Shattered Darkness and Lost Memories

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    • Zelitori, a land of magic and monster, a world filled with immortal and mortal races alike. Darkness has overturned this land, and has wrought chaos on all of the people in this land. Xeryph, The King of Darkness, has abducted Zelitori's original beloved king, and reined terror on the land in hopes to release an ancient power on the world. Before this, several races live under the rule of their beloved King, King Wilecoris. Years ago, the king and his beautiful wife were blessed with a daughter. For 137 years, they lived as a happy family, and at the time, the daughter looked no more than 7 years of age. Then one day the kingdom was attacked by the dark king, looking to rule the kingdom himself, and teach it's people of the dark magic the elders had locked away many years prior. He came in search of the heir to the throne, the kings daughter. Whilst in a hectic battle against the forces of darkness, a sense of evil had come over the queen. Before she could cry out for help, a shadow presence overcame her. Her and her daughter were underneath the castle in a fortress to protect them both in case of emergency. The king instructed if thrown into an emergency, just his queen and his daughter were allowed down there. The kings daughter, unaware of the war at hand, had been playing among her toys. She then felt chill on her spine as her mother placed her hands on the young ones shoulders. She felt the darkness as it consumed her soul, throwing her into a deep slumber. The shadow cloaked queen chanted in soft words, a portal appeared behind the young girl, and it was then she was cast into it, never to be seen by the royal family again... Assuming the Daughter of Zelitori was dead, King Xeryph fled the Royal home, and swore he would be back. When the king went to retrieve his dearest wife, only to find her unconscious, and his daughter nowhere in sight. For years the king searched for his daughter, but alas, he came to terms that she was dead.

      In the beginning...

      Aerias Wilecora, 19 years of age and lives on her own, for years she has searched for her parents but to no avail. She had an accident years back, one in which she can't remember. In a world of terror and unexplained magic she finds her way. Upon researching her ancestors, guards shrouded in darkness apprehend her and take her to an unfamiliar king. With a blank face she watches the kings words roll of his tongue "Silly girl, did you really think I wouldn't find the beloved daughter of Zelitori?" As the all the answers flooded in to her brain, she stared at this man with disbelief. "Don't act like you didn't know, you've only been in hiding for the last 375 years." He sneered. Her mind raced when in an instant the castle around her gave off an evil aura before the walls turned black and shadows overcame her small villages kingdom. She remained silent, in hopes he would give away more about her past. He raged on about evil magic in a language she recognized yet couldn't understand. Finally he reached an end to his banter when he gave her an angry look. "I, King Xeryph, here by banish you from Zelitori." She couldn't put her finger on why, but her eyes started to fill with fear. She then felt a hardened grip around both arms, before she realized what had been happening a black cloth had covered her face. When she woke she was surprised to see a wooded area, not soul in sight. She sat and pondered for a moment... "Daughter of Zelitori?" "My family was royalty?" "Why can't I remember?" Several unanswered questions.


      25 years have passed, and yet Aerias looks as if she hasn't aged a single day. Still thousands of questions yet to be answered. Her world now cloaked in utter darkness, where monsters of all kinds roam around creating chaos. She understands her memory is the key to bringing light back into this world. Through the years she's researched, asked around, and fought to save the kingdom and it's people, only to come to terms with the fact she could not do it alone. She gears up, and goes on a search to find those friendly enough to help her. Will they find out who she really is? Will she be able to win back her so called kingdom?

      Aerias is in search of people that can help her defeat the evils that have over taken this world, she's out for an adventure, and will kill anyone that stands between her and the worlds freedom...


      Bio(looks, personality, etc.)-
      Magic Type?(y/n)-
      If yes, type?-
      Weapon(s) of choice(pictured preferred)-

    • I just ask that you're active, and can be humorous and serious altogether :)

    • King Xeryph-
      Love interest met on the adventure (preferable someone like a know it all, good at his skills, snobby, but has a soft side, someone Aerias has to get to know more, also a character that's good looking :3)- Taken by Mayako Lerioh Samahito

      Female Character- OPEN

      Male Character- Taken by Yori Akiyama

      Female Character- OPEN

      Male Character- Taken by Arceus Kaldus

      Female Character- OPEN

      Male Character- Taken by Jaks

      I also need 2-3 NPC's :)

      Characters can be different races! (Kemonomimi, Human, Elf, etc.)


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  1. Name- Aerias Wilecora


    Bio(looks, personality, etc.)- Purple hair with blonde tips, She's very shy, and can sometimes come off as mean or rude, she gets embarrassed easily, wants help but won't bring herself to admit it. She has no memory of the past, and is desperate to figure it out. She often feels lonely and sad.
    Race- Human/Dark being
    Magic Type?(y/n)- Yes
    If yes, type?- Dark magic, due to being touched by Xeryph's ancient dark magic. When her dark side is summoned she's in instant kill mode, she has no knowledge on how to prevent the transformation, or on how to stop herself. When She reaches the full extent of her dark side she changes into a fox demon with a rusted blade, her eyes turn red, her teeth become sharp, and she reaches total bloodlust.

    Weapon(s) of choice(pictured preferred)- Two handed blade blessed by light, A bow also blessed by light but also magically powered by ice, also trained in hand to hand combat, in dark form she carries a machine based blade that can cut through anything.



    Backstory(optional)- One day she awoke in a small village, she happened to catch a glimpse of herself and assumed she was 19, She didn't know where she came from, and from the very beginning she's been alone. She has no friends. The rest is in the description x3
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  2. Name- Mayako Lerioh Samahito
    Picture(preferred)- [​IMG]
    Bio(looks, personality, etc.)- Pictured as above, medium hair in the front, ponytail in the back. Black hair, blue kimono, white scarf, black robes and two matching black katanas, named Kito and Yashe. They are his pride and joy.
    Race- Human
    Magic Type?(y/n)- N/A, yet is very talented with the sword. Can dual-wield blades but prefers to use only one, only uses two in times of extreme danger.
    If yes, type?- N/A
    Weapon(s) of choice(pictured preferred)- His two blades, Kito and Yashe.
    Backstory(optional)- Mayako is the descendant of an esteemed family of swordsmen, known worldwide as the Samahito clan. The Samahito is known for their arts of the blade and the speed of which they move. Few can face the Samahito in duels or sparring, for their technique in swordplay is unmatched. The art features lightning quick attacks of a sheathed blade, which are extremely hard to counter. He trained under his father, Yamihito in the art of the Samihito from the age of three. By the age of eighteen, he was sent off to a neighboring village to deliver supplies and miscellaneous goods, for the village was suffering from a plague that none could explain or put into words. Upon returning to his village, he noticed something was off. The once populated village that was filled with street-goers and pedestrians were now vacant and empty. Unnerved, he moved forwards towards his fathers dojo. He sensed that something was off because he was not greeted by the housekeeper of his home. He opened the door to his home to find his family slaughtered brutally in their beds. They were not killed by honorable means, they were assassinated. Murdered in their sleep, ripped from life when in the dream state of subconsciousness. The young Mayako gathered his belongings, as well as the family heirloom, a flawless katana that the family referred to as 'The Blade of the Heavens'. Mayako abandoned the name given to the sword, and gave it a new name, Kito. Partnered by his blade given to him by his father, which he named Yashe, he took off from his now ruined village to live a life under the radar. Now at the age of 27, he lives on a farm near the woodlands in a distant plain not known to many. He hones his skills under the instruction he once knew, but spends most of his time developing crops in which to live off of the land. However, his crop has started to fail due to plague and faulty weather. Knowing that the world around him was changing for the worse, he awaits destiny to find him on his small plot of farmland, unknowing to the destiny that awaited him in the world of magic and darkness.
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  3. WIP

    Tao Li




    Magic Type?

    If yes, type?
    Tao Li will

    Weapon(s) of choice(pictured preferred)

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  4. Name- Yori Akiyama, Mr. A, Mr. Akiyama

    Picture(preferred)- 4523.jpg

    Bio(looks, personality, etc.)-
    Looks like the picture above, minus the symbols on his hands, he is very easy going/go with the flow kind of person, talks slow and monotone. Understanding about most things and thinks before he speaks

    Race- Human

    Magic Type?(y/n)- N
    If yes, type?-

    Weapon(s) of choice(pictured preferred)- 31SFKDP6C7L._SY355_.jpg
    His pole-arm that he used during his days as a hired hand

    Backstory(optional)- Yori has been through it all, his parents left him at the age of 7, he spent most of his childhood days going from town to town and living off what he could get his hands on weather that be taking it from the trash or stealing it when no one was looking. During his early teenage years he was a delinquent and ran with a gang until he met a girl. After meeting her he settled down his ways and took everything slower. Yori proposed to the woman and they had a daughter a few years afterwards. During that time Yori took up a job as a hired hand where he would do any task given the money was enough to support his family. Though this would be a big mistake as one of his clients hired him to kill a man. He took the job, for the pay was good and he was under pressure from his daughters upcoming birthday. He killed the man, and received the money he was promised. A few years later, after he had gotten over killing a man he came home to a horrendous sight, his daughter and wife were murdered, and a note was left on the floor it read: "You murdered my father in cold blood, so you get it two times over" Disheartened and destroyed Yori was forced to bury his own family and was left with nothing, so he took his weapon (he was given as a gift for a job) and some clothes then burned down their home and left town. He traveled until he could no longer force his legs to move, he was picked up by an old man, who found him asleep on the side of the road and took him to his home on the outskirts of a town. There the old man cared for him until it was his time to go; and when he died he gave everything he owned to Yori. Yori decided enough was enough and he stayed in the home of the gracious man. He is now 50, lives alone and passes time reading books, sleeping, pondering, as well as going between his home and town doing what he has always done: doing jobs no one else wants to do for pay.

    Attached Files:

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  5. Accepted :D
  6. Haha awesomeness
  7. Reserving a spot here, might take me a a day or two to make a CS. Thought i would just chill from iwaku duties for a small hour or so.
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  8. @Edward @BigPapaRev @Crow @Austin Womack So far we have 2-3 males, and Aerias, I still need a couple of female characters :) Or one more male and 2 females :3 Just throwing out an update!
  9. Name- Arceus Kaldus
    Bio(looks, personality, etc.)- Arceus has short brown hair, grey eyes and tan skin. Standing at 6'1 and weighting at 168 he is surprisingly quick. Arceus seems like a evil person from the outside but he is a kind guy. Arceus is a warm loving person, always believing in light. Arceus shows his affection to people with silence and grunts. Arceus is a workaholic always getting money to buy equipment and give it to the poor.
    Race- Human
    Magic Type?(y/n)- Yes
    If yes, type?- Ice
    Weapon(s) of choice(pictured preferred)-
  10. Name - Jaks

    Picture - [​IMG]

    Bio(looks, personality, etc.)- Hair: red, short, and messy. Eyes: he wears contacts. Skin: tan. 6', 180-ish lb. quick and proficient in close to mid combat. Jaks learned from an early age that the easiest way to take care of a problem was to stab it in the back. He puts on a face of kindness and friendliness but really only looks after himself. Talkative. Has a pet snake he keeps in his cloak.

    Race- Human

    Magic Type?(y/n)- Yes

    If yes, type?- shadow, fire (mixed to become black fire)

    Weapon(s) of choice(pictured preferred)- the two swords on his back (pic above) &[​IMG]
    jeshem threw 6-faced die for: 10 Total: 13 $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice
  11. Accepted :)
  12. but that means we cannot have anymore male characters. We do still need 2 females please. Also, can be any race thank you!

    @BigPapaRev can you please pm? :) nothing bad! Just gonna discuss some rp details!

    @jeshem and @Maximus also pm me for some details on the roleplay :)
  13. I'll make a female character, but it'll take a few hours before I'll have the time to do it.
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  14. I'm interested!

    Name- Tailee Darastrix
    Picture- [​IMG]
    Bio- In her human form she is curvy but more on the skinny side. She has long pink hair and indigo eyes. Her skin is fair and she has the perfect pouty lips you had ever seen. Her lips are a soft rosy colour as well as her cheeks, so it looks like she is wearing blush. Her clothing can be seen in great detail in the picture above. She is donning a corset bustier, thigh high boots with toe cutouts, so that her toes can be free. A long white flowing skirt with a pink ribbon as a sash.

    In her dragon form she is white and has white hair along her head and at the end of her tail. As well as behind her hands and feet. Her talons are a light grey with a pink undertone. She has glowing blue eyes, to match that of her staff in her human form. Although her eyes are glowing blue, they are still indigo underneath.

    As for personality, she is flamboyant and out there. Though if she doesn't know you shes more on the quiet side, but soon as the greetings are out of the way she's bouncing up and down as if she were hyper.

    Race- Dragon
    Magic Type?- Y
    If yes, type?- Dragon Magic, she's able to breathe all of the elements, fire, water, lightning, ice. As for her magicial staff, it's imbued with that of elemental dragon magic.
    Weapon(s) of choice- Staff in the above picture, her magic, claws and tail. She knows alittle about self defense (so she can defend herself in human form)
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  15. I love it! :) accepted!
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  16. That's absolutely fine :)
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