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  1. ~5:45 AM~
    "Aye, Ius, what you got planned for the parkour contest this afternoon?" The young man spoke cheerfully, his deep blue hair covering one eye and hiding a lip piercing. He slung an arm around the white-haired teenager who he had addressed as Ius, who had his hands shoved in his pockets as he walked along the streets with the male, smiling innocently.

    "My, what ever could you mean? I don't have anything planned, Marko." Ius spoke confidently, grinning at the blue-haired male, who frowned in disappointment, retracting his arm to light a cigarette he'd pulled from a pack in his pocket.

    "Aww, man. No fair! You've always got something planned in that brain of yours. I swear, it's not enough to be gifted with good looks and physical prowess, you also have to be a genius, too!" Marko complained, before taking a drag.

    "Yep, that's me!" Ius agreed, resulting in a hearty laugh from the both of them. They turned a corner to an abandoned building, an old factory labeled 'Clayton and Lambert' in bold letters above the entrance. The white-painted industrial walls were stained with rust, and the sign was missing all the A's and E's. As they pushed open the heavy-duty door, where the remains of a clipped chain that had previously kept the door locked sat lifelessly nearby, it was revealed that the inside had been stripped bare save for a few rusty rolls of industrial tubing piled high in the corner. The floors were solid concrete and the metal rafters above hardly seemed enough to hold up the roof. The walls were painted with masterful graffiti murals at every corner, and a few knocked-over spray paint cans still remained from last week's visit.

    Inside, a group of five or so other teenagers who also arrived early to the hideout were crowded around something hidden behind the industrial tubing, murmuring in concern. When a young male with black hair spotted Ius, he quickly approached him, coming to explain the situation. "There you are! It's the weirdest thing! There's a kid sleeping on the floor, over there." The male pointed towards the industrial tubing as Ius grew concerned. "He was there when we got here. What should we do?"

    "Let me see him." Ius spoke, resting a hand on the black-haired male's shoulder in solace, before heading over to see for himself. He made his way through the small crowd of colored hair and pierced skin, slipping between Jonas and Karla, the twin siblings with identically pink hair that made it nearly impossible to tell them apart, despite being of opposite genders.

    Indeed, there was a young male sleeping just behind the industrial tubing, shaggy black hair covering his eye in his sleep. Ius approached with confidence, kneeling down when he was in front of the younger male, balancing on the balls of his feet. "Hey, kid." He said gently, placing a hand on the sleeping figure's shoulder and shaking it gently. "Wake up. What'cha doin' here?"
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  2. It had been a stroke of the best luck that Johnny had found the abandoned factory open last night. Between the pouring rain and a cut across his face from his dad to deal with, it gave him one less thing to worry about. There had been a few cans of recently sprayed paint, sure, but Johnny was sure whoever had used them wouldn't be coming back. He'd fallen asleep curled up in a corner by the plastic tubing, his baggy sweater still damp with rain.

    Most of the night had been quiet, with only the occasional rumble of the distant trains making noise. Johnny had been so exhausted that he'd slept through most of the morning as well.

    Then there's a hand on his shoulder. Johnny blinks his eyes open slowly, staring through blurry vision as he tries to focus his gaze. Then he can see. There's a group of at least five gangsters all staring at him.

    Johnny screams in alarm and jerks back, his head slamming against the plastic tubes behind him as he raises his hands defensively. "I - I - I'm sorry!" he bursts out. "I didn't know this was someone's spot, honest! I'm sorry!" The cut from last night's fight has healed, mostly, but the dried blood on his cheek makes it look a lot worse than it is.

    He stumbles to his feet and tries to inch towards the door. Maybe they haven't blocked it off yet. He's already trembling, and his heart is pounding in his chest. There's no way he can evade this many gangsters if they decide to chase him.
  3. As the younger male suddenly woke up, slamming his head against the tubing and letting out a shocked shriek, immediately apologizing. Ius quickly noticed the way he was subtly inching towards the door, and glanced at Marko, a silent signal to keep him from leaving. He didn't plan on hurting the poor kid, but he didn't want him to leave just yet. Already, Ius had developed plans for the boy, as he seemed to do with nearly everything.

    Ius didn't miss the cut on his cheek, either, although he could tell it had healed...mostly. It needed to be cleaned up, though, with all the dried blood caked on his face. With a soft sigh, Ius stood and took a few steps back, giving the boy his space. "Don't apologize." He said, leaning against the nearby wall and pulling a pack of Camels cigarettes from his pocket, lighting it swiftly. "It's not a big deal." He turned to the other members of the group, telling them, "Give him his space. I suggest you all practice for the parkour contest this afternoon, because I have something pretty big up my sleeve." He said, a sly grin appearing on his face. Marko, however, pointed at him in playful accusation.

    "And you just got finished telling me that you didn't have any plans, you damn liar!" He complained, causing Ius to laugh.

    "Did I now? Hmm, bad memory." He said, grinning, "Now get going. I want to talk to him alone."

    At that, the other members of the group left, making their way outside to do their own thing. Finally, Ius turned his attention back to the boy, and his smile disappeared.

    "Y'know, cuts like that don't come from accidents. That's a cut from a knife." He spoke, a thoughtful frown appearing on his face. Then, he changed the topic, his grim exterior reverting back to cheerfulness. "Say, what's your name?" He asked.
  4. Johnny freezes as another gangster quietly steps in his way to stop him from leaving. It's all he can do not to pass out from fear. He stares at the gang with wide eyes, mouth hanging open except when he swallows now and again. A shiver runs down his spine as what appears to be the leader of the gang sends the rest away, leaving the two of them alone.

    He stays cramped against the wall, still breathing hard. At the mention of the cut, his gaze falls to the floor. "J - Johnny," he mumbles, his voice barely audible. He tugs on his sweater sleeve to pull it tighter around him. Then he glances cautiously around the factory. There has to be a back door or a hole somewhere nearby he can sneak out of.

    He pulls in a breath as he catches the sight of a window on the second floor. That'll work. He glances at the gang leader momentarily, eyes flicking back and forth. Then he bolts for the nearby rickety stairs. For his age and size, he's surprisingly fast. He has to be.
  5. Ius, too, was fast, but on a completely different level than the boy. Despite the boy getting a head start, it hardly took more than a second for Ius to catch up and pass the boy, strong legs powering him as he made his way until he was standing in front of him and blocking his way to the stairs. Ius had quite been expecting the male to run, although he hadn't been too worried about it. He was confident enough that he could chase the boy wherever he may decide to go.

    Ius faced the boy, once more blocking his path. "Look," He began, sighing as he realized he had accidentally burnt out his cigarette, and he dropped it, smothering it with his boot. "I highly doubt you'll believe me when I say this, but I mean you no harm. However, I cannot let you leave until I accomplish my goal. All I ask is that you talk with me, nothing more. I've got sharp eyes, kid, and I know an abused kid when I see one. Tell me, is it your father or your mother?" He asked, his tone growing a bit sharp as he continued, almost as if he was growing angry, but his anger was not directed towards the boy. No, it was towards the being that would be despicable enough to beat another being, let alone pull a knife on them.
  6. Johnny yelps in surprise and skids to a stop, slamming into Ius before crashing to the floor. He scoots away backwards, hands still raised defensively. "I - I - I don't know what you're talking about," he stammers. His breathing starts to pick up again. "I'm not going to tell anybody about your g - gang, I swear! Please, I'm sorry!" he bursts out. He hides beneath his arms, shaking and gritting his teeth in anticipation.

    Maybe Ius wasn't mad at him, but there was no way Johnny would know that. He shuts his eyes tightly and slows his breathing. If he stops talking and doesn't respond, maybe the gangster will leave him alone. At least it's worth a try. He pulls in a breath and winces. It had never really worked with his dad. Running usually worked, but it's obvious the gang leader is a lot faster than Johnny's dad. There's no way out.
  7. Ius frowned, calming himself as he realized his anger, although not directed towards the boy, was scaring him. "It was Johnny, right? Look, I realize you're scared, but I'm not here to hurt you. My name's Justice, although most call me Ius. Like I said, I just want to talk. Whether you believe me or not is up to you." As he spoke, he sat down cross-legged in front of the boy, although he was still giving him a respectful amount of space.

    Before Ius could continue, Marko suddenly rushed in, approaching Ius with deliberate steps. Ius turned, standing to address the male.

    "Ius, it looks like those guys from Armenis are back. They requested to fight with you specifically. As much as I hate playing by their terms after what they did, I thought I should address you first."

    Ius frowned, thinking for a moment, "I'll go, but I need you to watch the kid for a bit. He's a bit startled, though, so try not to scare him more than he already is."

    Marko nodded, glancing at Johnny as Ius began to leave. Then, he stopped, cracking his knuckles, an entirely different side of him seeming to come out. When he glanced back at Marko, there was a flame burning in his green irises, a competitive anger surrounding him like an aura. "By the way, keep the kid from seeing what I'm about to do. I don't want him to get the wrong idea." And with that, Ius left, the door of the abandoned factory squealing shut behind him.
  8. It takes several minutes before Johnny even raises his head from behind his arms. He forcefully wipes his eyes and pulls in a shaky breath, lower lip trembling. He glances cautiously around the factory, and then at Marko. "S - so, um . . ." he asks softly, "How long are you going to keep me here for?"

    He has no idea why they'd keep him here in the first place, unless they were planning on killing him. Maybe that was it. Maybe Marko was just supposed to watch him until Ius could come back and finish the job.

    Johnny shudders and blinks back fresh tears, burying his face in his knees again with only his eyes showing. Half of him doesn't even expect Marko to answer. The other half is terrified that he will.
  9. "I dunno," Marko replied, concern spreading across his face as he watched the boy, "Depends on how long Ius takes to pummel those bastards. Knowing him, probably only a few minutes. Maybe a bit longer if a few decide to run away." He assessed, completely oblivious to the fact that he was likely only making the boy's fear worse. He started muttering to himself in anger, although again it was not directed towards the boy. "Honestly, it wasn't enough for them to sever the limbs, they had to go after the head, too. They don't know when to quit." He spoke, using a common analogy that many Shamash members referred to, where each member was a limb, all connected, and Ius was the head. "Then, after the first time they get beat to a bloody pulp they cowardly claim that we used underhanded tactics and then confront us a second time, asking to see our leader so the entire gang can go against just one man. Talk about underhanded."

    "Not that I'm worried, though." Marko thought aloud, "I know Ius can handle himself."

    Sure enough, just moments after he said that, the door was pushed open once more and Ius stepped in, grinning wildly. There was a splatter of blood on his vest, although neither of them hardly seemed to notice. "What, no screams this time?" Marko asked, cheering up almost immediately.

    "No, there were screams. You just couldn't hear them from in here." Ius claimed, before he turned his attention to Johnny once more, and his expression grew concerned. "Alright, Marko, give me a detailed explanation of everything you've said since I left." He claimed, noticing the boy's clearly increased fear. He knew asking Marko what he'd done would be pointless, as the teenager was practically oblivious to the social graces and would not know what he'd done wrong unless it was spelled out to him.
  10. Johnny's eyes grow wider with every word Marko speaks. "S - sever the limbs?" he whimpers, shaking as his face goes pale. He scoots backward until his back slams against the plastic tubing again. "Beat to a bloody pulp . . .?" That's a clear picture if he's ever seen one. If he doesn't do what the gang says, he'd better be ready for the worst.

    By the time Ius returns, Johnny is cowering in the corner, hiding his head in his knees and desperately trying not to run again. He's sure that Marko would be able to run as fast as Ius. Besides, from what Marko's said, Ius hunts down anyone who does try to run. He'd just as rather get beaten to a pulp here than anywhere else.

    Even so, he can't help letting out a whimper now and again. He pulls his hood slowly over his face. It doesn't actually offer any protection, but it makes him feel the slightest bit safer.
  11. As Marko began to explain what he'd said, Ius groaned in annoyance as he got to the part involving the metaphor, causing Marko to stop. "You fool, he doesn't know what you meant by that. He thinks you mean him." Ius explained at Marko's inquisitive look, causing Marko to suddenly realize what he'd done wrong. It was like watching a lightbulb turn on.

    Ius turned to Johnny, his expression growing more gentle as he approached, sitting down beside him, realizing that giving him space wasn't working as an efficient strategy.

    "You can leave now, Marko." Ius told the male, who nodded, a bit disappointed in himself, starting to leave. Once Marko was gone, Ius lifted the hood off of the boy's head, hoping he'd get the boy to look him in the eye, although he didn't hold much hope for it. "Marko wasn't talking about you." He explained quietly, hoping the boy was listening. "It's a metaphor involving our group. It's not meant literally. The limbs are all the members of the group, and the head is me. Marko was referring to an incident about a week ago where the members of Armenis were picking on some of our newer members, and we taught them some manners. Thus, they severed the limbs, and we beat them up for it."

    "Just now, they came back wanting to fight me alone, hoping to settle the score. Thus, they're going after the head. Understand?" He asked. For all his worth, he was great at explaining things so it was simple.
  12. (Last post for tonight, I will be back tomorrow! Really enjoying the RP so far! ^^)

    Johnny flinches at the touch, jerking back before staring at Ius with wide eyes again. He blinks back tears and nods instinctively. "Y - yes, Ius. I understand," he says softly. He hesitates and wraps his arms around his legs, staring at the floor again. "What is it that you want me to do?"

    There has to be some reason the gang is keeping Johnny here. If it's not to kill him, then he has no idea what it is. Somehow that's even more terrifying.

    He pulls his hood up again and shudders. He never should've come into the abandoned factory in the first place. At the very least, he never should've dismissed the fresh cans of spray paint.
  13. Ius replied smoothly, "I already told you; I just want to talk. Specifically about that cut on your cheek." He answered, noticing that the boy was starting to calm down, although he was still pretty rattled. "I want to know how you got it. And, if you'd let me, I'd like to clean it up, too."

    "I don't intend to hold you here indefinitely. You'll be able to leave before dark if you want, and I can guarantee you that none of us will intentionally harm you. So, please, relax. No harm will come to you, okay?"

    (Sorry it's so short. And okay, g'night. I'm enjoying it, too. ^.^)
  14. (It's all good, I don't mind short posts ^^)

    At that, Johnny blinks and looks right at Ius, grey blue eyes clouded with tears. "You . . . you want to what?" he stammers. "You want to clean my cut? Why? I - I could do that myself." His tone isn't defiant, just completely confused. He's never had anyone offer to help with his injuries before. Besides, usually they're minor enough for him to fix himself.

    He cautiously lowers his hood. Was that it? Did the gang really want to just help him and let him go? He sighs and looks up at the gang leader again. "What's the catch?" he asks, still pressed slightly against the plastic tubing.
  15. Ius sighed, a bit disappointed that the boy was still so suspicious of him. "There is no catch. Not unless you count the fact that I expect you to try to learn something from what I hope you'll experience tonight. You'll know what I mean by the end of the day. For now, if you've calmed down, I'd like to introduce you to the other members. Then we can get your face cleaned up, alright?"

    "How about this, I'll ask you a question, and you must answer truthfully. In return, you can ask me a question, and I will answer truthfully. That way it's fair, and we both come away from this learning something. Sound good?" He asked, smiling slightly.
  16. Johnny is completely beside himself. Everything Ius says sounds so . . . normal. It's almost like when his mother was here, in the early years. He swipes his ruffled hair from his eyes, and then takes a deep, shaky breath and nods. "O - okay. That sounds fair. And - and you promise nobody's going to hurt me?" he adds, watching Ius cautiously.

    He hasn't noticed, but his shoulders have started to relax a bit, and his hood stays down. So far the only one who's done any harm to Johnny is himself, and that on accident. Maybe the gang really does mean to help him.
  17. "I promise." Ius confirmed, glad the boy was finally beginning to relax.

    If only that could have lasted.

    Suddenly, Ius felt cold eyes watching him from the shadows. Instinctively, he stood up, his gaze turning sharp and dangerous. He wheeled around to look behind him, where the icy gaze was coming from. "Show yourself!" He insisted, raising his arms in front of his body in preparation for any sort of attack, the muscles in his legs clearly ready for a fight.

    Somehow, the cold gaze that stepped out of the shadows was more chilling than anything Ius had felt before. This man wasn't just a delinquent. Whoever he was, he was a seasoned killer.

    The man was hooded, stepping out of the shadows with silent footsteps, sharp blue eyes peeking out from behind the shadows formed by the fabric over his head. Bloodlust loomed over him like an aura of darkness, sending chills down Ius's spine. He was lean, short, but something told Ius that his small stature only made him more dangerous.

    The man lifted a single finger, slowly, lethargically, almost as if time was moving in slow motion. "You.." A rough, slow voice spoke as his finger settled to point at Ius, "...are coming with me."

    Ius narrowed his eyes. "Says who?" He asked, although he had the feeling that fighting this man would be worse than coming with him.

    "I think...." He spoke, his voice annoyingly lethargic. "...That your friends would want you to go..."

    Suddenly, the door of the factory squealed open, and two limp bodies were thrown to the ground in front of the door, followed by a man in similar hooded attire to the first male, but not nearly as threatening. Ius looked at the limp bodies, his eyes widening with rage as he recognized the two pink heads as the twins, Jonas and Karla. They were beated unconscious, but somehow still breathing.

    Suddenly, an insatiable fire of rage seemed to consume Ius, and you could feel his anger from miles away, almost as if it was a tangible force. It was as if he'd forgotten sense, and with a powerful push-off from his right leg, he charged towards the male at an incredible speed, his movements fast and precise. He swung an upward kick at the male, the power and speed of his legs incredible daunting. Yet, by some miracle of skill, the hooded male dodged the kick, almost as if he'd predicted the movement. He easily made his way behind Ius, but Ius quickly pivoted on his left foot, turning to face the male before he could even think to land a blow. They both jumped back a few feet, before they stared each other down, their gazes intensely cold. They were analyzing each other, assessing their weak points and formulating a strategy on how to exploit them.

    Suddenly, just like that, the entire room had grown still and time seemed to stop for the two males. Any sense of security that Johnny may have felt was surely blown to pieces by now.

    In one of the industrial tubes that sat near Johnny, a switchblade laid inside, it's blade sharp and ready to be put to the test
  18. Johnny doesn't know about the switchblade. All he sees are the two limp bodies of the twins lying on the floor nearby. His eyes widen and brim with tears as he shrinks back, trying to disappear into the shadows. The scene is all too familiar. He pulls in a few shaky breaths, panting and trying not to freeze up.

    A cold chill runs down his spine as he makes up his mind on what to do next. A stupid move? Probably. But he's not going to sit back and idly watch while two teens are murdered. He swallows and cautiously inches behind the fight, whole body shaking. Cautiously, almost silently, he grabs hold of the edges of the teens' sweaters.

    He glances up quickly to make sure he hasn't been seen. Thankfully, the intruders have left the door wide open - and Johnny is a master of quick escapes. As soon as he's sure they aren't watching, he'll do his best to pull the two teens to safety. First he has to make sure he has a clear break. Hopefully Ius can keep the two adults distracted enough.
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