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Basically, what the title says.

I had one this morning, about two guys getting half of their heads chopped off after they threw daggers at a wall and it boomerang back to their faces. They survived, surprisingly, but they ended up becoming retards.


So, any interesting dreams to share?
Last night I had this weird dream about being in this huge acting/arts school. But it was like... all supernatural sci-fi style. So, apparently I had been gone on a vaycay for two weeks and came back. And everyone was talking about how they could hear all this weird stuff out of my old rooms. They thought I was having hot sex with my boyfriend in there. And i was like, "...but he died a few months ago."

Turns out, one of the other chicks at the school was flippin' crazy and she had his body in there wrapped up in plastic and was doing weeeird things with it. x___X And she was murdering people at the school off. So all through the dream people are coming up dead and we're piecing the mystery all together. Then it gets to the whole scary part where she's trying to kill ME. o___o She tried to suck out my soul with weird shadow demons.

And then I was rescued by one of Alarice's RP characters and the dream shifted to really frustrating things about me trying to clean the house and do chores, but nothing getting done. ><
Wow. That's very... detailed, surprisingly. 'Coz I can't remember shit about the details of my dreams. lol
I always have feature length movie style awesome dreams! XD Except when I have rage/emotion dreams, or just those annoying ones that piss me off. >>; The really neat ones I write down and I use them for roleplay plots.

Over active imagination is what I have. .____.
Read the first OOC post of Euphoria. That's one of my dreams right there.

My dreams are usually eerie. I mainly dream about the apocalypse or collapsing cities. Sometimes I even have an "out of body" experience--at least that's what I call it--where the dream feels too real and I don't realize that I am dreaming.
Last night I dreamed something about a group of kids trapped in another world trying to find a way out. Or it was a video game. The best part was the dramatic lovestory xD And then the girl in pink (which was me, I think) went off to find one of boys who had disappeared the night before even though everyone said to stick together and just wait for him to show up. And she found him, but they both tumbled off a cliff that landed in these bushes where there were these cute little furry creatures that put to you to sleep.

When the other group, plus one mad boy because that girl went missing found them, they thought they were dead and the boy went nuts and this other girl who was so annoyed because she liked HIM was like so what? she's just dead. And then something weird happens and those little furry creatures come and one of the kids is like those things! get away from them! So they grab the two that are asleep and run for their lives.

And then, they reach some castle atop some mountain and the maids there put the two sleeping people in rooms like they have fevers or something with wetcloths on their foreheads. And that boy watches the girl who is asleep and the girl who likes him gets so mad when she tries to get him to go somewhere with her to find another special stone. You have to find all the special stones to get back home. So then she gets so angry she decides to go find it on her own and gets injured fighting a dragonbeast. A convoy of travelers comes to the mansion where they are and tells them about the girl who wouldn't let them help her, even though she was injured and then the whole group starts to go, but that one boy says he doesn't want to and everyone tries to convince him that the girl won't wake up till he gets back anyway, but then the girl starts to wake up.

And that's when I woke up~

It wasn't so vague, I remember the names and the places had names and it wasn't so random like BOOM on top of a mountain BAM a mansion out of nowhere, but I wanted to make this brief :P
oh geeze, where to start...I have rather vivid dreams and mostly I'm being chased by something. I don't often remember full dreams but snippets here and there, but they stay with me.

Take for example the setting of multiple dreams (more specifically a reaccuring dream I used to have around halloween)

the dream itself sometimes changed but the setting was always a large mansion with a series of tunnels. Each tunnel or secret passageway would lead to a different room or area. At one point I was being chased by a monster bent on killing me for one reason or another and I frantically made my way through the house to the second story into my room. In my closet, which is a walk in, I locked myself in and crawled into the back where I searched for the secret opening. Pushing through I slammed the door shut and found myself in this old dirt tunnel with pipes above that occasionally dripped water. I made my way through there and each time I went through it would lead me to a different spot. There was a large super mall/ grocery store, a creepy carnival/funhouse area, the mansion, and I think one more spot but I can't remember because that always changed. But yeah that was just the setting.

My most frightening dream was one I literally woke myself out of from a start, then ended up right back in, scary as hell. It started with some sort of school trip and we were all in the hotel. I'd gone to do something in my room and when I left my room I noticed that no one was around the halls. As I walked toward the lobby I started to see blood stains and eventually heard screaming so I went to see what was going on. When I got to the lobby it pretty much was a horror fest with blood everywhere, as well as scattered limbs, and a large werewolf with blood dripping from its muzzle in the middle. Of course a chase began and I was the next target. So it chases me through this city (which resembled an arabian market from like Aladdin or something). I eventually ran into a building which was just a square staircase that wound up and up. So I get so far up and reach the top finally with nowhere to go. I see an opening down below so I jumped off the stairs and began to plumet (which in turn woke me up from the dream and I literally fell out of I finally fall back asleep) I'm right back where I was with the werewolf jumping after me. I somehow manage to move my way toward an open window and fall out to land through a canopy into something soft. Well somehow I get out and run and the canopy turns into a wooden one as the werewolf falls through. desperate I run through the streets and find this limo which I climb frantically into. There were like three or four strange men inside who began to walk to me. thinking I'm safe I relax only to suddenly have the top of the car cave a bit and a large furry arm break through the window and begin to drag out the guys one by one. Scared shitless I work to climb out of the car, but really just opent he door and fall out. As I crawl away my ankle is grabbed by the werewolf as it starts to drag me back and just as I'm about to be caught I kick hard and scramble to my feet. Running again I'm eventually cornered so I'm about to become werewolf dinner when I wake up again... -___-

although I think the strangest dream I had was one where (i'll glaze over the details) it started off that I was in a castle with people and some sort of virus was going around yada yada yada. Strange objects/game characters began to come from some portal and kill/turn people. All hell breaks loose, an epic fight/flight scene occurs. I eventually escape and am told the only way to survive is to go through this tunnel but people are all "no! it'l brainwash you and you'll never be seen again" I said fuck it and went anyways. It was some sort of weird freak show tunnel and at the end there was a bright light and some weird shit then when I woke up I was in this miniature 'perfect' town. HOwever, I wasn't human per say but some sort of doll and apparently I was on diplay for some other species somewhere. My boyfriend appears all 'it's okay its a new life and we can start over' then we proceed to have sex in the lawn as everyone else starts to have have sex (he's a doll thing too) and his penis was able to come on and off and everyone was all 'omg that's so cool why can't my bf be that awesome'! (yeah don't ask) then we went inside, got accustomed to our house and I was about to make dinner when I woke up ...

soooo yeah I have weird dreams -__-
I actually have a dream journal but I won't share any of my dreams...

People tend to avoid me after I tell them about the things I dream up 8D
Last night I dreamt I was talking a to a girl I know, and all of a sudden she asks "do you want to marry me?" so thinking it's a joke I say "hell yes" and suddenly everyone starts taking it way too seriously and making a big deal out of it, and before I know it I'm engaged.

Then the dream skips forward and I'm late for the wedding, and I try to run because despite not wanting to get married I don't want to hurt her feelings by not showing up. I finally make it to the party, and her family (who I've never met IRL or on the internet for that matter) starts being all jovial with me.

So I get up on some sort of stage, and hold a speech about what I like about that girl, but somehow I can't bring myself to say that I want to marry her...and that's when I woke up.

Might seem like a wonderful dream for some, but the vibe I got from it was scary as fuck...I still shudder when I think about it.

Whenever I remember my dreams, they usually are vivid nightmares, and generally they mean something IRL...

Haven't figured out exactly what this one means yet...

This is one of the weirder dreams I've dreamt recently, and I haven't really figured out what this means, but here goes... Oh, warning, this is pretty much downright weird and NSFW. You've been warned... anyways, here goes:

Because I've been wanting to sleep so bad, I ended up being inside a motel room with a girl whom i know personally in real life. It wasn't an ordinary motel room, though, it looked like a penthouse suite, but it was just next to the parking lot. Anyways, the girl was asking me for sex, and because she insisted, I had no choice but to agree. I told her I had to take a bath first, and I even asked her if she wanted to join and she did came with me to the bathroom.

While we were inside the bathroom, I noticed somebody enter our room. She didn't notice the intruder, though, but I did because I was nearer the bathroom door, and that the bathroom door had a one-way mirror. I was able to see the intruder go inside the motel room and inspect the things inside, including our clothes that were lying on the bed. The intruder looked like a middle-aged, fat nerd (otaku) or something.

Much to my surprise, he took my clothes and sniffed them, and then he took the clothes with him. The intruder didn't leave, though, he stayed inside our room, so we had no choice but to do *IT* inside the bathroom.

While we were doing it, I said something like "it's really different when the one you're doing it to is thin," she simply laughed at my comment.
I had a dream that involved Diana, Pan allot of beer and wine coolers...we had to find somewhere to keep all the beer/wine coolers cold, then the grandma came to attack us and i woke up!!! yeah, weird shtuff!!!