Shards Chapter 1: Notes of Color

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  1. The day was warm, the wind was pleasant, the sun comforting. All was well for this day - the beginning of studies for the Academy of Colors. Countless people were on the spot - talking, fiddling, otherwise passing time in anticipation of the official inauguration of the study year - a year that will be spent investigating the strange and mostly unknown properties of the crystal shards that fell from the sky that one fateful day...

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  4. Name - George Renton
    Age - 18
    Appearance - A tall youth with dark hair that falls across his left eye, scruffy in a strangely deliberate manner. He wears eyeglasses and often dresses simply in his apprentice robes, consisting of mainly black attire, in respect to his master who passed away. He has rather pale skin, and piercing blue eyes.
    Colour - White
    Bio - Born to a hardly affluent family, his humble beginnings could not restrain his ambition. Through sheer determination driven by an insatiable curiosity he attained apprenticeship with an acclaimed alchemist at the famed Oxford University. The youngest to have completed higher grammar education, his thirst for knowledge led him to the crystals. He found himself drawn to the mysteries of white magic, fascinated by the unknown potential but also associating it with hope and knowledge, the illumination provided in the dark that he so desires. After the death of his master he found comfort only in his pursuit of knowledged and indulged himself in research.
    Disposition - Extremely curios, analytical, ambitious, confident, calm, may come across as cold.
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