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║◊║Sharing is Caring║◊║Interest Check║◊║
Show you care by sharing.
**Disclaimer: This is based off of a manga that I really liked.

♥ Rules ♥
Rules are important. Follow them.
It says, 'adept.' I want the writers in this group RP to be 'adept' at writing. I'm serious.
I want to enjoy this RP and I want you to enjoy it as well. Please be 'adept.'
This means at least three paragraphs per post. It's not that hard if you're an 'adept' writer.
Grammar and spelling pretty good.
Characters are well-rounded and not cookie-cutter characters.
Be respectful.
Do tell me if you are leaving and/or if you are going away for more than a week.
♥ Yes. ♥
Kinky shit.
Dirty words
All that jazz.
♥ No. ♥
Anything outside of Iwaku's rules.
Eatin' shit n' drinkin' piss.
Bathroom play
♥ Main Idea ♥

[X] : Best friend
[Y] : Best friend
[Z] : Boyfriend

X and Y are best friends. They had always been friends since elementary school. Everything between them had always been shared. Food, clothing - just about everything was shared between the two.
Then comes along an outsider, Z. He adores X/Y. So when he confesses to X/Y, the two begin to date. It isn't too long after that X/Y approaches Z and announces that unless Z also accepts Y/X, they'll break up. So, Z has no choice but to have Y/X tag along with X/Y and Z on their dates and just about everywhere they went. After all, X and Y always shared their things.
Their bed life is no different. Z is always shared between X and Y. A wonderful little threesome.

The whole idea is that Z would be against X and Y sharing him. The RP would mostly be about him growing accustomed to this new dating situation and maybe even ending up liking both of them. It's still just an idea and not really fleshed out too much so it's got tons of room for more ideas and improvement. =w=

♥ Important Notes ♥
ALL CHARACTER SHEETS MUST BE SENT TO ME BY PM. I don't really want things too cluttered. It's easier keeping things organized.
All characters are over 18 and are in college.
Personality does not determine position in bed.
Versatility/switches/sekes are preferred.
AlthoughAlthough, I do imagine that Z would lean more towards the submissive side.
Have fun.
♥ Character Sheet ♥
Character [X,Y,Z]
Age [Over 18]
Major [Pick one.]
Personality [Doesn't have to be too long.]
History [If character X/Y, you're free to make this vague or make up your own or try to match up with the other character]

♥ Accepted ♥
♥ Links ♥
[Official thread] Here

Come join~!
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