her waist and she wore what Pride had assured her was a “snazzy looking military uniform”. Her uniform was a dark green. Typical. She’d seen Wrath barking orders and looking very “snazzy” indeed in crimson. Her coat hugged her top half perfectly and the tail of it stopped right at her ankle. With combat trousers and knee high boots, she looked like a regular woman army commander. Of course she was far from that. She stepped back and raised her hand. With one quick motion, she made a fist and the satellite was engulfed in a shadowy flame. She scowled. Her real powers were on a far more terrifying level than this... But she was restricted.

    When she was about to continue she noticed a Demon... Being attacked by... A human? He couldn’t have been. Envy ran off the building and jumped. She came down at rocket speed and hit the ground in-between the two. The Demon staggered back and it took him a while with the help of a glaring Envy to figure out that he should bow. She completely ignored the boy. Her attention then became focused on the Crown. That was a precious item and that boy would have gotten away with it. She scowled down at the Demon with a look of disgust, “You would have been killed and suffered a scum’s death and let this pipsqueak get away with one of our most valuable treasures?!” she screamed at him. The Demon whimpered, “You’re useless. A waste of existence. I’m not going to even send you back to Hell...” The Demon’s head snapped up, all terror and fear on another level. Envy grinned malicious, brought her hand up and clicked her fingers. The Demon gave a piercing scream as fiery shadows tore him apart limb from limb and his skin boiled. Envy watched on, laughing heartily. Soon there was only dust. She turned to the boy, her grin turned into a frown, “Who are you and what do you want with my fathers crown?”
  3. Danté looked at the female demon with content. "You think you could match a slayer of my caliber. I've been training since birth to kill scumbags like you. Come take me on." Dante said, smirking. The crown was in reach, held by the injured demon. But he could tell the dark aura oozing from the creature was not just power, it was literally one of the seven darkest magics of the realm. The She Demon Was one of The Sin. She would be a difficult opponent to defeat. And he would not go down without a fight.

    Without warning, he sprung forward, lashing out with an uppercut kick to the demon's face, before launching himself backward with an expertly practiced backflip, before throwing his bokuto, knife edge first towards the girl's heel to disable her movement.

    "WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?" Danté roared, feeling his anger rising. Something was breaking inside him. He didn't know what. Then suddenly, a flashback.

    The fire spread throughout The Hailed Eden, demon and flame killing humans alike. He was a newborn child at the time, wrapped in a pure white blanket, held in the arms of his mother. Two men had exited the room and had not re-entered, the screams of their deaths piercing the room, filling Danté's infantile body with a rack of crying. And then his mother was snatched by a demon and ripped to shreds in his eyes. The elders ran and hid him away before banishing the demons. But not before his mother had died.

    To this woman's kinds hands.

    His eyes filled with tears as he roared, a green glow surrounding him. He was unlocking his true form. The green glow solidified and he was ready. He had unlocked the first of what the Elders called The Eight Gates of Azazel, a gift which unlocks someone's true potential.

    Danté looked at the demon. "Thank you. You just unlocked my full potential." Danté said, still crying, but smirking darkly.

    He was ready to end both these demons now. Permanently.