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Shameful Confessions

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Opal, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. What are y'all ashamed off, Iwaku? What terrible music do you love?

    - I only have one pair of jeans that I wear on rotation with dresses and skirts, because jeans shopping is actually The Worst, especially when you're female and vanity sizing is apparently more important than accurate sizing! Why can't we have sizes that actually make sense. Why? (´∩`。)

    - Sometimes I only scoop the cat box every two days. I'm sorry, kitties. Thank you for not pooping on the floor.

    - I still really love listening to Aqua.

    and to be serious:

    - I try to act super cute all the time because I'm too scared of anyone not liking me and therefore voicing my actual opinions is a terrifying ordeal! ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻
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  2. I have seen Spiderman porn.

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  3. I frequently wish I could respond to topics by telling people to go eat a bag of dicks. >>;

    My roleplays are always newbie friendly, but I will troll and in-game punish people who join with REALLY STUPID characters. (Looking at you psychotic serial killer teenager girl in a zombie apoc thriller. >:[ )
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  4. When I have to pick up the dog poop from the garden sometimes I just toss it over the fence and say that I throw it out. I'm a terrible person.
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  5. I have another shameful confession guys....

    I'm obsessed with Paula Deen gifs

  6. I talk to my video games. Mainly the characters but still. I also have weird habit of talking to myself and on occasion holding a conversation as well.

    I'll sometimes walk pass messes the pets have made and pretend that I didn't see them in hopes someone else will clean them up.
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  7. There are some Britney Spears songs that I actually like.

    -Hangs head in shame-
  8. Sometimes I like Iggy. >:[
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  9. Oh.....Oh Diana.... T_T
  10. I leave my cups on the table then forget I already have a cup and get a new one....
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  12. I make a lot of commentary when watching crime shows(typically my predictions/logic) and it makes people not want to watch them with me because I'm typically correct.

    Nobody should ever take me to watch book-based films because I get so frustrated and even my body language shows it. My friends and family always pick on me about it.

    My voice gets really high-pitched when I'm embarrassed.


    I make wayyyyy too many puns and, despite people punishing me for them with annoyed comments... This actually is not something I'm shameful of AT ALL, thus rendering this fact irrelevant to this thread.. Which is rather shameful of me.

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  13. I love the song Just so You Know by Jesse McCartney.

    I have a fear of mirrors and sometimes get too terrified to look into them.

    I am too lazy to put the clothes in the dryer even though I know if I don't I will have to rewash them in the morning.

    Listening to youtube videos about someone talking violence on xbox makes me happy. Ok, I am not shameful about this since the voice is sexy. Should I feel ashamed about not feeling shame?
  14. Oh. Also.

    Showers SUCK. They are the bane of my existence because, due to having POTS, they make me feel really cruddy. That's really shameful for me because it's such a small, stupid thing.
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  15. I forget to message people back sometimes...
  16. Change this to 'all the time' and it is me
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  17. If I had a working CD player I'd be listening to my old CDs during all my phases with probably little to no shame.

    I will watch the same movie over and over regardless if I like it or not because I'm to lazy to take it out or change it.

    I feel bad and guilty for days over the simplest things. Three days ago I accidentally squashed a slug and I still feel really guilty about it. I'm sorry little slug TTnTT
  18. When I am texting I purposefully forget to reply back most of the time.
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  20. I kept trying to think of something to say, but then I realized that none of them are things that I'm really ashamed of. Like I almost said something like "I'm really snobby about Apple products and vinyl records" but like you guys already know I'm a fucking hipster sooooo...