Sharing Rooms

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  1. I hate sharing my room with people. I just, don't like socializing in real life that much with people I don't know, since I have social anxiety, and I have knowledge of my diseases, therapies and sort of.
    However, there's this dude sleeping in my room, my brother-in-law's brother, coming from a different island to the main island, mine. He sort of uses my things and every night I go to the bathroom cry because that's my reaction to things.
    It's difficult when you can't handle most things, like social anxiety and bipolarity.
  2. I can see where that would annoy you, but the best advice I could give you here is talk to him or talk to your brother in law about it.
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  3. Sharing your private living space is difficult, I understand. I too have anxiety and lose my voice during these types of situations. That's how you'll keep getting taken advantage of, though. Or, people will misunderstand you because they'll assume you not saying anything means you don't mind what they're doing. When you can find your voice, speak up! Being brave, making mistakes, enduring the pain of stepping out of your comfort zone--it's all worth it so you can be stronger in the end.

    I find that having some sort of object on your person that can help you stay calm is helpful. I, for example, keep a rubber band on my wrist sometimes. I'll toy with it, snap it against my wrist in a rhythm, twist it around my fingers... Stuff like that, while I'm saying what I need to say. For some reason, it helps. If anyone thinks I'm weird for it, I dismiss it. 'Cause I already know I'm weird.

    Do your best, Temo. <3 I know this is a late response, but know that you ain't alone.