WORLD SHOWCASE Share ideas and help this coalesce: Marmalade Apocalypse

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  1. Intro/disclaimer
    This thread is brainstorming for Marmalade Apocalypse, a tabletop roleplay/system in the works. I'm gonna get the actual ideas for the setting figured out, give it some sort of play system, playtest it a lot, and then hopefully publish it. So far, I only have some fuzzy ideas for it. I want the setting/premise to be less vague before I start giving it rules and dice.

    Inspirations include: Persona, RWBY, Monsterhearts

    Premise Concepts
    • The player characters are superpowered teenagers rebelling against their dystopian school. Superpowered how? I don't know yet.
    • The school is the oppressive environment, not necessarily the world around it. Actually, I'd like to avoid cliches related to "dystopian world oppressive government".
    • There are social and dramatic interactions, crazy battles against the Powers that Be (perhaps supernatural), and we eventually leave the school setting behind.
    • Themes include the teenage rebellious phase, growing up, breaking away, and choosing what to stand for.
    • Why "Marmalade Apocalypse"? Because it sounds cool and it got you to click on this post Because "marmalade" is about the sweetness of youth, and "apocalypse" is about how those days, and the current system, explode.
    • The basic idea is that it takes place at a school. Perhaps before the school setting is left behind, the entire RP takes place within the school's boundaries, like a boarding school. Or maybe there's a town or outside world they can go to.
    • Elements to include: opportunities for the player characters to fight and be badasses, and hopefully some element to make it wild, like magic, or some way of using the system's power.
    So, how do I link these things together and flesh them out? Any ideas, or questions to help me organize and express my thoughts, or any feedback really, will help.
  2. I'm not sure if you are still working on this or not, but since I just came across it....

    Is this a tabletop game like D&D? Will you need maps or building layouts to allow the players to move around? Or are the players going to move through a set area every time the game resets (Like a normal board game.)

    If it's like D&D, that had a very elaborate world built around the characters and a huge area for them to play in doing random things. So you'll have to get your world first. Time in history, setting, laws, etc. once I have a setting, the characters to place there seem to come a bit easier. (for my anyway)