Sharp Fall: The Beginning

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  1. Sharp Fall: The Beginning


    Year 2037

    During the past two years there has been a growing and still unaccepted culture, some call it a discipline, others say vandalism, but something for real, doesn’t matter what people say, those who practice this are people with a lot of trust in their own strength.

    This discipline is called “Parkour”; it’s for everyone, kids and teens, even adults. This is the beginning of the story behind those who follow and learn the teachings of this new way of life.

    Current Events
    +The “Tech Evo” isn’t finished yet, there still a lot of things to be discovered.

    +The different factions that practice this art are starting to gain popularity and some respect, but this is still rejected.

    + There have been discovered strange scripts from old civilizations, scientists still without a clue of what could these things mean; the scripts have been taken to museums around the world.

    Kaze Roka

    Things are going pretty easy today for Kaze; he has only done one job today and it seems like is getting late, ”Wow, six PM, it seems like the day is over; see ya tomorrow boss”, he said as he gazed the digital watch on his wrist. “Yo, see ya Kaze, ya better get more jobs tomorrow”, replied his boss after gazing at the “Grandpa” watch on the wall of his office. As soon as the boss finished talking, Kaze moved toward the stairs in the left part of the building to go up to rooftop, as he walked up through the stairs he took out of his bag a cap and place it over his grey hair, then he reached the top of the building and stared toward the hiding sun before getting on the roof, ”Ha, so beautiful… and a bit slow at the same time”, he thought when he placed his foots on the ledge of the stairs and did a precision jump between the stairs and the edge of the roof.

    Kaze had a lot of energy reserved for that night; he was going to do a run through the city, starting from “RaiRaken’s manakian food” in the south, and finishing in “Klappers”, the local disco right in the north frontier almost reaching the woods. Kaze sat on the edge of the building just to see how fast the hover cars moved down his feet, the speed of a bird flying next to him, the lights of a residential building at two blocks of distance; it was all like a symphony of lights and sounds for him, ”Guess it’s time to start”, he said to himself as he started warming, preparing his muscles for the long run. Ten minutes later, when he finished his preparations, he did what he does the best, with power and determination he ran toward the edge of the 5-floor building, flexed his legs and released all the momentum energy to jump forward, he fell the wind on his face, how the night pat his head; with hands placed forward he landed on the local 3-floor plaza, which was right next to his employer’s building.

    Tsuri Raino
    Manaki, The Thousand Suns Home, the city in the desert; things are calm during the day, every manakian knew this. It was 4:30 PM when Tsuri finally finished school for that day, ”Have a good day teacher”, he said standing up of his desk to walk outside the room. “Hey did you heard about that dude that almost killed himself?” -“Yes, he jumped from a building BUT MADE IT TO LAND SAFE” –“That’s crazy dude”; Tsuri heard two of his class partners talking behind him, rumors of people running over buildings have been very popular these days, it isn’t weird that this called someone’s attention, ”Uhm… maybe they aren’t bored”, Tsuri said to himself thinking about the life of Runners.

    Tsuri had to go home and check his father; his father’s name is Kondo Raino, widower of Mina Raino. When Mina died Tsuri had to start taking more responsibilities in his house, now things wasn’t only to clean the sand on the windows or getting his bed ready before sleeping; now he has to take care of his father, to cook, to clean, and study too. Tsuri’s life was hard, but for him, it was bored, this made him think about killing himself sometimes, but he can’t do that until his father dies, that’s what he says to himself to not ending with his own life.

    Tsuri walked toward the local store to buy some groceries for dinner, after he took what he needed got it inside his bag, Tsuri looked up to the sky, just to note how was still all boring, but something called his attention, it was a dude on the roof of the grocery’s store, -“Is he going to jump?” said a man next to him, there was already a crowd around the place watching this man on the ledge of the store. The man immediately started running toward the left of the building and jumped, -“AAAH” screamed a woman not too far, everybody thought that he was going to die, but surprisingly he landed a cat leap on the roof of another building; people was scared, they all thought they were going to see how a suicidal dude ended with his existence, but that didn’t happened; the man then got help from another male on the roof, they both laughed before taking the stairs to go down.

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  2. Marcus stood on the edge of the buildings roof, gazing about at the sky scrapers and hover cars around him. The gauze wrapped around the lower half of his face did little for the wind, but that wasn't its job. That honor belonged to his hood. He was considering firing both of him. He took another look at the bag hanging off his shoulders. His time was running short, and he was considering upping the fee for how long he was getting made to wait. But he knew that it wasn't going to fly with them, and he wasn't eager to fight his way out of the type of gang he was sure his client would be bringing along. Of course, he might have to fight them, anyway. Why did he even take this job? He was used to moving criminal packages, but what he was not used to was having to deal with large criminal organizations. That was a bit overboard.

    The car pulled up about thirty meters from the roof. The man opened the door and waved to Marcus. His accent was almost as thick as he was, the older Rizoan man being a bit on the bigger side. "You are The Sinner, Da? Our package. Toss It over." Marcus nodded and took the bag off of his shoulder, chucking it the thirty meters it took for the fat Rizoan to nearly drop it nearly thirty stories onto the ground. Marcus sighed. The Rizoan nodded and slid the door shut, with the while car flying off to leave Marcus standing there without pay. Again. He sighed, starting his stretching for the trip back. This was the daily routine for about a week, now. It was getting rather dull. If only he could find some excitement, now and then.....
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  3. Eowyn let out a frustrated sigh. "No. I'm not working late again. I promised my sister that I would pick her up today." Her colleague,who was also the boss at the moment, only listened half to her and just kept typing the program for the skin. "Just call a cab she will forgive you. We still need make three orders. The longer you stand here the longer it will take for you to get home." Eowyn almost wanted to punch him in the face, he always said the same thing. "I broke that promise too many times already and I also have no money for the cab, wich you should know." He didn't anwser. "I'm going, those orders can wait untill tomorrow." She walked out of the office and slammed the door, and she could here something being said about pay reduction. Just as she had walked a few steps her pet Brimi started to switch colour and made a soft whistling noise. Eowyn kept walking while she gave the voice command "Brimi, talk." With that command Brimi spawned a miniature hologram of her sister, who looked clearly upset. "Sis, you told me you would pick me up. Do you know how late it is already?" Eowyn let her frown relax a little before she started talking. "I'm sorry sweetie, I will be there in a moment." She halted a moment to wait for the elevator and got in. "Don't bother, you were already really late so I went home by myself. Just come home now." With that the hologram stopped and Eowyn was left alone in the elevator. "Not even a goodbye this time, she must be really upset. Brimi, time." The little flame showed a few numbers on his body to show the time. "Six already? No wonder." The elevator arrived at the ground floor, Eowyn stepped out and went silently home.

    It had been a silent dinner with her sister and now Eowyn stood on the roof of the apartment building getting some fresh air. "That didn't go so bad, right Brimi?" In response Brimi made some weird noises but nothing worth to consider. She leaned on the railing of the roof and looked over the city. "Tonight as well is very bright, do you see Brimi?" She was glad she had her pet, it gave her an excuse to talk to herself. "Since I'm up here anyways and Lilium can't see me, why don't we do some excersices." The last time she had done it her sister had seen it and she had been very upset. Now she tries to hide it even more wich gave her even less time to practise. Eowyn turned away from the railing and looked over the roof to see what she could use. To her left was the stairs room, it was an old building so it still had one. Just to the right of it was an old generator and some kind of ventilation set up. There was not much more aside from the railing itself. "well, let's start." With her hands she pushed herself a bit of the railing and ran towards the stair room. When she came near it she quickly placed her left leg on the wall and pushed herself up. But she had put too much power into it and fell away from the wall. With a stumble she landed and after realising the failure she tried again. This time she managed to put the right amount of power into her jump and grabbed the top of the room. With her right foot she kicked herself up but still had to pull herself up for the most part. When she stood on top of the room she looked at Brimi, who by now floated next to her already. "That wall pass didn't go so well, shall we try a precision jump?" She walked to the edge of the room's roof and look over at the generator. She bent her legs and put her arms back, looks at her goal. And jumps, in the air she swings her arms forward for that extra momentum. A smile appeared on her face, this was the feeling she loved. The feeling of soaring in the air. But the feeling was short lived as she felt her feet land on the generator and had to keep her balance. "Keep your head in it." She walked over to the adjoined ventilators and looked at the city. As she walked over the ventilators the railing came into few. Looking at the railing she felt the excitement in her legs as she put tension for the jump. But the more she saw the void behind the railing the more she slowed down. "I'm not suicidal. I just barely made the other jumps." She jumped of the vantilator and and landed on the roof. "Brimi, keep guard for Lillium. I'm going to practise all night." And she made herself ready for another wall pass.
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  4. Kaze Roka
    -“Oh my God, what was that?!” Said a civilian after watching a shadow going right over his head, this was Kaze, still on his run; his legs were moving incredibly fast, he was already three blocks away from his employer’s building, ”Faster faster faster”, these words passed through his mind; speed, this was the only thing that Kaze wanted, he was feeling free and happy when he did those jumps through alleys and streets. Kaze finally landed on RaiRaken’s roof top, there he saw the dark sky covered by the lights of the stars, ”Checkpoint reached”, he thought as he sat on the roof and took a deep breath to recover his energies, at that moment an old man stepped onto the roof, -“Kaze, It’s a bit late”, it was the old Rai, owner of RaiRaken; ”Uh? Yo Rai, just doing a run”, -“I see… Take care, and care those friends of yours too” said the old Rai, ”Yes, don’t worry, I’ll check over them” replied Kaze. The old Rai came back inside the restaurant and Kaze, with new energies warmed a bit again, ”OK, let’s keep going”, he thought as he ran to the edge of the roof and made jumped toward the next building, he kept himself running and advancing through the different rooftops, scaling some buildings to reach higher places, passed through different escenaries, did kash vaults and kongs, dashes and slides, precisions and gaps; just to reach the desired destination.

    He is now finally on the roof of “Klappers”, ”Ah… Finally here, guess I should go and see how’s everyone doing, but… they are for sure going to make a lot of noise when they see me…”, Kaze said to himself, he has no idea of what to do now…
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  5. While practising Eowyn's glance kept going to the railing and it kept distracting her. She was now standing on the roof between the vantilators and the railing and was getting tired a bit. She had been going at it for a while, making wall passes and precision jumps over and over again. Once she even managed a cat jump, but not anymore after that one time. But now, standing next to the railing she couldn't resist the temptation. "Just trying can harm no one. Buut just to be safe let's not try to jump on the railing." With her own 'safety' in mind she pulled herself on the railing so she sat on it. With just sitting she could hear her heart beat louder in the chest. Slowly she placed one foot under her on the railing, slowly followed by the other. Her heart beated louder and louder, and if it wasn't for the thought of having a void behind her she wouldn't be this excited at all. After a few breaths she slowly straightened until her hands couldn't reach the railing anymore. As soon as she let her hand go she straightened her back. For a second she stood perfectly on the railing before she started to lose her balance. A few times desperatly waving her hands and she fell.... Forward. By luck she didn't fall backwards in the dept but instead slipped of her feet and fell hard on her bum. "T-that..." Eowyn felt and heard her heart beat loudly in her ears and chest and for a moment she couldn't breath. She looked up at the sky and saw Brimi. "H-hey little fella..." The flame showed a hologram with big text. "YOUR HEARTBEAT AND BREATH ARE ABNORMALLY HIGH. IS MEDICAL HELP NECCESARY?" Eowyn laughed, from relief and being upset. "What a useless function, when I really need help I probably can't even anwser." She grabbed the railing and pulled herself. "Brimi, no medical help. Brimi, keep guard for Lillium." On hearing the commands the little flame floated back to the door. Eowyn looked at her hand, she had been sure it was shaking but it was not. This was saying to her that she should try again and try her luck. She grabbed the railing and looked in front of her. A bit more down she saw the roof of the neighbouring building. It wasn't that far and the roof was slightly lower than the roof she was standing on. A smile appeared on her face. "As soon as I manage to stand on this rail and jump, then I will jump that way." With that goal in mind she turned around and pulled herself up the railing again.
  6. Mira Sage:

    Mira let out a content sigh. She was sitting up in a tree, on one of the branches she had easily climbed up onto. In her lap was a squirrel eating it's dinner. Mira held a few nuts in her hand, giving them to the squirrel as he ate them. She let out a small laugh as she watched him gobble each one of them down. "You're a hungry fellow, aren't you." She said, then smiled at the little furry animal. She then looked up into the wilderness that was surrounding her. It was the forest, where she cam many days, for most of the day, to practice as well as just enjoy the animals that were around her. Instead of her real home and family, the forest was more like her home and the animals that inhabited it were her family. She would spend the hours passing by just climbing the trees, jumping from each other them and following the animals as they did. It was much better than living in the busy city that tended to bother her. At least her job was with animals, though that had finished a few hours ago when the sun was still up. Though, with the sun going down, it was probably time for her to get going and head back to her not-so-homey home. She finished up feeding the squirrel then placed him down onto the branch. She stood up and stretched her legs a bit since she had been sitting down. "I'll see you tomorrow." She whispered to the animal, then with a push from her legs she jumped off of the branch and continued down the tree, from branch to branch, until she was landing her feet onto the ground.


    Jinx opened her eyes slowly, feeling the wind blow along her face and moving her hair most likely into what would end up being a knot that she would have to fight to get out later. But, that knot was worth it when he came to where Jinx was. She looked out over the city of Manaki. With it getting darker it was the perfect time to be out up high and with her lights on as well. Being on one of the high buildings, she could see the city starting to come to life like it always did everyday once the sun had set. She enjoyed jumping when it was night, it made everyone be able to see the lights on her flying up high around the sky. She clicked a button on her cloths and each bulb that was made into her cloths began to light up. She smiled as she watched her body begin to light up. Now was the best time for her to jump from building to building and try to get as high as she could. She felt so free to be able to get higher than all the people down at the ground who you could barely see as you continued to get higher. She wondered what they thought as they saw her lights in the sky, hoping that they would be very interesting in the girl who was able to fly high up into the sky by her jumps.
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  7. Leyla jumped of the edge of the top of the roof from what appeared to be a classy business. Grinning instantly at the faces of the employees looking out of the window when she jumped made a triple somersault before letting her drop down towards the next building. Perfectly on her feet, like always. Her grinning face was soon to be set into a smirk if she saw the two suited man stuck on the roof. She once again had made it out of a sticky situation. "Smell ya later suckers!" Leyla said as she turned, let her trip of the edge and let her fall to the ground. Taking in the wind while she made her way to the ground. She finally turned, and landed on her feet once more. As she was about to turn and walk away she pumped into an old familiar person, the local sheriff. "Making trouble again? You know I could just arrest you" Leyla let out a sight she was NOT hoping to bump into any police or related after her little adventure. "Ow come on! You know it's not my fault they sell drug when I walk nearby." she crossed her arms in the progress. "I know but your habit is causing trouble and danger for this city. Beware were you walk next time" With that the sheriff left leaving Leyla to let out a big growl as she dropped herself on the side of the road. The sheriff always knew how to get the fun out of her.
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  8. Mariana stretched out on the floor of the shop, shimmying herself up under one of the hover cars. Her long silver hair was braided beneath her, and she wore a plain black tank top and black jeans. Her feet were covered by boots that came up to the middle of her shin. She had some grease on her face, which was fairly normal for her.
    "How are ye doing thur, sweethart?" her father's voice echoed underneath the car.
    "Just fine. Just finishing up this last car, and then we will be set to return them tomorrow."
    Her fingers worked thoroughly, grabbing tools as necessary.
    "Well, I figured we could grab a bite o' supper when yur finished up?"
    "I'm not too hungry. You can go on home, I won't be too long." she responded.
    Her father lumbered out of the room, a heavy sigh escaping his lips. Mariana kept up with her work, until she was finally finished. She rolled out, and stared up at the ceiling with her crystal blue eyes. She hadn't eaten a meal with her father since her brother had passed away. Instead, Mariana had thrown herself into work, keeping herself busy so her thoughts wouldn't wander.

    Mariana washed her hands, then headed up to the roof. She glanced down at the big 'Al's Auto shop' sign stationed at the front of the shop. Here, she leaned against the brick wall that came up to her waist, that was supposed to keep people from accidentally falling from the roof. Her hands cupped her face as she stared out at the city of Kahnna. It had only been a week previous that her brother had died from an accident. He had gotten himself into that parkour craze, and had killed himself trying to make a jump. When her father had discovered the reasoning to his death, he had been heartbroken.
    "What is this parkour stuff anyway?" she murmured under her breath. Her brother had been so passionate about it, and had talked about it like it was the best thing that ever happened to him. She didn't really know the first thing about it. Running, jumping, risking your life; that was about all she knew.

    Mariana was a curious one, wanting to see the parkour in action, and see if it had a fatal effect on anyone else, or if her brother had just done something wrong. What was the point of risking your life to run and jump from one rooftop to another?
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  9. All hands, please report to Simulation Deck-Delta. This is not a drill.

    "Alright, Rangers. It's game time," shouted a commanding officer, standing above a platoon of soldiers as they armed themselves. "Today's combat simulation is built to test your mobility and awareness. You are to keep moving, keep ahead, and keep the enemy down! Do you get me?!" he shouted.

    "We get you, sir!" they replied.

    "Move out, Rangers!" he exclaimed.

    Hayden stood stoic, breathing heavily in his combat gear as he let his nerves start to get the best him. He began trembling in his kevlar, shrugging to try and center himself before the simulation began. The sweat of his palms made themselves at home in his gloves, making him tighten his grip on his practice rifle. Todays simulation was meant to kick-start the Valkarie program, a program where they take the corps most mobile and agile and suit them up with the latest tech for ground-air combat as a mere man. Today, Hayden would be trying out for a spot in the program, but his confidence was feeling a bit off. He was on Blue Team today, and usually preferred Red team since it seemed more appealing to him.

    He looked up above and saw the virtual projection counting down from five. His blood was surging when he heard it reach the last two beeps-- then blam he channelled everything into his legs and was off! He kicked off the ground with pure human force, ripping up the bottom of his boots.

    Looking around, he could see the war-torn simuliant room was still as harsh as ever. Hayden's reflexes kicked in immediately as he began to come under the enemy teams fire. His upper body shifted its power into his lower, making his legs instantly turn and throw him behind a wall for cover.


    The simulations used foam rounds. They feel like real bullets, but it has a combustable tip that would inflate into a pink foam and cover the killshot area. He peeked out to see three enemies hiding behind a small barricade. Hayden pulled off a paint grenade and tossed it over their heads and right under their butts. One looked down at it with shock, and in the next second all three of them were painted blue.

    "Out!" shouted the seragent watching the match. Hayden chuckled and proceeded on as his legs would burst with speed. He came across two other enemy Reds, and fired two quick burst shots to take out each, watching the foam inflate and trap them in place as their muscles froze up. He was in his zone; the adrenaline was charging his entire performance as he laid down each tango. He dashed into an alley between to buildings, then was suddenly trapped inside when Reds covered each end of the corridor. Up above, and straight ahead Hayden looked up to see an iron bar. Time slowed down in his mind as he assested the situation in a way he could turn things around. With the right timing and elevation he could propell himself high enough to escape. Time clicked back in, and Hayden's legs sparked with power as he rushed the enemies ahead of him.

    Before they could fire he was already on them; Hayden kicked one in the chest and then used his diaphragm to launch him up at the bar, grabbing it. He then tossed himself from the bar in a backflip, gunning down the Reds as he flew forwarrd and landed on his back. Looking back at them, he watched them freeze up as if they were immitating statues. As he stood back up, he could hear someone calling his name.

    "Hayden! Oooh Hayden, sweetie pie! Yoo-Hoo!" echoing though the simulation, off the intercoms. The voice was distinctly familiar, and jerked his attention to look upon the spectator window.

    "Why helllo there, my big strong soldier!" shouted his mother. Hayden's eyes slitted closed so tightly, they almost became abscent. Gloom fell over his forehead as he felt complete, and total, embarrassment.

    "Mom!" he exclaimed, "What are you doing here!?" he screamed at the top of his lungs. A whistle soon caught his attention. As he looked to discover the source, he was suddenly pelted with paint by a group of Reds. The humiliation was bad... But the pain.. The pain was much worse.

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  10. Kaze Roka
    As the time passed, Kaze was still undecided; he hated noise, and his companions are the kind of noisy ones that loves being with their friends. ”Guess I’ll take another run… just to clear my mind”, he told himself. He stood over his feet, there was a bit noisy anyway, he was on a disco’s roof so… Kaze gave a jump down to reach the streets, this area of the city has low and boring buildings so “Running” here isn’t that impressive for an experienced runner like him. As he walked, he reached a store known as “Al’s Auto Shop”, in front of that building was a workshop, he looked up and didn’t see a building, he saw an opportunity, there was some good spots and obstacles, ”This is it, this is a good chance”, he thought as a brief smile took his face.

    There wasn’t a plenty amount of people around him, this made things easier; Kaze took some steps back and targeted a tube which leaded up to the floor of Al’s Auto Shop, he then charged at it and gave a jump to chock his legs with the wall and grabbed the tube with all his strength; left, right, left, right, this was Kaze’s arms moving up through the pipe to make him reach the roof, after he finally reached the rooftop he immediately ran toward any close objects to dash it with amazing speed and training his vaults.

    Tsuri Raino
    Things still boring for Tsuri in the Manaki city, he recently saw how a man jumped from a building, but just watching it wasn’t enough to end with his boredom, he needed to know why does these people do this, why they risk their life so much. With a full intention of knowing this, Tsuri entered to the building where the man had landed and hoped him to be still there.

    -“You made it dude”, Tsuri heard two men talking trough the corridor, Tsuri went to their location and stared at them for a second before asking ”Why?”, -“Because it’s funny”, replied one of them, Tsuri was a bit surprised, how can it be? He risked his life because it was funny… ”Uhm… I see”, he said to himself as he stared at the men walking; before they could go Tsuri reacted, ”Wait! May you… teach me?”, he asked to the men with some embarrassment. The men heard Tsuri’s petition and stared at each other’s face.

    -“Uhm… Guess we could”
    -“Yeah, no problem with me”
    ”Thanks, the name is Tsuri”
    -“I’m Rassaj and this man at my side is Kryon, pleasure to meet you… Well, when do you want to start?”, replied one of them.
    ”Uhm… Tomorrow maybe?”
    -“Yea, see ya in the grocery store, 5:30 PM”
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  11. The sounds of the wilderness echoed with an almost unsung power to them, a force that no man could conjure or conceive properly. A bird sung, a herd of deer frolicked, toads croaked, wolves growled, bears groaned, and somewhere deep within, the last moans of unlucky beast concluded the most natural of symphonies. No matter the day or the night, the song of the forest kept it's tune, ticking and tocking till' the end of time. Within this great labyrinth of vegetation, however, one peculiar individual swung from branch-to-branch. Black and green wildly danced, the flailing of a fur-coat's hood fluttering in the wind.

    The bipedal blur suddenly came to a halt, landing sharply on a thick branch elevated high above the earth. Rays of shattered sunlight peered down below upon him and onto the earth, rustling of leaves in the wind changing the positioning of the static yet constant light. Such a breathtaking observation of beauty could only be compared to that of the tinted windows of grand church, as if the very forest was a monumental cathedral. Audibly hissing in ways a normal human should not hiss, the green-eyed freak went down of his fours, his dull, blonde hair having an almost greenish tint to it. Crawling along the branch of the tree, the genetic result of human and reptilian material mixing together grinned as he defied gravity, his hands and feet sticking against the surface of the upright tree.

    Kicking off after balancing himself against the lumber, Judas landed with a well defined front-flip, his abnormally flexible body absorbing the shock of the landing. Arising, his arms limp and raising his head softly, the radical conservative grinned, bowing before a certain familiar female of his organization.

    "Well if it issssn't Madam Miraaaa. It issss alwaysss a pleasssure." Judas bowed respectfully to his leader of the Reptiles, his words having an odd hiss and sly lightness to them. A peculiar individual, one that, perhaps, should not always be trusted.
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  12. Mariana had just given up trying to stay out as late as possible. She was tired from the day's work, and had been avoiding her father way too much. She turned her back to the brick wall, releasing her hair from the braid. She closed her eyes and was enjoying the feel of her hair being loose. She almost always had it up due to work.
    Then, a noise caught her attention. She could not quite choose what was causing the sound, as she had never heard it before. She stood straight, a little unsure of what to expect. It seemed as if the unfamiliar noise was....getting closer? A panicked look spread across her face. What if someone was trying to break in to the auto shop? They owned a lot of expensive parts to fix up those crazy flying contraptions called cars. She readied herself to fly down the stairs of the roof, when all of a sudden, someone jumped up on the roof.
    "What the?"
    A young man had made his way up to the roof, and was running. Why he was confused the hell out of her.
    "Hey!" She yelled at him, "What the heck are you doing?!"

    Mariana immediately felt the need to be defensive. What was this guy doing on the roof of her father's auto shop? And what was he running at?! She crossed her arms, awaiting a response.
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  13. Kaze Roka
    Kaze was mastering his kash vault when an unfamiliar and femine voice bounced in his ears, Uh?, passed through his mind when he was still running and almost crashed against a wall because of the distraction, when he realized the bunch of bricks right in front of him, he immediately gave a jump to convert the crash into a wall pass. "That was close, he thought as he turned his head to see who was talking not to far from him.

    Kaze saw a young and white-haired girl with crossed arms, "Uh? Me? Just having some fun", he replied after stopping his run at like three meters away from her.

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  14. Mariana gasped as the boy started running for the wall. Was he going to jump off it?! Would she be able to run and grab his arm in time before he went over?! She was slightly relieved when he hadn't gone over the edge. How reckless. Who was this person anyway? Nobody she knew.
    In response to him saying he was just having some fun, she gave him a puzzled look.
    "Fun? Running around on top of buildings and scaring the heck out of people is fun?"
    She gave an irritated sigh before moving her arms back down to her sides. She shook her head and turned to go to the stairs leading back down into the shop.

    Just as she reached the door, she paused, realization hitting her. She turned back to look at the boy, and addressed him quickly,
    "Wait, wait. Are you one of those runners I'm always hearing about? What is it, parkour or something like that?"
    What if her brother had known this guy? Maybe he could tell her why this parkour was so fascinating to him.
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  15. Eowyn was sitting on the railing that she first had to dare herself onto, legs hanging above the depth of the building. She was taking a break from her training at the moment, knowing that she also needed rest to get better at something like this. It was the first time that she enjoyed the scenery while sitting like this, but this time she didn't have eyes for the glowing city sight. Her eyes were aiming at the roof of the other building, scrutinizing what was placed upon it. As she could see at the moment it looked like an even better place to practise than her own roof. A while she sat there, lost in thought, until she came to a decision. She grabbed her braid, put the strap with the bell on her wrist and started loosening her hair. "Brimi, stop." The pet flame stopped guarding the door and floated in her direction. Eowyn her light blonde hair was already softly blowing in the wind when the little robot was next to her. "Brimi, note. Things I need to work on." Brimi changed into a soft red colour and made an old fashioned recording sound. "First, I need to improve my balance." As she started talking she also started braiding her hair again. "Second, I need to find a way to improve my stamina and strenght. Maybe more training and the right food will help." She knew a healthy body started with healthy food. "Third, I need to make a real practice plan instead of haphazardly do something." She finished the braid and put the bell with strap on it again. The bell twinkled a few times and Brimi reacted to it by floating closer. "Last and most important of all, I need to find a hairstyle that lasts me longer than a few hours of movement." She wiped the few locks that didn't fit in her braid out of her face. "Brimi, end note and save." The little flame made another sound and changed back to it's old colour, indicating that it had followed commands.

    With a smile Eowyn slowly stood up on the rail. After the break she had gone back to practice again and now she finally felt confident enough to try jumping from the rail. It wouldn't be that far afterall, and gravity would definitly help her with this. She hoped. Her balance still wasn't that good but it was good enough at the moment for trying the jump. Eowyn went slightly through her knees and put her arms back. "Just like a precision jump. Just, wider." That was what she kept telling herself. The tensity she felt from excitement and also a bit of fear coursed through her body while she tried to center it on her legs for that extra bit of power. She wanted to wait just a bit longer but she felt herself slowly loose balance. Quickly with the power she could muscle she jumped before she could fall. High in the air with her arms still back she felt like they were wings. Wings with wich she could soar through the sky. But she knew that if she ever wanted to feel this moment again that she had to swing those arms forward now. The jump, the flight and the landing only took seconds but for Eowyn the flight took longer than that. Now she saw the roof of the other building coming closer and she braced for impact. Her feet landed on the ground but the shock of the landing travelled through her whole body. The shot of pain paralyzed her for a few seconds before she dropped to the ground. The shock had made her a bit breathless for a moment and she let herself lay down on the roof. Her legs were hurting, so did the rest of the body, but they didn't feel injured. She took a few more moments to let the pain reside and get her breath back before she called Brimi, who was floating beside her already. "Brimi, add to note. Things I need to work on." She slowly began sitting upright. "The most important thing is knowing how to properly execute a roll." Eowyn took her time getting up as she also started to feel the muscle pain by now. "Brimi, end note and save." It stopped recording and continued to follow her. "Brimi, leave a message for Lillium. I'm going for a walk." The flame changed colour again and made more sounds. "Sometimes you are more like my assitant rather than my pet." She remarked with a painful smile.
    Eowyn reached the edge of the roof and walked down the emergency stairs. She wasn'treally planning to go anywhere with her walk but she thought it would be a nice change of pace for a moment. Especially considering the bruises and muscle pain she had gained underway.
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  16. Marcus finished stretching and looked over the route he was to take on his phone. Ht was pretty much a straight shot there, but that was no fun. He wanted to go somewhere fun, before he turned in. He found a nice set of walls he could use to practice some of his climbing skills. He needed to practice those. On the way here, he nearly fell off one of the taller buildings he had to scale. He couldn't really afford to die, just yet. He cracked his knuckles and looked over to the northeast, where his destination was. If he was lucky, he would be able to make the jump to the next building without either breaking his arms trying to catch the ledge or getting decked by a passing hover car. He started to run towards the edge of his building, tightening the strap on his bag before leaping off the skyscraper, watching as his target grew ever closer. He was able to preserve both his body and his momentum with a sloppy combat roll, nearly tripping over his own legs in the process. He was just able to hop over the air conditioner, planting one hand underneath him while his feet slung themselves over the rather bulky structure.

    He kept going, focused on the mental course he set for himself. Next was the drop from this building to the slightly lower connecting one. No problem. A slide off the edge chained into another sloppy roll let him traverse that obstacle, no problem. Next was finding a way onto the ground without either loosing his legs or his live. As he approached the edge, he spotted windows on the building across from this one. The ally was a little wide, but Marcus was confident that he could make the jumps. He leaped over to the window sill and found his grip faltering. He gritted his teeth and readjusted himself. Looking behind him to see the window on the other side, he very nearly lost his grip. Good god, why was he doing this when his skill in this department was probably far less than bar none. He kicked off the wall, aiming for the window on the opposite wall, one floor down. He fumbled the grab and ended up falling back first into the ground. Thankfully, the fumbled catch had broken his momentum, meaning that the fall didn't break his legs. But that didn't mean it didn't hurt. Because oh, it hurt. It hurt bad.
  17. Kaze Roka
    Kaze was still when he heard the girl’s first question, before he could even attempt to response she had already turned back to leave, ”Uh? That was… unexpected”, he thought as he gave a final gaze to her, before he could turn and leave, Kaze heard the same femine voice asking him something again, ”…”, was the only thing that could pass through his mind in that moment, he paid attention to the girl’s question to then give a proper reply.

    ”First of all, it’s not about scaring people, is about feeling free; second, yes, I’m a runner, yes, it’s parkour, why the sudden interest?”, was Kaze’s response to the girl’s questions; by the look in the girl’s face, he could see that she wanted to talk, to know something, for this reason Kaze approached to a ventilator on the roof and sat on it, just to wait for her response.

    ”This might take more than planned”, he thought as a brief smile appeared in his face.


    Tsuri Raino

    Rassaj and Kryon left the building right after they talked with Tsuri. Tsuri was still unsure about this, but, ”Guess I’m not going to lose something by trying”, he thought to give him some self confidence. Tsuri stepped out of the building and proceeded to walk to his house, his father must be despaired because of Tsuri’s delay, he ran as fast as he could to reach home the quickest possible; after 20 minutes of non-stop running, Tsuri felt tired, but made it to reach home, he opened the door and entered saying ”I’m home” sweating like a dog.

    Tsuri’s father appeared on his wheel chair coming out from his room, -“You're late”, replied his father, ”I know, going to make dinner”, he replied as he threw his backpack in front of his room’s door and stepped to the kitchen with the purchased goods, ”Going to make some rice today!”, Tsuri yelled from the kitchen to make sure his father heard.

    Tsuri past 45 minutes with non-stop cooking in the kitchen to make sure dinner was ready in time. ”And… done”, he said to himself as he took out the rice with veggies from the stove; he then placed the food on the table and ate with his father, the table was silent, no one said a word, they finished eating, Tsuri cleaned the dishes and then went to his bedroom, ”Uhm… Tomorrow… 5:30… Will they go? Are they really willing to teach me? Is it really that fun?”, all these questions took a place in Tsuri’s mind before going to sleep, he was laid on his bed thinking about it, ”Should I really show up?”, was the final thing he asked himself, without giving any sort of answer, he just fell sleep.
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  18. Mira Sage:

    Although Mira could climb and run along these trees like an animal, she was still a human and that meant she didn't have amazing senses like others. This meant that Mira wasn't aware of Judas until he was pretty much in front of her bowing and talking to her. Though, she fought back the surprise and ended without even a little bit of movement when he arrived. "Why hello there Judas." Mira said. Judas, there was always something strange about him, and she didn't mean the fact that he had animal characteristics, in fact she liked that about the others. Instead, he just seemed to have some suspicious way about him that made you wonder what he was thinking. Though, for now, Mira was content with trusting him and leaving her doubt later if anything should start to seem strange. It's not like she really had any reason yet. "I was just about to head back into the city." Even though she really didn't want to go back to her family, she had work to do tomorrow and that meant she had to be back home to sleep some of the night.


    There was something perfect about the nights in Manaki that Jinx enjoyed. She preferred it better than when the sun was still over head. It made the sky beautiful, with all the colors as the sun set then being able to see all the stars and moon light up the sky. It made her feel like she was her own shooting star as she would run and jump across the sky with her lights. She took in a deep breath, letting the air in and feeling the coolness of being higher up in the air. She stepped back a bit on the roof to give her more running room to be able to get some momentum. "Full force, don't hesitate at all." She whispered to herself, it was something she had always told herself from the beginning. She began to run and as she got closer to the edge of the roof she jumped towards the next building. She could remember her days first practicing. She had learned many things from falling all the time, ways to get better and to prevent any injuries from happening. She had made her cloths specifically for this after she had started to learn. Jinx felt herself hit the buildings roof, rolling to make the impact easier on her body, then with ease straighten out and was back on her feet in one fluid motion.
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  19. It was a mundane day for Archer who has no work for today because he finished his artworks earlier than expected as a result he arrived at his parkour instructor house a little earlier than normal and was waiting for his instructor to get ready who was a little late because of his work. His instructor’s house have a good area for training parkour, especially for beginners like Archer, since it was built so that his instructor’s children can play in here and learn parkour at the same time, although it was not a big area so Archer and his instructor go out frequently. Archer’s attention was caught by a photo of his instructor’s wedding day; it depicts an odd couple who were perfectly happy, especially his instructor.
    “A physical copy of photo in this day and age, don’t you think it’s strange?”
    The sudden remark broke the silence in Archer’s surrounding as he turned toward the direction of the voice and quickly found his instructor wife with her daughter.
    “Erm not at all, actually I think it’s pretty cool, heh but sensei looks very happy here… looks like he really loves you.”
    Mirai, who is the wife of Archer’s instructor can’t help but to laugh lightly at Archer’s comment then nodded at him as an affirmation.
    “Heh… right I mean who can blame him, he have such a beautiful wife, right Archer”
    “So you were perfectly aware of it after all.”
    Just like Mirai said, She is indeed a woman of beauty as if she is a heroine straight out of a romance manga, that’s why Archer always thought that Ren; his instructor, and Mirai is such an odd couple.
    “But you know….”
    Mirai spoke with a sudden soft tone while her face was slightly blushing and her hand on her cheek as she turned her head to the side to avoid Archer’s and her daughter’s glances.
    “… love is such a scary thing, there are times when I look at Ren, He suddenly becomes a knight in shining armor while he is surrounded by flowers with rosy colored atmosphere.”
    “THAT is scary.” A quick reply from Archer, who is an illustrator, a character designer and has a strong sense of imagery so just the thought of it already gave Archer a chill down to his spines.
    “What is scary?”
    Ren who was ready for another lesson for Archer, came out of their room, wondering what his student and wife were talking about.
    “You, being surrounded by flower with rosy colored atmosphere.”
    Another quick remark of Archer that was immediately answered with a hit on his head.
    “Seriously, do you really want to learn parkour?"
    “Heh… that’s not even supposed to be a question.”
    Even though Archer said that, his first week was a total disaster, he couldn’t even make a proper gap jump and even now there are times when he still failed at his rolls, fortunately he never hurt his spine because he’s doing the roll in the right parkour method, he just doesn’t have enough practice, although those failed rolls are becoming a thing of the past and his speed tremendously increase, but he still have a lots of problems when it comes to high walls but Archer doesn’t get discourage because he love what he is doing. The two of them were greeted by a strange yet enchanting sunset as they head out to train parkour. Archer took a deep breath as he put all his force in his right foot, getting ready for the first lesson of the day, and that is a race to the new training area, and just like that, even without talking to each other, both of their right foot exploded with force at the same time propelling their body forward, although obviously, Archer was lagging behind.
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  20. Flowers are a beautiful thing. They please the eyes and provide an enjoyable smell. They give, so, so much without asking for a single thing in return. However, like all, they require the necessities to continue living. Food, water. It really doesn't matter what they choose to eat or drink. They need it. So who are we to take away their right to have what they want? Apparently Illannah's neighbour. They were stupid for thinking that she would stop feeding these gorgeous organisms the food they required. They green-haired lady smiled, pouring the red liquid over the dark green plant, watching as it lifting its leaves slowly to enjoy the nutrients it was receiving.

    "Da, da, da, dum! Da~ Da, da, da, dum! Da~ Da, da, da, dum! De, daaaa!" The voice was somewhat distant, that is, if you were sitting out on the street. Actually, the voice was coming from the back of a small building wedge between two larger one. This was the local baker and it was in fact Enamel singing from the back room. He was cooking bread at the moment with scones in the oven. With a huge grin on his face, he made his way out into the front room to restock the shelves. "No one is here yet... Great~" the man chimed, setting the food down and sitting back with his feet on the counter. Enamel hated his job. But he had to do something for a living.