Shapshifting anyone?

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  1. It's a few hundred years in the future, and there are a group of teens who can shape shift. The government captures them and uses them as test subjects because they want to use their shape shifting powers to win wars. While they are being tested on they are beaten almost to the point of death so they will submit to the horrific tests. A few of them escape, and try to start a revolt on the government. So I thought this would be a better group role play. We would need more shape shifters than officers, and all of the shape shifters would start off captured. Then it would progress to where a few of them escape, and find rebels, and start a revolt.

    Anyone keen?
  2. Heh, reminds me of Maximum Ride. I'm in, being one of the shapeshifters sounds like fun to me. :3
  3. Okay cool, just need to get a few more people interested. And I've never heard of that, is it a book?
  4. im in but do we need a CS?
  5. Yes, I was going to make one when a few more people were interested, unless you wanted to make your own
  6. Yeah, it's a series about a group of kids that get experimented on and become human-bird hybrids. Hijinks ensue as they go on the run for their lives.
  7. I mean i can make my own and do you want human pic's or anime?
  8. It's up to you, but please post pictures of what they shape shift into as well, and make their history and such as detailed as possible
  9. I like this idea too! I'd love to be a shapeshifter, but I could probably be an officer if that's required.
  10. Sounds interesting. I would be fine with being both shapeshifter and officer, whatever is desired.
  11. i would join this but i have a question...can a few of the shapshifters be bad i mean like they are still captured and used to track you all down or something ((i was thinking of having one good one bad))
  12. I would love to be in this RP. Also, would it be alright if I advertise for one idea I wish to start? I'll advertise this in return.
  13. Interested. :)