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    A mere 12 years ago, the Jeualian Empire, a military powerhouse, rampaged through the lands on an unchallenged conquest. With towering war machines and weaponry fifty years ahead of its time, there were no countries that could stand up against them. With unbelievable ease, the red flag of the Jeaulian Empire was planted over half of the kingdoms, principalities, and city-states on the continent. The people were subjugated, their cultures homogenized, and soon, they too became part of the gears that moved the Empire.

    It was at the halfway point, however, that the unwavering armies of the Empire was forced to halt. For, in the southern half of the continent laid three kingdoms that, together, could indeed challenge the Empire’s sovereignty. Joining arms in the face of a common foe, the theocracy of Astopol, the monarchy of Illiserev, and the democracy of Dansila marched under a common flag, led by the Knight-Commander, Mirelle Keep. Even the monsters of Talze Utera joined in the war effort, as the Elders of the Scarlet Court put aside their blood feud with Astopol to feast on the blood of the Empire.

    For months on end, the armies clashed, a hail of iron met by a hail of magic, every ambush reciprocated, every defeat paid for in blood. The land turned into ash, as conflagrations marred the battlefield. The wastelands became marshes, soil tainted with lifeblood. Over and over again, the war was waged, a mountain of corpses growing as the days passed on.

    But the difference in resources was slowly becoming clear. The war machine of the Empire was powered by the hundreds of nations that they’ve conquered, while the defensive war waged by the coalition left their own lands razed. In a final, desperate offensive, all the armies of the coalition decided to strike head-on.

    On that day, as war hymns were sung and good byes were said, humans became the horizon, as two massive armies met on opposite sides.

    With a selfless, selfish charge, the Knight-Commander led the horde of metal and flesh into her final large-scale confrontation with the Jeualian Empire.



    And then, just a little bit, the world cracked.

    A soul-trembling sound broke over the horizon, as the sky shattered. From the darkness, never-before-seen monsters fell onto the barren fields like mud. And, just as incoherently as they came, those beings attacked, mindlessly lashing out at both sides. Incidents of these popped up all over the continent, as tears in the skies heralded the coming of these alien beings. Unable to fight a war on two fronts, especially with the majority of their forces concentrated in foreign land, the Empire retreated, closing off its borders with massive walls.

    Their retreat was both the end of the war, and the beginning of a new one. Massive civilian casualties were incurred as these monsters, dubbed ‘rift-beasts’, appeared at random, rampaging through even the most heavily-fortified cities. They did not respond to any attempt at communication, and could not be stopped by anything less than high-class magic spells. A thoughtless, mindless, merciless enemy that acted with no purpose other than to attack.

    The Coalition quickly broke apart, selfishly defending the well-being of their own kingdoms. The rift-beasts were not an enemy that could be defeated by a ‘combined’ force, and soon, all friendly relationships broke down between Dansila, Astopol, and Illiserev. For Talze Utera, the nation of monsters, the appearance of the rift-beasts only cemented their position as an 'enemy'. United only by a common foe and the delusions of their commanding staff, the three nations invaded the kingdom of shadows, indiscriminately slaying all. And when Talze Utera fell, the bonds broke once more. No charity existed between them, and they crumbled under their own inability to eliminate these alien threats. Already weakened by their battles against the Jeualian Empire, the kingdoms fell into anarchy as the unknown monsters continued their senseless onslaught.



    It is in that dark hour, known as the ‘Talentless Strife’, that a special material named ‘Talentium’ was discovered.

    Extracted from the bodies of dead rift-beasts, it was a ghostly metal that could be forged into a weapon stronger, sharper, and more durable than any past crafting material. Furthermore, though, Talentium was a metal that resonated with the will of the wielder. A mage would find themselves capable of achieving magical feats they’d never have dreamed of, while a swordsman would find themselves filled with strength that was beyond human.

    With the first sword crafted by the Dansilan prodigy, Alier Velone, and wielded by the Astopolian captain, Aiv Recourt, it finally appeared that the rift-beasts could be driven back. Each encounter and victory brought forth more Talentium, and thus, allowed for more soldiers to gain the power necessary to fight off those amorphous monsters. Slowly, but surely, the coalition stood as one again. Knights, mages, soldiers, pilots, all people from all three nations worked together, scattering themselves to respond quickly to any rift-appearances.

    Step by step, the Talentless Strife gave way to the March of Light.


    In the end, through the valiant efforts of Mirelle Keep, who single-handedly dispatched a thousand rift beasts that poured out from north of Astopol, and Aiv Recourt, who slew the World-Eater, the rift-beast large enough to blot out the sun, the three nations could breathe easily once more.

    Talentium weapons became commonplace, Rift-Beasts no longer a major threat now that humans had the tools to destroy them.

    Rune Magic Technology, born from the laboratories of Dansila, revolutionized travel, communications, and everyday life, bringing an era of convenience.

    The Empire remained still, their Gods of War watching silently over the lands they once sought to conquer.

    The three nations all grew, the black miasma of Talze Utera giving way to the progress of humanity.

    Twelve years ago, such a brilliant present was unimaginable.

    Twelve years ago, this peace and prosperity could only be fictional.


    Twelve years ago, the world was not yet broken.
    Shattered Horizon

    On the eleventh month, Cykes, the capital of Dansila, was attacked by a new Rift-Beast, one that held the odd ability to leech energy from the earth and fire off powerful projectiles. Through an offensive coordinated by the Sidosa Board, a variety of adventurers slew the beast, earning themselves the gratitude of the capital.

    However, during the night that a festival was held in their name, one of their own was revealed to be a vampire, who drowned in her bloodlust and devoured three youths. The following evening, more deaths and disappearances were reported, and by noontime, it was clear that Cykes had been invaded by the remnants of Talze Utera during that night.

    The Astopolian Inquisitors made their advance into the city as the heroes became painted as villains. With two of their own missing, the ones that remained were guided to an airship and sent off to track down the kidnapped women and rescuing them.

    It is now the twelfth month, as the story unfolds in Yuimas, the city of sin by the sea, the blankets of frozen snow hiding the blackness that lies beneath.

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  2. CAST

    - Index recently updated to include Arts and Skills, and Astopolian Religion.
    - First post now sets the scene for the beginning of the RP.

    CS Template
    <Character Image. Anime Heavily Preferred.>
    "Character quote, with character theme linked to it."
    Character name. Use fancy BBCode to make it stand out, if you want.

    Character description. Three paragraphs minimum, TL;DR maximum. Describe their appearance, personality, and backstory. If you have hidden points that you want to reveal later on within the story, for the sake of glorious sub-plotting, PM me about it.

    Character fighting style and skills. Detail their expertises, their weapons, their magical specializations (if they have any), whether they use Talentium (though they probably do), and what Skills they have, if any.

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  3. @Zombehs @Jageroux @Crow @Skyswimsky @Click This @Wayward Killjoy @Voltin @8-bit @FisherKing @Reanimator Bob @Psyker Landshark @Warm Regret @Izurich @Ehb

    First off, post in the OOC if you're still interested. Answer the below questions if you want to cement your place here.

    Second off, this RP will function based off post rounds. Do you want three day rounds? Five day rounds? One week rounds?

    Third off, there may be an element of chance when your characters do something. Do you want to roll dice? Or would you rather just leave it to my discretion?
  4. Yep, still here.
    I'd like three day rounds (GOTTA GO FAST), yet know that five days is more reasonable with the people we have. So, the latter is what I'm saying. >_>
    And unless you have a set system for dice, Rode, I'm more than willing to leave it at your discretion.
  5. Still here desu. 3 or 5 day rounds. Dice rolling desu.
  6. I take my sweet time. 5 to a week is good for me. I'm down with giving dice rolling a shot.
  7. Dice and three days, please.
  8. I'm here. 3 to 5 day rounds sounds nice and I can give dicerolling a shot, I suppose.
  9. I decided against teleportation and I'm making an infinite jumps thing. And I'm fine with either. But dice is fun. More possibility for characters
  10. 3 or 5 sounds good~ and leave it to your discretion. :3
  11. Never used dice so I don't have an opinion on that
    And I'd prefer a 5 day cycles, being a college student means I don't always have as much time to waste as I want.
  12. I'll go with 5 days since that's my lucky number ^^ and dice sounds like fun, I just hope it's not used to predict the outcome of anything super serious? ;_;
  13. It is though, at times. Say that your character falls off a cliff. You roll to see whether or not they survive. Better than just me saying 'yo, you die.'
  14. I thought dice-rolling was used more for combat when something is arguable such as dodging or blocking?
  15. Jacts Maroud (open)

    The Sellsword Juggernaut
    25, M

    I wanna be the killer, not the prey

    Jacts is six foot of pure beef, a very imposing figure to come across, one icy glance is enough to put most with their tail between their legs before running off crying. Though, it’s also said an endearing look has put men and women alike under a shallow infatuation, but that’s another thing all on its own. He’s known for running around clad in mostly steel and some talentium armor as a self-promoting mechanism for the fact he’s a rather well known bounty hunter, even if sometimes it’s just to look imposing. Rift beast? Dead. Evil Witch? Dead. Supreme Vampire Overlord? Above his paygrade. He’s not THAT special. (He has went on hunts larger than his reasonable capability though)

    Due to being orphaned in his adolescence due to the strife that’s plagued the land even before the rift beasts, Jacts has kept largely to himself, keeping everything other than his reputation as an effective sellsword under heavy wraps. Though he’s been known to spill some extent of his past to over-curious children of important people he’s worked for. Jacts doesn’t have a particular country he calls his own, but he originated from Illiserev. His work has him travel cross-countries often, people loving the flexibility of young blood.

    Most of the money Jacts gets from his many hunts has always went to expanding his gadgetry and reinforcing his armor and weaponry. So, not only is Jacts a juggernaut, but he’s a smart one too, and very resourceful. However, it comes at a cost. Jacts’ fighting style tends to be in large sweeping gestures as his main weapon, a sword known amongst bounty hunters as the Squareblade, is super heavy and hard to manage outside of a trained hand. Though effective, Jacts leaves many openings during a fight (because of his pure momentum) that he covers to the best of his abilities with the sheer functionality of some of the runetech he carries on him.

    Jacts’ true talent is in drawing upon talentium’s enhancements of his will, which is the basis of his title as a juggernaut. Jacts’ most dangerous skill is his manipulation of his own momentum and acceleration, which brought to its basics is him throwing his weight as hard and as fast as he possibly can while using talentium to enhance it to break point. Many a fight has been decided by Jacts crashing sword first at high speed into an unprepared target. When a fight isn’t decided quickly Jacts will begin to resort to more complicated warfare, exerting his will to achieve astounding mobility for his size and using it to outsmart his opponent when it comes to positioning. Plus, being a high-paid bounty hunter means he comes with many tricks.

    Jacts isn’t as skilled in magic as he is in exerting his own will via talentium, but that doesn’t mean he’s magically inept either. Jacts knows just a handful of magical spells but what he does know he is very effective with. He relies mostly on the runetech he typically wears on his chestplate, simple propulsion equipment that can change his course of motion on the fly if his momentum is misplaced, sort of as a way to abort a bad decision or move himself away from a dangerous situation. Other rune-tech he uses tends to work as distractions by producing large flashes of light or flame, creating tangles; snares; and traps, and things as cliché as smoke bombs, but he only has a couple of runetech items on him at a time.


    1. Steel-Alloy Greaves fitted with slots for Talentium in the soles. –Used for mobility’s sake, tend to be his most valuable equipment as it’s how he accomplishes his most used maneuvers.
    2. “Squareblade”- Talentium broadsword known to be extremely heavy, Jacts trained relentlessly with it in order to get to the ease he swings it with today, and still trains weekly regardless.
    3. Steel Runetech Chestplate – Mostly for show, but helps block attacks that aren’t enhanced via talentium. Two runes inscribed on it are used to propel his body left or right
    4. Talentium and Steel plated gauntlets- A pair of plated gauntlets, alternating between steel and talentium plates, though they are vastly more steel. Used as a fallback in case Squareblade is no longer in his grasp, in which he becomes a fairly useful brawler, but it is by no means his forte. The purpose of the talentium is to maintain a viable weapon of sorts.
    5. Spare Talentium Throwing Knives- Used mostly as a warning as he can throw them VERY accurately, but they’re so small they can barely considered an actual weapon of offense.
    6. Supplies- Jacts periodically stocks up on miscellaneous supplies for his job, these often include simple things like rope, but can be expanded on to include bolas, tangelefoot bags, chemical fire, and simple runetech used in new ways.
    Physical Skills:
    1. Momentum and Speed Enhancement – Jacts is able to push his speed to levels that shouldn’t be possible for someone so heavy, and uses the momentum of such to mimic the strength of those who use talentium as a strength enhancer instead. But since his focus is speed his attacks hit a little lighter than those who focus on strength.
    2. Jump Enhancement- Jacts’ secondary use of talentium as an ability enhancer, obviously used to allow him to jump to amazing heights, in which his weight bring him crashing down at dangerous speeds when coupled with the little bit of magic he knows how to use. This is used way more for pure mobility than combat prowess.

    Magical Skills:
    1. Arcane Shield: Jacts can project a large, visible, shield of light that covers him from the front (not the behind), and works to block around 1-2 full on attacks before it will break, but can almost infinitely block smaller attacks such as needles or a runetech firebolt fired by an average civilian. Against a rift beast however, it can barely take certain dead-on hits.
    2. Wall Projection: A simple magical skill he picked up that creates a wall similar to his shield, the wall is not very large, but when chasing a target down an alley it’s big enough.
    3. Thunderstrikes: The only offensive magical skill he knows to use, but it’s often all he needs. He basically charges the Squareblade with electrical energy that discharges itself on hits, he can typically only keep it for three hits so he has to make it count, but in an enraged state he’s kept it up for 2-3 times as long.
    4. Backdraft- Jacts manipulates the air behind him to create gales of winds to accelerate him past talentium enhanced movement, which of course coupled with talentium makes him a little ridiculous at times.

    So I did a lot more work on him but I feel like there's still some kinks we need to iron out but I'll leave that till you give me another opinion. I tried to answer most of your questions and clarify, plus my revelation on how things work helped me better design his abilities ^^ Though I might of misunderstood something (as usual).

    And just to clarify: Jacts will go after whatever he's paid to go after, considering it's at the right price, but considering what you've said I'm going to assume most don't have close to the amount of money to pay him enough to catch or kill anything past your average criminal.
  16. That's in actual dice RPGs. Generally, I don't care too much about it as much when it comes to combat, but I do ask people to do rolls when I feel like it. Asked people to roll to resist their teenage puberty horniness before. That was fun.

    Because I want to bring discussion onto OOC now, I'll drop my comments here.

    Click's character, I believe, is going to be someone who used to be part of the top three richest families in Illiserev. Might want to chat with him about your maid life.

    Color changing contact lenses don't exist. Ain't got the tech for that. You can probably just set it as 'magical illusion' cast by someone else and maintained by her own reserves.

    What's the Bartel Family's front? Or are they exclusively a 'hidden' family that the public are not aware of?

    In regards to her assassination efforts during the genocide of Talze Utera, the two main powers of Talze Utera, the Witches and the Vampires, are already at odds with each other. I would say that she would have been set up on more sabotage-esque missions, such as poisoning their waters or weakening defensive structures, rather than go up against the heavyweights that were the assistants of the Witchmother and the Vampire Nobles. Both of them have measures that ensure that even death isn't the complete end for them.

    The Elves of Talze Utera, having pretty much refused 'modern' concepts such as 'steel weapons' and 'stone mining', were basically primitive non-factors when the nations swept in. Using nature for magic is sorta hilarious when there's fire magic, after all.

    To confirm...she mainly uses speed-buff magic with some wind and earth magic tossed in as well, right? And occasionally uses the Speak with Nature magical style that elves have? So basically, she's an Arts user? I'm assuming that your Finish Skills are things that she had since she was an assassin, not things that she obtained after getting Talentium.

    @Wayward Killjoy
    First off, just so you know, runetech isn't really affected by Talentium amplification. They haven't yet gotten the science to figure that shit out.

    In order to differentiate from Elaina's speed-based fighting style, I'll say that, in consideration with the single-mindedness of Skill-based Talentium usage, Jacts's movement will be straight, with each change in direction having a loud impact accompanying it. His propulsion equipment won't be able to stop him, if it's runetech-based. At best, it'll be able to alter his direction.

    What's the range for his Wall Projection?

    In regards to Backdraft, I'd say that...his speed remains the same, but he can somewhat curve his linear path. Doing Arts and Skills at the same time, when considering how one emphasizes open-mindedness and another on single-mindedness...doesn't really work.

    Everything else looks fine though. He's still strictly a bounty hunter? Most of his clients will probably be guards in small cities and towns then, who don't have the manpower to go after criminals or bandits themselves.
  17. @ERode
    I got PM'd by Izurich who wanted to have Elaina serve as Agatha's servant.

    I see. No contact lenses. I'll let it be a magic illusion then.

    The Bartels were just the one Merchant Family that enforced Illiserv's support of the war effort. There was this situation about some families who refused to help or did things that disrupted the 'national agenda' at the time. Officially, the Bartels dealt in Ore - possessing a near-monopoly on quicksilver that is currently valued as a material for luxury items. The Quicksilver Knife Elaina has was likely commissioned by them, with the Bartels also providing the materiel for it's construction.

    For the points of the Talze Utera invasions. Any bodycount she may have racked up probably would've been elves over any other species - whether she was explicitly ordered to do so or not.

    Your last point is pretty much correct.
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  18. Ariana Caelium (open)
    "Try to keep me down, see what happens!"

    Ariana Caelium
    The Wind Runner

    Ariana stands approximately 5"9 with long red hair, and piercing blue eyes. She has the appearance of a warrior, rarely showing any effeminate features of herself. Always in combat attire(unless forced otherwise), the only thing that really reveals the fact that she's a girl is her facial features and long flowing hair she has tired back in a pony tail. Everything else from her dress, her mannerisms, her walk would usually be found on a man.

    Those that stand before her fall. Those that try to mock her get punched in the face or worse. Ariana is a warrior first, a fighter second, a knight third. . . And a woman tenth. She doesn't care for things that most would consider effeminate. And no, there is no secret side to her that loves puppies or something. She is a warrior, through and through.

    ( It's late. I'm tired. I need to get this up. I'll get it up sometime soon. Go ahead and comment on what's here first though)

    Fighting style-Sky Lancer:
    Ariana has been given the title of Sky Lancer, due to her fighting style. In combat, it is rare to see her touch the ground. Using a mixture of Skills, and Barrier Runes engraved on her Greaves, Ariana can act as though she were on solid ground, even while in the air, on water, or even upside-down, essentially allowing her to run, jump, and stand on air. She carries several swords and daggers, but her true skills are evident with her Talentium Halberd, a weapon she is more than proficient in.

    Her Skills involve allowing her to jump higher and run faster(and sometimes vertically or upside down), combining that with the activation of Barrier Runes on her greaves creating a virtually solid surface for her to run on, allows her the unique aerial fighting style which she has developed. Using the speed she builds up from never having to lose momentum and her already enhanced speed, she is capable of striking foes from above with powerful force, and insane speed.

    However, due to her fighting style, she is very limited in what she could do in tight spaces. If she is inside a building with a low roof, her Halberd becomes virtually useless simply because of its size, and her own skills are even less useful, as it's difficult to jump really high in a house.
  19. Agatha


    Agatha Nightingale
    Voyager of the Skies

    "The sky is not the limit!"

    The 24 years old Illiserev-born human female measures 160 cm (5'3") and weighs 49 kg (108 lbs). A cheerful and upbeat young woman, Agatha is both pilot and captain of Lughanta, a custom-made airship outfitted for high speed travel and intense maneuvers. Together with her loyal crew, she travels the world, offering various services such as delivery, transport, search and rescue, hunting pirates, etc. The company's fees are above standard, but their expertise and speed made up for it, as such, her clients are usually wealthy merchants and noble families.

    The Nightingales is one of the prominent merchant families in Illiserev, specializing in the manufacture of vehicles such as Ships, Caravans, and Airships. In fact, they played a significant part in the invention of Airship technology six years ago. As a result, the family produces one of the best airship designs in the continent.

    Agatha lived a rather happy childhood, the combination of her family's wealth and her homeland's distance from the calamitous war taking place twelve years ago. Since she's but a small child, her thirst of adventure was impossible to ignore, curious and active, little Agatha often insisted to go with her father and siblings in their trips, she particularly loved ships, particularly large ones. Realizing her talent, her father personally trained her in the arts of admiralty and leadership. His daughter will be a fine captain indeed.

    On the side, she also learned martial arts using a quarterstaff as her main weapon, self-defense was absolutely necessary for an adventurer after all. She's a decent fighter on her own, but by no means a true front-line combatant, her main skills lies in piloting and leading. Crafted in Dansila, the 'Bo' as it's called there, made of sturdy White Oak wood and fitted with Talentium, giving her the extra edge in combat.

    Her father may have been confident in his daughter going on adventures across the world on her own, but her mother wasn't so keen. To compromise, Lady Vienna Nightingale - her mother - hired a servant since she was 13 years old, a purple-haired female Elf named Elaina to be Agatha's personal maid. A maid in public, but Vienna's true intention is for Elaina to guard the Nightingale heiress, deliberately keeping the Elf Assassin's history and combat skills hidden. The two grew close, forming a sisterly bond, including the associated 'sibling' rivalries especially with Elaina teasing attitude easily riling up Agatha's competitive personality. No matter where Agatha goes, Elaina will tag along, accompanying her master in her journeys was the true reason why the elf was hired in the first place.

    Other than Elaina, there was also a younger girl - by about 4 years - who was like a sister to her. She was Lyra Mauritania, the youngest daughter of the Mauritania family, one of the three most prominent noble families in Illiserev. Their families held a mutually beneficial relationship with the Nightingales providing vehicles to the Mauritania great merchant house. Lyra was a quiet bookworm type, contrasting with Agatha's active tomboyish attitude. The phrase 'Opposites attract' rang true for them, they grew close over the years.

    Agatha grew up to be a spirited young woman. Six years ago, in her eighteenth birthday, a few months after the first airship went airborne, Lance Nightingale - her father - commissioned an airship tailor-made for her skills. Thus, the Lughanta was born, a sleek red-colored airship with cutting edge Runic Magic Technology. The heiress learned quick, her experience in commandeering seafaring vessels proved useful in jump-starting her career in Airship piloting. For the next six years, high above the lands, one can witness the sight of a distinctive crimson airship carving fiery trails in the sky.

    Combat Abilities

    Fighting Style: Calm like spring breezes, yet fierce as mighty hurricanes. Agatha's style makes extensive use of feints and counter-attacks, preferring to let opponents make the first move before turning their own techniques against them. Her Arts, Magic, and Skill mainly make use of the Wind element, one in particular is influenced by Elaina's techniques. Her style works best against offensive opponents performing multiple moves in quick successions. while she struggles against Pyromancers due to her affinity with the Wind.

    • White Oak Bo: Infused with Talentium covering on each end and reinforced with a Talentium rod in the staff's centre, the Dansilan Bo is Agatha's signature main weapon. It can be used for thrusting, swinging, striking, and assisting acrobatic maneuvers. The Talentium fittings allow her to make use of Arts, Magic, and Skill.
    • Sylphen Guard: Best used against melee combatants. Agatha manipulates the air around her, creating perpetual gusts surrounding her form, also greatly enhancing her ability to read the opponent's movements. She usually stands still or moves very little during this mode, baiting for an opponent to strike. If attacked, she moves and flows like the wind, dodging and avoiding until the opponent makes a mistake, even if small, then strikes back, preferably using their own momentum against them.
    • Gale Deflector: A state reserved for facing ranged targets. Like above, she manipulates the winds and augments her reaction time. If the projectiles are small enough, she will deflect them with her Talentium-covered staff, preferably returning it against the owner. Larger projectiles will be dodged instead. She will bait the opponent to uselessly expend their ammo or magical energies while gradually advancing towards them. When the moment is right, she will strike.
    • Sylphen Wings: Agatha summons green energy wings sprouting from her back, waist, and ankles. The wings grant flight. A flexible spell with numerous uses, from such as flying, traversing obstacles, dodging, etc.
    • Kamaitachi: Her only notable directly offensive spell, Agatha summons twin chakram-shaped wind cutters to slice through targets.
    • Shining Wind: Focusing inwards in order to exert her will upon a single purpose, Agatha briefly embodies the wind itself, granting her a semi-ethereal like state which allow her to pass through solid objects. However, this Skill only lasts for a couple of seconds at best and she's still vulnerable to magic-based attacks.



    "Ring of Fire, engage!"

    Aside from its enhanced speed and maneuverability, The Lughanta held a trump card dubbed the "Ring of Fire". Upon activation, a flaming circle formed around the ship's central hull, greatly increasing its velocity, enough to literally throw crews off their feet if they didn't brace and hold something for dear life. The Ring of Fire works by burning magical energy like a starving vampire on bloodlust, while impressive, visually and functionally, keeping it up for too long will damage the engine, worst case, it'll explode. So, make sure to not overextend it.

    Note: While not pictured, imagine there are two balloons attached on top of the airship.

    Agatha and Crew


    Note: Just for visualization and eye-candy, the actual amount of named NPCs I will control will be consulted with the GM ( @ERode ) in a case-by-case basis if needed. Faceless grunts are there to justify the ship not being manned by just 5 people.


    Note: Updated as requested by this post.
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  20. Hurr durr I'm actually retarded.
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