Shapeshifters' Duel

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  1. So this was inspired by the wizards' duel in "The Sworn in The Stone" and the Genies' duel in "Arabian nights"
    The premise is that the participants try to out do each other by taking a form that is better that the form the other person just took.

    So for example:
    Person A turns into a Dragon
    Person B turns into an camel and spits in the dragon's mouth
    Person C turns into a Elephant which knocks the camel on the head with its trunk
    Person A comes back as a Mouse to scare the Elephant

    1. Animals, monsters, creatures ONLY. No objects, minerals or vegetables
    2. Explain how your form beats the previous poster if it's not obvious.
    3. All forms have some weakness. (See dragon example)
    So to start:

    Turns into a house cat and waits patiently for the next poster.
  2. Becomes a pelican, and drops a beakful of water on falcon
  3. Turns into a golden retriever, shakes off the water, and chases Minibit
  4. Turns into a horse and tramples over Falcon
  5. Turns into a griffon, to have a McTavish meal.
  6. turns into a Chimera to make a meal of his attacker!
  7. Turns into a cockatrice to "stone" his enemy.
  8. Turns into a cockroach and hides
  9. turns into a parasite and sucks all the cockroach juices out.
  10. Turns into a hawk and pecks at the parasite.
  11. Turns into an eagle and attacks the hawk
  12. Turns into a Roc ang attacks the eagle.
  13. Turns into a phoenix and sets the wings of the Roc on fire.
  14. Turns into a space turtle and squishes phoenix.
  15. Turns into a space shark to bite the space turtle's legs off.
  16. Turns into a space dolphin and whacks the space shark silly.
  17. Turns into a Seaworld employee to imprison the space dolphin

    (technically humans are creatures, but I don't know if it really fits in the criteria :/ )
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  18. Turns into an escaped zoo bear to maul the employee!
  19. Turns into a groundhog that spots its own shadow, meaning winter will stay for another six weeks, and the bear goes back to hibernate.
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  20. Turns into the Sarlaac Pit and swallows the groundhog from underneath.