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  1. LADIES!

    I love funny names for periods. My favourite and personal most-used is "shark week," and I swear it's half the reason I need a shark emoji.

    Other ones I've heard include
    • Blood Moon
    • blowjob/handjob week
    • blood sacrifice ("I can't go swimming, I'm making a blood sacrifice" x'D)
    • Ovarian housekeeping
    • Uterus Riot Week
    • Mensies (not terribly original but it sounds so cute!)
    • the Red Menace
    What are some more?
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  2. My favourite is definitely 'there are communists in the funhouse,' though 'shark week' is for every day use.

    This topic came at a great time considering I am currently wide awake due to debilitating cramps. Why did I ever decide going off of birth control was a good idea, again?
  3. Some birth control make them worse :( I'm interested in an IUD, but I've heard the cramping pains are hellish
  4. My husband's term for it is my monthly cry fest. I'm extremely emotional ( I don't get cramps, or bloating, just really weepy about everything.) I literally cry over everything, so whenever my hubby sees a box of tissues thrown in with the usual purchase of female goodies, he literally goes out of his way to avoid anything remotely sad. He made the mistake of watching John Wick the last time my friend came to visit, and I sat there and cried for a half hour while watching it. (No spoilers, but anyone who's seen the movie can probably guess why I was crying.) I get so bad that I can cry over things that aren't even really sad! There was a GIF about a textbook and how excited it was that someone had bought it, with the last panel of it showing the book looking hopefully optimistic when the person who bought it started looking at the online version. I still have no idea why, but I started crying over it.....

    There's also:

    The Purge (Since I get away with murder without suffering consequences. XD)
    The hormonal rebellion
    Anti-Pregnancy week
    Rag time (My husband's less than charming term)
    No snuggling week
    And my personal favorite Doghouse week, because that is where my husband almost always ends up.
  5. Mine just made them negligible, on the months I did have them. I normally stack it for at least three months, and then I'll stop for a week and have the most pitiful period ever and be back to normal. I started taking it because of my awful periods to begin with... I stopped two months ago just to see what would happen, since it had been about five years. Not worth any benefit I might receive from not taking it. If I get into in a relationship, maybe I'll reevaluate, but in the mean time, fuck this. On top of hellish cramps, migraines and a brutal flow, it also throws my already sensitive hormones out of whack and makes me irritable and weepy and, in the worst case scenario, suicidal.

    >:( This is the pits.
  6. You can do that? O_O When I was on the pill it said all over the box and package to not stop taking unless directed by a doctor; my doc got really annoyed with me if I even missed a day, told me it'd fuck with the function as well as irritating my innards in some nasty ways.
  7. "Aunt Urma's coming to visit" is one I like from the IT Crowd.

    Or "The Floodgates are Opening" is one I've used to describe it in conversation.
  8. Oh hey so long as we're talking Hormonal Hell, does anybody else get that thing where you're like, all emotional or weepy or sentimental one day, and then the next day shark week has started and you're like "I KNEW I wasn't a weak-ass bitch!"?
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  9. My doctor told me that it was fine. D: Perhaps it varies by brand/type of birth control? I know my mom was worried about this as well, but my doctor reassured her that it wasn't a problem and most of the information about continuous birth control messing with your body was false. I'm not an expert on it though, it's definitely something you need to talk to your doctor about.
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  10. lmao this was me today. I've been so exhausted and anxious and sad the past five days, and this afternoon doing my makeup I was like '... was that just ... oh. everything makes sense'

    8| sorry for double post. I'm so tired that I'm awake
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  11. That's me every month. lol

    I don't know why I'm surprised each time. I'll get a warning a few days before when I start feeling slightly depressed. Of course dealing with anxiety, that's fairly normal for me so I usually brush it off and blame it on that. Then BAM! Mother nature slaps me in the uterus and the light switch goes on. Oh yeah! That's why I'm being a whiny little bitch....
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  12. Did you come up with this cause of the CV chat? xD

    Haven't really heard that many names for it. Don't know if we have that many in Sweden. Röda veckan (the red week) is one my friend use quite frequently, but I mainly use mens (period) cause I'm boring :D First time I heard my friend use the term red week I thought I had missed a holiday cause we use the term red day/week for national holiday days. They can also be called Sundays even though they are in the middle of the week, but since that's confusing, most people tend to just say red day. Must be very confusing if a girl says red day and you have no idea if she's talking about a holiday or her period :D

    Personally I'm gonna start calling my period 'The elevator'
    Now guess that reference :D If you don't know, shaaaaaame.
  13. I have heard of people getting bad infections and cervic cancer from IUDs.

    Personally, i use seasonique. Fuck periods, i don't care. I skip the week that you're suppose to use in the fourth month because i hate bleeding. My period is so bad i end up missing work because standing makes me want to vomit among other things (must be near the bathroom). So i am a happier person with no periods 8'D the worst side effect i got was some crazy looking hard pimples (that i got rid of with a face mask) and a little bloating but that stopped when everything adjusted (5 months in?).

    And i don't take it at the same time (i forget) but as soon as i remember and that is fine. Omo
  14. ;D I get that reference, Pewds ;D
  15. mmmaaaayyyybe~

    Y'all are just lucky I'm only petitioning for weird/funny period names and not lecturing you all about how awesome menstrual cups are again ;P
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  16. My ex called it "The Red Tide". Or, when it was really bad for her "Carrie week."

    She's as you can see, a horror movie fan.
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  17. What the fuck? Some of us are genuinely interested in a week filled with sharks and shark related information, BUT I GUESS YEAH LET'S JUST MISLABEL THINGS AND CONFUSE EVERYONE.

    On a related note, any men out there too squeamish to do anything with your lady while DJ Menses is up in her club?
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  18. To the aforementioned penis-havers

    get that bitch a menstrual sponge

    Bitches love menstrual sponges

    Also you can totes have non-bloody penetrative sex during shark week with a sponge and nobody feels it.
  19. my mother would called it George, short for George Red. o__o But I didn't know she was talking about her period when I was little, so when she said George was coming, I always thought she meant George Michael, who was her fav music at the time. >>

    For awhile I called it Faeries cause a told this hilarious story about her and her friends calling it faeries and confusing all the boys at school. 8D

    But once I stumbled over that image of shark brain vs uterus - it's been shark week ever since. c____c most especially because my periods are so bad, I feel like I am losing an entire grown man's worth of blood. >:[


    Shark week is the grossest most horrible week ever. >:[
  20. PMDD, and iron deficiency, makes my period pretty gnarly. When it arrives, I pretty much turn into a pale faced monster who's always screeching in pain while she slinks in the shadows wearing nothing but a bath robe and granny panties.

    Also, my favorite name for it is "The Dot."
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