Shattered (Grimm RP canon/canon m/m)

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  1. Warnings: Nick abuse, scientific mpreg, torture, forced fights, rape.

    Pairing: Monroe/Nick

    Please be willing to play at least two characters.
    one sentance to two paragraph minimum
    Try to have good spelling
    make it sweet

    Painful plot for Nick (open)

    A case involving human/wesen trafficking goes horrible wrong and someone is out for revenge on the local Grimm. His house is broken into and he is kidnapped. Hank and Manroe search but find nothing. The search continues for a good several months but still there is no sign of the softhearted Grimm. The truth is devistating. The lives of Nick's friends seem to fall apart but most trudge on, expect for Juliette who can't take the pain and moves to another state.

    A little over a year later, Hank suddenly gets a hint on where his partner might be. Grabbing Monroe and Wu, the three head out to a secluded ruin deep in the woods over forty miles in. The place is disgust and smells of death. The team finds a massive, blood-stained fighting ring under the ruin. there are tiny cages holding people for what look like gladiator fights. Most of the captured people are dead but a few liner on.

    The others not knowing his secret, Monroe doesn't tell the two cops that all the captured people are wesen. His fear rises with each one. He can smell Nick's blood and sweat over ever single one. He can tell by the smell that whoever set this up had pit these wesen against the young Grimm in the blood-painted pit.

    The cry of a baby draws their attention to the smallest, dirtiest cage. There is a naked young man curled up on a filthy bed of hay with a baby crying and pressed up against his belly. The scent is all too familiar to Monroe and it makes his bristle. The young man is Nick and he's sick! the blutbad rushes forward and breaks through the "rusty" lock, scooping up the unconscious Grimm. He is careful of the child beside the young man, quickly checking both over as the officers rush forward. All three men are disgusted at the sight of Nick, he's covered in months worth of sweat, filth, and (to their disgust) semen!

    The young man is unconscious with the worst fever. The infant next to him is crying desperately in hunger. With a starving infant and an unconscious detective that has been horribly beaten and raped. The three know that they have to get the two the hospital. the cops knowing that their safety is more important than find the culprit, that will come later.

    at the hospital, Nick's broken bones and pneumonia are being taken care of. He is treated for the multiple rapes and has the strange scar on his stomach inspected. the disoriented Grimm wakes up in a panic and calls for the infant. He is sedated and the team gets the ultrasound of Nick's internal organs back. the team, as well as the doctor, are horrified to find a complete set of usable female organs that had been surgically inserted. They are slightly disgusted to find that Nick had been impregnated during one of the rapes and had given birth to the infant.

    Once release, Monroe takes the skittish Grimm home to take for him and the child. as the two spend time together, Monroe starts to fall in love with the Grimm. He slowly teaches him to trust again and tries to earn his affection.


    RP starts as they get to the ruin.

    Notes: Just started first season but have jumped around a lot with rest of show
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