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  1. Pyuka, could not believe his luck. One day apart of the H.I.R.A fighting His Imperial's Glories enemies and now apart of the Pyrea Royal Guard, not only that but also tasked the crowned Princess herself. It was almost to good to be true. He looked down at his hand. The last two fingers replaced by replicas in a harness strapped to his palm. He flexed and felt the tiny machinery respond and move the fingers. Then again maybe he did finally deserve recognition for his hard work.

    Pyuka's hand was the only thing he lost in all of his fights. His face was burned and his body was covered in scars from fire, bullets, and blades. He was a survivor though, living through it all. Out lived may a good men and women. That was the life of a Shi pilot. Taking off in you one manned craft to fly through the attacks of the enemies to do damage of your own, engaging in dog fights having to do quick maneuvers or die in a blast or worst yet having you engines die off and crashing to the wasteland below. Out of all the post one could have it was the most dangerous and Pyuka lived longer then most in his ten years of service to his home and now one of the easiest post he could imagine, at least that's what was told to him.

    Pyuka was already in his new uniform. It was more dressy they he would imagine with his awards and metals he never recalled receiving and a purple sash denoting his position as one of the Pyrea. He found it itchy and hot vastly different to his older uniform and at least the old one provided protection. He was on his way to the princess' room after getting directions to get there. The Castle was a huge complex making up a third of the shard it was on, including all the gardens and other buildings. It took him roughly two hours after being told where to go to finally find it. He knocked on her door. "Your Highness ?" He timidly asked.
  2. The princess of this kingdom was known for being very beautiful. She had fair skin that mimicked porcelain. It was smooth and looked like the color of a rose at her cheeks. Her eyes were a dark but warm inviting color. Looking into them though it looked like her very soul could be seen. She was small and petite. She only stood about five feet tall and weight 98 pounds. She had rather ample sized breasts and a curvy form. She had chocolate colored hair that fell in curls to her mid back. On her back were two parallel lines. She'd been told they were birthmarks. But in truth they were so much more. They were the key to her heritage. If she could ever figure out how to unlock the gift hidden behind them.

    What was behind the lines? Two beautiful and delicate butterfly wings. Purple in color with black trimmings. They could lift her and possibly another person if she was strong enough to hold them. But she had no idea about this gift her late mother had given her through genetics. Not a clue. But her father did. And he wanted her eradicated. A half breed? In his castle!? Preposterous.

    The young lady answered the door for him. She looked up at the larger man. She was wearing a red colored dress. It was long sleeved and long skirted with the tail of the dress coming an inch from the floor. It was trimmed in gold and white. Her hair was pinned back half up in a bun and the rest of the curls falling free. She smiled at the man a bright pearly white smile. "Hello there."

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  3. Pyuka look at the princess stunned. He had never seen the princess and all the tales never told of her beauty. He recovered and stammered, "M'lady sorry," He cleared his throat and stood at attention. "Sergeant Pyuka, 5 Battalion, Company A, Lion Squad. Reporting." Of course this was his old position but, didn't know what to say. He never treated with royalty before and it was all he could do with out making himself look like a drooling buffoon. It was most likely not working he just could do much else.

    She was so small. Pyuka standing at six feet seemed to tower over her and with his 213 pound of muscle he could pick her up with ease. It was astounding that anyone could be this small. Everyone, men and women, in the H.I.R.A was around his size, even medics! But her, she was so small. She almost looked sickly to Pyuka with her too white skin compared to his tanned hide, it was almost like she never left this room. Which couldn't be true with all the yards, and gardens the castle had surely she went out and played with the other young ladies in the court. Which brought up something else to his mind, how old was the princess. He body's shape indicated he was at least womenly. He was only 25 so she could be too much younger then him.

    Pyuka realized he was standing at attention for this entire time and again apologized. "Sorry M'lady, I'm assigned to be your guard from here on." He stopped, he had to sound as educated as possible he was in front of royalty after all. "It is my duty to be you sword and your shield till the life drains out of me." That sounded official. At least that what the Knight told him when he was picked up to be her guard so it had to be the right thing to say.
  4. Kieara was perhaps as stunned as he was. She was ogling at him just as much as he was her. This man was absolutely huge! He was purely massive! She wasn't sure she'd ever seen someone so big! Of course he was handsome. And big was not meant in the guttural way. More so the large broad shouldered man way. She definitely liked it. And the thought of the man protecting her made it even better. Nothing better than a man who knew how to take care of his lady. Of course she wasn't his lady. At least she wasn't yet. She didn't think she would mind to be either.

    She cleared her own throat and curtsied politely to him. She giggled softly a dainty hand coming to her pink lips when he was still at attention. She thought that was mildly funny. However it was more so cute. Though she was still baffled with his size. She spoke. "Princess Kieara. It's a pleasure to meet you Pyuka. Please don't take offense to this but you're such a large man! How tall are you?" She asked curiously.

    She blushed and offered a hand to him. "Where are my manners. Do come in."
  5. Pyuka let the princess lead him into the room. "Tall enough to serve M'lady." he said. "I fit in regulation uniform and didn't have fit my Shi with any extensions or counterbalances." Two things he was very glad of. People that did tended not to last long. He scratched his burned face, he then realized he was speaking down to the princess and stumbled to give a more polite answer. "Your Highness, I am the perfect tallness to bring death in battle, and to serve His Imperial Grace." With that Pyuka believed to redeem himself he stood by the door to the room not really sure what else to do. This position was given to him with out my training.
  6. She didn't find his words degrading in any way. Nor did she find them offensive. She sat at a table placed within the room where she'd been having tea. She looked up at him and smiled. There were extra cups and chairs should she have company. She spoke. "How intriguing. Please. Come sit with me. Have some tea and we will get to know each other some more." She offered sipping at her drink. "It really is very nice to meet you." The princess seemed eager for company. Like she might not have had any in months. And in truth it was far longer than that thanks to her father.
  7. Nervously he sat down at the table unsure of how to have tea with a lady let alone the princess. He didn't feel intriguing, he was just doing his duty nothing more really. He shifted in his chair. It was too small for him obviously designed for the fairer sex in mind. He sat there quietly not really knowing how to handle the situation. He never sat down for tea before the whole concept baffled him really. It seemed like a waste of effort. He had tea before but, back in the 5 Battalion armada tea was commonly mixed with alcohol and referred to as S-fuel because of its smell and sat down to enjoy. It was drank as you went along.

    This tea smelled, leafy and the cup was too dainty. Pyuka was sure he would break in in his hands. The princess was happy and smiling though, Which seemed odd to Pyuka. Wasn't she used to having a Guard? And Why happy to see him at all? Something about this didn't sit right with Pyuka at all but he couldn't quite place things together.
  8. She noticed his troubles. She got up and moved getting a larger chair from her desk that would fit him comfortably. "This ought to be more comfortable." She spoke to him and smiled. "I hope you like dandelion tea and honey." She said to him and poured him a cup offering it. "There is sugar too if you'd like some in your tea." She said. She was trying to be nice and hospitable to her friend. "Tell me sergeant what is it like out there? What is the status?"
  9. "M'lady you don't have to worry about me I'm fine." He said refusing the chair. He picked up the cup as carefully as he could and sipped at the drink. It was too sweet and it took him back. Was normal tea supposed to taste this sweet. No it can't be this must be something special grown on the smaller shards in the cluster. He was even more taken aback when the princess offered him sugar. He coughed out a 'No thank you' and turned his head. After he was finished he looked down at his sugary drink. When he was asked what like out there he again shifted in his seat. "You know," He lifted up the cup "this reminded me of a time when Battalion was moving to grab a shard, one of my squadmates got a used his ration sweet to get some lunar flies because they are know for good luck in you get one to land on you." He was avoiding the question. The truth of the matter is that situation is as it always is, and they lost of good soldiers was constant. In fact that squadmate was shot down and crashed into an enemy ship in that battle. Pyuka smiled and idly rubbed is missing fingers. It was that the Pyroiea Empire was losing more then it could muster at least that it was it looked like to Pyuka. His squad was always fully manned as was the H.I.R.A.
  10. She noticed that he avoided the question. She frowned and looked down. "That bad sergeant?" She asked and then brought her eyes back to him. Trying to get onto a lighter note she spoke. "You don't have to drink it Pyuka." She giggled. "I like it myself but I can get you something else," she offered.
  11. "War is what it is Princess." Speaking more openly. "To be honest I can't tell you much of the more higher logistics but, I can tell you that win more then we lose and we lose good men everyday." He looked down at the drink and smiled sipping at it again. "Don't worry about me Princess, I am simple man and I'm happy with this drink." He looked outside. "What's your task today, Your Highness?" Move to a different subject. Pyuka need to know if he was going to shadow her.
  12. Kieara nodded at his words. Pyuka was right. War was war. And that's all. She sipped her tea and looked over as he asked of her duties. "I don't have any sergeant. My father excludes me as much as possible. He gets rather angry if I leave my room most times..."
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