Sharp Fall

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  1. Hi there~

    I'm here to advertise my first RP called Sharp Fall; It's a Sci FI/Fantasy RP.


    The technology has advanced a lot in the last years, we are actually in the year 2037 and hovering cars are already a reality. The humanity has made a dependence towards technology and machines that the real meaning of "Effort" and "Sweat on the front" has been forgotten, this way of life has ruled the world for the last eighteen years. But now a group of man and women, mainly for fun, have revealed against this easy and full of comfort way of life.

    To do this, to feel real adrenaline and freedom flowing through their body, they have chosen to follow a new and still unapproved discipline, this is known as "Parkour" The art of Motion.



    Basically... This is the first(?) parkour based RP! :D

    Of course, this isn't the entire thing, I just wanted to share here the main basics of the RP, if someone is interested, look at the link below (Or in my Signature)

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