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  1. For the most part, it seemed like any other evening at the Bloody Buzzard Tavern and Inn. The usual patrons were gathered there, with the usual drinking and tom-foolery, but due to recent events there were a few things different than usual. There were a few more shady and mysterious looking individuals than there typically were, many of them there for similar reasons.

    Word had spread of the effects that the strange shards from the celestial crystal that had struck the earth only just under a month ago. Many sought to either seize the shards for themselves, or eliminate those that had them, while a scant few that came were those that wished to simply known more about the shards that they had been burdened/blessed with. Elise was one such person.

    Elise sat in the corner at a table all by herself. She was dressed much differently from many of the other individuals gathered there. She wore an elegant blue cloak with a silver trim, a finely embroidered white tunic, silky navy pants, and dark leather boots. Anyone looking at her could tell that she was quite wealthy. However, it was not the only reason why many eyed her.

    Elise was a rather attractive young woman. She had a fine figure and quite elegant features. Many of the men within the establishment eyed her lustfully, much to her annoyance. She really did not want to draw any attention to herself.

    Elise was traveling south and had needed a place to stay for the night. She wasn't quite sure why she had decided on this direction. All she had known was that she wanted to get as far away from home as possible, and for some reason south seemed like a good direction. So far, this was only her second day away from home. The night before she had simply slept outdoors. It hadn't been extremely pleasant. She was looking forward to sleeping on a proper bed tonight.
  2. Strangely, things were all going normally as Allen had walked by a random store. This was rather odd, he started to thing about all that had happened. At first, when he touched the shard that landed in his yard, he felt like shit. The next day, he felt like he was on top of the world. After one experiment with just randomly thinking, he the woods?

    Odd, did said shard give him super speed? But then again, he heard that those who found and touched said shard gained some sort of powers by a curious rumor-goer. As the days passed, he began to want to find more information which led to his 'impromptu departure' from home.

    As he walked, his midnight blue eyes scanned the area from behind a hood. When he passed a woman who was a rather attractive sort, his eyes went from guarded to rather curious as he passed her. Did she possess the same gift?