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    Ok, I've seriously been craving some yaoi action lately. I'm still a bit uncomfortable (and inexperienced) with smut, buuut... I am willing to give it a try. Please bare with me.

    What I Expect
    - I expect you to have acceptable grammar and spelling.
    - One liners are a no no. While I don't always want a novella, some in depth descriptions from time to time can be quite pleasant to read.
    - I try to reply as often as possible, but have patience with me. School takes a lot of my time, and I might not be able to reply every day.
    - I do not wish to see any gary studs.
    - I expect you to take control of the story as well. We are two authors creating something together, not yet me leading you and leash. Contribute to the story, and I will do the same.

    What I Like
    - I like most genres, and am open to most ideas.
    - I enjoy playing both seme(dominant) and uke(submissive), yet due to only running into people preferring the latter, I have lately mainly been playing the former. I would appreciate it if I get to play uke from time to time also. I don't mind having my characters be seke or suke, nor do I mind doubling up. I just want to be allowed to play submissive for once at some point. x.x
    - I like age gaps. Not illegal ones, but significant age gaps which may cause drama. 8)
    - I love RP drama.
    - I also like uke or seme characters which don't quite follow the archetypes (though I have nothing against the archetypes).
    - I like having a good story.
    - I love playing multiple characters.

    What I DON'T Like
    - I don't like one liners and bad grammar/spelling.
    - I don't like damsels in distress (for the most part)
    - I don't like gary stues.
    - I don't like smut without plot.
    - I don't like people unwilling to help develop the plot.
    - I don't like being left without a word. ​
  2. I would not mind doing this with you.
  3. Yay <3 PM me?
  4. I'd be glad to discuss a yaoi with you, if you're still open to it.
  5. I am. PM me. :3
  6. TEN

    rp with me pleasseee !!!
  7. Mina-chan <3 Hi. XD
    Willing to give it another shot? Perhaps I can manage without blanking out this time around. X) PM me so we can work out the details. ^^