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  1. This may not be a favorite recipe but it ended up being one of the WEIRDEST things I've ever eaten. Mind you, it smelled like pizza and the apples in it tasted/looked like potatoes.

    My friend who I experimented with on this wrote about it in her journal some 2.5 years ago. I think it best puts this recipe into perspective:

    "So this is a story of ramen and what to do on late nights and curiosity. It was beef flavor, my favorite, so I wasn't going to experiment TOO much. ...And I certaintly wouldn't be making s whole new sauce because I love the beef one the best? So I thought
    "Might be good with onions."
    In go the onions.
    "Might I add some apples...?"
    In go the apples.
    Splash splash. Added them to the beef broth.
    With the beef broth was....
    Sesame oil,
    Sugar (sugar, sugar, sugar... a lot of sugar...)
    Rice vinegar
    Lemon pepper

    Before the sesame, the broth smelled like garlic bread.
    -There was no garlic
    -no butter
    -no bread
    After, it smelled like pizza.
    -There was no tomatoes
    -still no bread/dough
    -No cheese or other toppings besides onions.

    The apples tasted like potatoes. They looked like them too. I guess there wasn't really any difference. *sigh*"

    Those are the ingredients.
    Most of them are just a small pinch of the spices.
    This filled two bowls.
    We had saimin noodles with it.
    Not the fancy ones, the Maruchan ones.
    It was also the beef broth packet from the Maruchan saimin.
    Fyi, we call ramen saimin in my family.
    It's how I was raised.
    But we cooked the beef broth first in a small sauce pan with 2/3 filled water.
    Cooked in on level 6,7 small burner.
    Never really brought to a boil.
    And I believe we used several teaspoons for the sugar.
  2. I don't share my recipes, but lets just say my wife's step-father used to be the President's personal chef, and He loves my cooking.
  3. -shakes head- no sharing my recipes either
  4. Well maybe not your closest recipes. What about ones you like that you had to go find? Maybe not a home recipe but a book recipe or an online recipe.