Share Your Desktop



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You guys know what to do here.

Spaces clear the screen much better than expose, you don't get the dark border.
Yeah... I didn't see it until you mentioned it. How did that get there...? <_< Ah well.
you used command+expose which leaves the black box, spaces does not. You can find spaces in system preferences. Not being a know all, not more than in my job anyway.
Fucking love your desktop, Senj senj!!! : DDD
D:< I can't share mine right now. It's full of sensitive documents.
Thanks Loveless, nice F-bomb, BTW.

*Brofist Vay*

OSX 4 Life.
Love the desktop, Vay! Very pretty. Love trees and snow.
Thanks loveless, cor make it for me with pics from around where she lives. ^^
That's awesome. Wished I live near there. o_o
What are you using? Windows 98?

*sneaks a little laugh*
Thats XP you can tell by the style of the logo on the start button
It tends to alternate due to my slide show settings.


Oh, god, I like the latter. Reminds me of one of those guys pleasing the ghosts through dances and music in Asia.