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  1. Hello, hello. I'm looking for some roleplays to occupy my time with. I play male or female roles and am interested in hetero pairings. Ask nicely and present me with a good plot and I may do male slash. I'm into fantasy and romance.

    A few pairings that I'm craving are:

    Musician x Fan
    Ninja x Princess
    Samurai x Princess
    Prince x Princess
    Angel x Vampire
    Demon x Demon
    Demon x Human
    Princess x Knight

    I also like a few fandoms and wouldn't mind doing them or doing a roleplay based off of them. I'm interested in:
    Harry Potter
    Fairy Tail
  2. I'd like princess8kinght with me as a male knight, or harry potter
  3. I would love to do a role play based around Inuyasha. :)
  4. Harry Potter or Fairy Tail. :raven:
  5. @Green: Which one are you the most keen on?
    @princessyuna: Sounds awesome! I have several characters that are perfect for such a roleplay.
    @Nica: I've done Harry Potter before but never Fairy Tail. Who do you ship/would want to rp as?
  6. Great!
    I can PM you so we can further discuss, if you wish? :)

    And hi Nica. :P
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  7. Hai nica and yuna! OCxOC harry potter roleplay
  8. @Green: You know yuna and nica? What a small world, lol. Awesome. Do you want to be a male or female?
  9. Yesh haha, oh and male please
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  10. @Green: Care to pm me so we can further plot? :3
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