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Shaman King: The Divinity

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Rikou, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Accepting New Characters: Yes

    Rating: Pg-14, Violence, Blood, Language, possible Nudity.

    Atmosphere/Mood: Shonen (Boy Manga), Adventure, Action, Supernatural.

    Basic Plot: It has been another 300 years, Hao is no longer Shaman King fulfilling his time as the current Master of Spirits. Yoh and the gang have passed on long with their Children who continued the Shamanism Legacy. Trouble is afoot as new dangers approach the horizon, Humans are aware of Shamans, fearful and hateful, Spirits are becoming more dangerous. And now another Shaman Tournament has begun with Shamans from all over are coming to battle it out to become the newest Shaman King- Will it be you?
  3. Sorry D: I didn't think about going to the C-box x.x
  4. Always always always always go tot he CBox
  5. Alright, I understand. Sorry once again DX
  6. You are but a newbie, so you are forgiven.
  7. Hehe, I'm interested (oddly enough, I only know of this because TNT mentioned it... in the CBox...)
  8. Sorry I've been busy lately. I'm back though!
    alright how do I get this started? o.o'
  9. Post up an OOC in the OOC section. Be sure to inlcude Plot, some background on the series, information as to where we'll be starting, and, possibly most importantly, a Character Sheet outline.