Shards of the Pyre

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    Long ago, the Vale of Chatw was but a barren wasteland, the entire planet of Pangea was nothing but rock, swirling storms of sand. That was, until, the comic powers at be created the spirits of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Energy. These spirits were sent to Pangea and they claimed the Vale of Chaw as the place where humanity was born into creation. The spirit of Earth created the soil, the grass, the trees, shrubbery, and food. Using his abilities once the Vale was turned into a fertile land, he travelled far from the Vale of Chatw and used the ability to manipulate rock and stone to create a home for himself; a large fortress made specifically for him to dwell in. The spirit of Air made the atmosphere sustainable, and created the wind and the breeze, as well as creating a kingdom of clouds in the sky. Using the powers of water, the spirit of Water created vast oceans and lakes and bodies of water, creating a protective circle of water around the Vale, as well as teaming up with the spirit of Earth to create islands and other bodies of land within these large masses of water. Soon, she (the spirit of water) convinced the spirit of Earth to build her a kingdom of stone under the water for her to live in. The spirit of fire is fairly self explanatory. She created the fuel of the land; a fire at the centre of Pangea that was what kept the world alive and burning. She created a vast volcano in the Vale, where she lived and watched over the Vale. The Spirit of Energy used his celestial powers to craft beasts of many different kinds, including humans. He made animals that flew in the air, animals that walked on all fours, and animals that wandered the sea. Soon, the Spirit of Energy taught these new 'humans' how to fish, hunt, create houses and buildings, and even to craft weaponry. The Spirit of Energy took on a physical body, the body of a human.

    Soon, the powers at be became jealous of such a perfect world that the Elementals created, and thus they created Dusk, the new found Entity of Evil. They sent him to Pangea where he created beings of great evil, also known as Demons. With such a hate that powered through his human like body, he searched out the Elemental spirits, leading great armies to find, and destroy them. After having created and perfected the Vale, the Elemental spirits travelled all across the planet, making every inch of it liveable. However, they did need to take up arms and fight against the armies of Dusk, being forced to create their own armies.

    200 hundred years have passed since the war against Dusk first started. The Elementals realized that they could not win, because Dusk had the powers at be on his side. Instead, they created large armies of ancient creatures to watch over different sections of the world, and then vanished. Actually, they didn't vanish at all. That is what everybody had been led to believe. Instead, they manifested themselves into the seventh born child in every family, waiting to be reincarnated when the child was born. Before they left, however, they granted Pangea the greatest gift of all: Magic. Magic was all over the world, in the air, on the ground, in the water. It was everywhere. Everybody possessed magic, however the closest a descendant was to the seventh born (every time a seventh child is born into a family, the counter is restarted. Every seventh born family member has a shard of the Elementals in them) in the line, the stronger their magic was. They created multiple different types of spellcasters: Wizards, Mages, Genies, and Gypsies. The wizards were focused mainly on healing and knowledge, as well as knowing magic mainly for defence purposes. Mages were spellcasters who focused on attacking, destroying, and killing anything that considered it's intentions evil. Genies were capable of anything; the only things they weren't good at was recreating divine powers and causing things to happen on grand scales. They couldn't destroy half of the world or create a new world or anything a god could do, but they could clear the road, cause dinner to be already cooked and served, smaller things such as that. Genies generally weren't strong unless they were connected with a master, and used their master's magic along with theirs. In exchange for using their master's magic the genies would grant their masters unlimited wishes until the day their master was defeated and killed. Gypsies never stayed in one spot. They were known as being able to see through the fog of the world; they could project their minds and see events happening anywhere and everywhere in the world. They could even foresee parts of the future.

    The strongest spellcasters were drawn to each other, and they gathered in groups of tens in every city across the world. They would create a fortress for themselves, having a place to sleep, create spells and conduct research. Right before the first incarnate was born, Dusk vanished, leaving the world with many demons left to roam. This was a very good sign for the people of the Vale, who was targeted the most. On the night before the first incarnate was born, a thick layer of white fell from the sky. This was known as snow. It froze the grounds, froze the crops, and created death and despair. One the morning of the first incarnation, the sky was covered in fog, creating confusion and blindness. Two new elements were created, but nobody was sure what alignment these two new elements were. The child was born with a Seal of Power on his right shoulder (see the picture above to see the seals), showing for sure that this child was in fact born of the Elements. The children kept appearing throughout the vale. The vale was in fact the only place where these children were born. The children were found by the wizards of the Vale and taken into their fortress, and raised in the ways of Spellcasters. Despite the fact that the elementals couldn't win the war in the first place, it was believed that these children were meant to destroy Dusk upon his resurfacing.

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Setting the Scene[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]During a seemingly normaly day of training, an army of what looks like sand creatures appears at the walls of the Vale. Led by what seems to be another new element, the element of sand, this is the first task of the incarnates. What happens during this battle is what causes the story to be set in motion. [/BCOLOR]


    ~There are only five characters who can be elemental characters at a time~
    ~If the characters who are elementals are all taken up, there are still ten other spots, which are Vale Wizards~
    ~The three extra Elementals will become playable characters in the future in case anybody wants to play an Elemental who isn't~
    ~Being elemental spirits, YOU ARE NOT GODS. You do not have the power of gods, but you are looked up to as gods. There is no conjuring up huge supernovas or causing title waves, creating humans or making mountains.~
    ~What is allowed, however, is manipulation of the Earth, creating fireballs and manipulating fire, creating and manipulating water, manipulating the air and summoning creatures made out of light. I supposed You can say that these characters are a bit like the element benders from Avatar, but, like, they aren't.~
    ~The elemental characters aren't anywhere near as strong or battle ready as the spellcasters are.~
    ~The Spellcasters are teaching the elementals to be like them, thus I am using a class system (Wizard, Mage, Genie, Gypsie). Each class has already been explained, but it's up to you to decide which class you pick.~
    ~If you play a Spellcaster, you are teaching an Elemental how to use the ways of the spellcaster.~
    ~If there are two of any other Spellcaster and only one Elemental wants to learn the ways of that magic art, either the first person to be accepted as that spellcaster has to teach the Elemenal, or both players can agree to teach them.~
    Character Sheet
    ~Age~ (Spellcasters can be between 25 and 90, the Elementals are between 15 and 18)
    ~Race~ (Elemental or Spellcaster)
    ~Weapon~ (If any)

    ~Anything Extra~
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