Shape-Shifting Assassins

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I honestly have no idea how to describe this, but I'll try. Basically, there's a guild of assassins that can shape-shift. They live in tye modern world, and the government's after them because they seem them as a threat and would rather have them on their side rather than be this independent group. The members first shift when they're sixteen, and live in a small town, which is how they find each other to begin with, because the leader of the group has instincts that allowher to find the newly shifted. They don't have any particular targets until one of their own turns on them, and the leader refuses to believe it at first because they're in love with him/her. But as the former member starts killing off their allies, they have to take action, with approval from their leader or not. Their numbers are uneven; without the newly-turned-evil assassin, they're short one person and don't seem to work as well together. They're getting into fights all the time and are never in sync like thy used to be. But a new, young, fresh person joins them just as all hope seems lost, and the group seems like it's back on the road to defeating the enemy and staying hidden from the ever-watchful, ever-suspicious government. A road block appears, however, when the leader of the assassins refuses to get to know and like the new girl/boy.

What do you think?
I find it interesting. If I was you, I would be more vague.