Shapeshifter Investigators [ SergiuPloscar & Kathrine ]

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  1. 4:56 AM -- Jack's apartment

    Jack rolled in his bed as he heard a loud beeping noise . He threw the covers aside and changed into a sitting position trying to locate the source . Even if he could barely see anything , since he just woke up , he could hear the exact spot it was coming from : a table a few meters away . Jack walks his way to the table only to find that he got a text on his mobile phone .
    " Same shit another day pal ! Meet me at the office now ! " - Ben
    " I don't get paid enough to wake up at 5 fucking AM " Jack mumbled before throwing on some old clothes and rushing out his apartment . His old ,rusty car is waiting outside . Jack starts walking towards it before stopping suddenly .
    " I didn't refill the gas tank yet. It's 100% empty !" He thought before calling a taxi agency and asking for one .
  2. 5:30 am- Lillith's apartment

    Felling hands around her waist she smiled as what happened last night came into play. Hearing her phone going off she shook his hand off her waist as she stood up to read the Text.

    'Come in I think I have something that may peak your intinterest'
    Groaning to herself quietly she slipped on some skinny jeans made some coffee an out on a new shirt that read 'S.E.X' waking her partner up she smiled with a gentle smile that didn't match her voice "If you're not up and out of here in 2 seconds I will shoot you in your ass and thipewn claim you were raping me" she smiled as the man quickly scurried out of here from her threat and hoped out other house into her car as she started driving to the office 'what the hell could they need at five o'clock in the damn morning' she thought to herself as she sipped on her coffee.
  3. Jack walks in the office only to find Ben laying on the chair with his legs on the table , enjoying a cup of coffee .
    " Didn't expect you to get here so fast ! "
    " Why am i here anyway ?! " Jack asked in an angry tone
    " Calm down ! You know Harry Donald ? "
    " The politician ? "
    " Yeah ! He was running for presidency , people's favorite . Now he's laying dead in his office ... Two weeks before the election . "
    " Are you trying to say he was assassinated ?"
    " It's your job to find out remember ? Now... this could be tied up to other politicians .... other powerful people . The results of this investigation could have a big influence on.... everything ... Politics .... economy .. I suppose you understand why a simple local agency wouldn't be allowed to get involved . So... i made a deal with Griffin National Investigations and you .... are going to work alongside one of their greatest agents . "
    " I told you i work alone Ben ! " Jack said and turned around , reaching for the door knob.
    " So you're saying you're not up for the job . Actually that's great .... we wouldn't want your random breakdowns destroying potential evidence "

    Jack turned around quickly . He knew he was saying it all just to push his buttons to make him stay ... and it was working .
    " Where do i meet him ? "
    " She ... is getting her briefing at the GNI Headquarters and should be heading here soon after . "
    " She ?! "
    " Yes Jack... she ... "
  4. "Hell no...I refuse I object I don't want it..." Lillith screamed crossing her arms looking at her friend Kelly just smirking.
    "I heard the was cute are you sure you don't want to give him a little try" Kelly smiled trying to get her to agree
    "I'm not working with some man who can't control his anger...I'd hate to have to cut his d-"
    "Woah stop yourself right there....I doubt you'll have to do that at all..." Kelly crossed her arms and sighed.
    "Fine you can walk out the door....but will your father be proud of you..." Kelly Knew she couldn't stand her fathers death being pinned on her. Rolling her eyes Lillith crossed her arms and looked at Kelly.
    "Fine....are you coming?"
    "No...but here's the building...have a fun drive!" Kelly said enthusiastic as Lillith walked out slamming the door. She slipped a cigarette in her mouth and got in tpher car driving to the address Kelly had given her.
  5. Jack could hear somebody's loud and proud steps on the corridor .
    " There she is .... " He told himself .
    The door soon flew open and Lillith walked in . Jack took a few seconds to analyze the way she looked . His eyes stopped on her shirt ..
    " Come on Ben... I thought you said you got me a partner not a hooker ! "
    " Easy there paws ! Try to ignore him mostly .... Lillith ? Lillith White ? Am i correct ? "
  6. "Yes its nice to meet you...and I'm not a hooker funny guy....its a song..." Lillith rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.But smiled to the guy "And may I ask who you two are?" She tried to put on a polite tone but her irritation started to seep through as she made sure to force a smile.Putting another cigarette in her mouth she lit it and exhaled smoke from the side of her mouth.
    "Now would you care to explain what you have on the case so far."
  7. " Ben Dowers , head of this fine establishment . And mister grumpy over there is your partner Ja... "
    " I can introduce myself you know.... I'm Jack... Jack Witt ! "
    " Now ... we don't have much on the case. Former politician Harry Donald was found dead inside his office an hour ago . Since he was running for presidency we expect it to be an assassination order . But that's it... I did my best to keep the police off the crime scene so they don't damage any evidence . After all it's your job to find out more stuff not mine .. "
    " Helpful as always.. "
    " Ow and here's the address ! " Ben said handing Jack a small piece of paper
  8. "Alright well.....come on funny guy.." She snatched the small piece of paper out of his hand and walked out heading back to her car. 'Damn yuou Kelly....' She thought to herself as she moved her black hair out of her face and inlocked her car getting in.
    "Well come one funny guy....we don't have all friggin day" she said her voice irritated. In all actuality she didnt know if she could handle working with him and that horrible personality he has.
  9. " The guy's dead anyway... no hurry " Jack said as he climbed into the passenger's seat . They soon took off . Jack stared out the window for the most of the trip . He wasn't used to being around somebody for a case. He didn't know how to act or what to say . When they finally reached their destination and they got out of the car , Jack took a quick look at Lillith and said in a low tone :
    " Just stay out of my way ! It'll be easier for both of us "
  10. "Oh please cut the bullshit...." She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms looking at him.
    "Look I don't want to be with you anymore than you want to be with me....but its my I'm going to pretend I like you and viceversa" she walked in front of him getting closer as she gave him a mischevious smirk.
    "And if you ever talk to me like I'm a child again...let's just'll be let's go" she turned walking away from him her arms still crossed over her chest.
  11. " Kitty got claws ... that i like " Jack mumbled as he walked his way along side her to Donald's office . He put his ear on the door and listened for a short while before slowly opening it . Inside on the carpet laid down Donald's bloody corpse .
    " Damn .. " Jack said quietly as he got close to the body and knelt down next to it .
    " It's a bullet wound .. A pretty big one ! "
  12. "Well don't sound to excited...." Lillith had started to look around the office to find something that could give her a hint to what killed him. Kneeling beside his body she looked over him biting her lip.
    "Damn poor guy...he was probably killed by someone he knew...." She stood up and took a look at the door to see if any force was made to the door.
  13. " Might wanna look the other way for a bit .. " Jack said before shutting his eyes and concentrating for a quick second . The changes could soon be seen as his face was soon covered in hair and his nails turned into sharp claws . He shoves his hand right down Donald's chest , splashing blood all over his coat . He slowly moves his arm through his chest before finally pulling it out and wiping it on Donald's pants. A few seconds later he turned back to normal .
    " Now check this out ! " Jack says opening his fist . Inside his hand was a small bullet .
  14. "God didn't even have to curtsy to ask his family if we could open him up...." She sighed as slipped on a pair of gloves that she had and took the bullet from him. "Well there wasn't any forced entry but this looks way to small to be so up close to a you think that he was assassinated?" She asked as she looked the bullet over taking a seat on his desk and crossing his legs. Even though she had been doing this job for a while and she was the best at what she did, she still couldn't get the pain she felt every time she looked at a dead body.
  15. " The window isn't broken ... But maybe he just had it open at the time ..Still...that doesn't explain why it is closed at the moment ."
    Jack walks to the window and looks out it .
    " The building nearby are perfect for a sniper to hide in .... "
  16. "No that's way to convient.... He couldnt open the door exactly when he was about to get killed...though I do agree with you on the sniper...he had to be killed with a sniper" she bit her lip deep in thought as she looked from the dead body to the window and back again.
  17. Jack walked to Donald's desk and started looking through the papers on it . They weren't of any interest . He notices a small drawer the desk has and tries to open it but it doesn't budge . He grabs the handle with both hands and pulls really hard . Soon he ends up with the drawer in his hands and pieces of paper flying everywhere .
  18. "Coe on really, is this what you do when you investigate a crime know we are supposed to be like ghost and not get our fingerprints on anything!" She felt as if she was talking to a child when she sighed rubbing the bridge of her nose. "Welll I guess since you got the drawer open I give you brownie points, but how you got it open, you lost all off those" she said as she walked beside him and sifted through the papers that fell on the ground.
  19. " That's how they make you handle stuff like this where you work at ? Just wait around till they send you a lockpicker or search for a key like a dummy ..." Jack says laughing a little
    " You know..that explains why so many people start coming to us for help ... You professionals sure take your time ! "
    He starts browsing through the files on the floor too but they don't seem like anything out of the ordinary
  20. "Well at least the professionals at my job know how to keep their anger under control" she rolled her eyes as she said under her breath but loud enough for him to hear. Then she smiled as she came across some old bank notes the victim was trying to hide. "Damn $3000 dollars a month...why was our victim losing $3000 dollars a month, I mean he couldn't have been doing that much I mean he was running for mayor or something right...." She asked as she didn't really look at him keeping her eyes glued to the paper. But what teased her curiousity is why it didn't say who he was giving that money to, or why it was under a completely different name.
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