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  1. I sincerely hope this is the right place. :D

    ABOUT ME: My name is Em, and I am a twenty-three year old male. Currently, I wouldn't mind a roleplaying buddy or two for all of my twisted and dark thoughts to be splayed over the writing canvas. I like to be rather outgoing and friendly to everyone I meet, though I will say that at times, I can be a little more introverted than I'd like. I'm not much for talking about myself, but I do try and make myself as easy-going and approachable as possible.

    GENRES: Horror and supernatural, without a doubt. Anything dark, gritty, kinky, smutty, along those lines, usually hooks me in. Vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, usually, that's my thing. Though I also like science fiction and other futuristic works, the horror and the supernatural are my calling card right now.

    ROLEPLAYING: I usually try to post as soon after my partner posts, unless I'm completely distracted with real-life things. Then it may take me a bit longer to post. I want to be clear on this fact, though; I am always going to value quality over quantity. With that said, my posts tend to be around the 500-900 range, with the occasional burst of muse sending me over 1,000 words. Worry not, though, because I always try to match what I am given from my partner.

    Generally, I like to write in third-person perspectives, though I do not mind first-person, and would even try that if someone were patient. In terms of playbys, I've used male models and actors as my general cache of playbys; those are usually my favorites. In terms of others using playbys? I've grown fascinated to the more unconventional playbys, the ones that are either more risque than most would like, or the ones that aren't as well-known.

    CONTENT: Mature content is required; sorry to say that I'm not one for the lighter aspects of roleplaying. So I would like someone who is perfectly comfortable with all forms of mature roleplaying, whether it be gore, smut, violence, kink, anything of the like. What I am looking for is someone that isn't averse to the more mature forms of writing. I'd like to challenge my own writing with that, and someone who can match me in those darker themes would be greatly appreciated.

    MEDIUM: I am only on one site, and I would preferably like to roleplay on that. Please do not contact me for IM or email roleplaying. Also, I will not, under any circumstances, respond to any PMs about joining or suggesting sites. I am mainly looking for someone that doesn't have a problem joining the one I am on. Thank you. I've thought about private roleplays, but I've had people simply fall off the face of the earth without so much as a farewell.

    OTHER: If you think we might go together very well, feel free to PM me as thoughtful of a response as you can. And if you would like a sample of my roleplaying, I will also provide that. I do have AIM, but I'd like to wait to see first.
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  2. Actually, this sounds like this would be good for your Roleplayer's Resume (under Preferences)
    Roleplay Talk is more for when you have a specific idea you're trying to get interest for.
    I hope you find what you're looking for ^^