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Shaking Off the Dust and Jumping Into the Fire

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Nyki, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Thank you for clicking! :D

    So, I'm going to start this off with an introduction. I'm Nykizta. I've been roleplaying online for roughly 7-8 years, though only well for the last 5 or so. I'm a very open minded roleplayer and person in general. Profanity doesn't bother me. I'm pretty patient when it comes to waiting for posts, though I prefer fast moving RPs. I used to be heavy in group RPs but an amazing RP with my friend on another site exposed me to the amazing thing that is partner roleplaying. Now, to get onto the roleplaying.

    Things I like:

    First of all, let me get this out there. I don't do sex based RPs, though some thrown in here and there can be fun.
    Also, not all RPs need to be based upon romance. I just like some in there.
    The original! I love it, especially when people can come up with brand new ideas.
    Now, this can get sketchy. Sci-Fi is my weak spot though I enjoy it thoroughly.
    Unless I'm creating the world, I get nice and confused and require a lot of help to get comfortable in the world and technology.
    After that, however, full steam ahead! I have a nice, healthy appreciation for this genre. :)
    Honestly, it is hard to get me interested in a realistic roleplay due to the lack of challenge,
    but I've been in some amazing realistic roleplays, so I'm definitely open to ideas.
    Character Driven Roleplays
    Now, I can understand the appeal of plot driven roleplays and sometimes enjoy participating in the right ones,
    but my absolute favorite form of roleplay is completely run by the characters.
    It allows the roleplayers to take the roleplay to unforeseen places and can be amazing.
    Constructive Criticism
    I consider myself a good roleplayer, but am not so foolish as to think I cannot improve.
    I'm definitely open to suggestions and/or criticisms. I'm not, however, tolerant of straight bashing.
    If you don't have a point behind making my mistakes obvious or an alternative route than the one I took, please don't comment.

    Things I don't like:

    Apocalyptic Roleplays
    I've been there. Done that.
    Didn't enjoy as a group roleplay and can't think of a way I'd enjoy as a partner RP.
    School Roleplays
    They're overdone and rarely done correctly.
    If you have a new, original idea that would prove unique and interesting to play,
    then I might be open to it.
    Vampire/Werewolf Roleplays
    Refer to the comment from School Roleplays.
    Add onto that comment that these can often get overly bloody, overly Twilight-like, or stereotyped,
    it's extremely hard to find a half decent roleplay in this genre.
    I can handle combat in a roleplay and even welcome it if it furthers plot,
    but needless, pointless, time consuming fight scenes? I'm not interested.
    This generally counts me out for any war roleplays.
    War Roleplays
    Look at Violence.
    One Upping
    I'm roleplaying with you. I'm your partner.
    If I did something better than you, it's not because I wanted to be better than you,
    it's because I thought that fit my character. If you have a problem with that, point it out.
    Don't proceed to undermine my character in the next post unless it is fully in character.

    I generally prefer to play female characters, not that I won't play male characters. I'll play with either/any gender. I would prefer to have a writing sample. Just a link to a post you think shows your writing style. I'll happily provide one as well. :) I have several roleplay ideas, though I definitely prefer forming ideas with my partner. If you're interested, please feel free to send me a PM or respond here.

    I know this is practically a roleplayer's resume, but I've yet to get to filling all of that out and getting comfortable with the general interface of the site. Plus, this is practically advertising. Better to get it out here in the open. ~snicker~

    Thank You!
  2. Hi there! I have too many possible posts to choose from in terms of giving you a writing sample...So for that, I may link you to multiple just to give you different views, based on different situations and such. I play male and female, though I admit to also generally preferring male...If the basis of the RP is good and I feel my male fits, I play male happily. So it sort of depends.

    I like character-driven roleplays as well. Having at least a very minor plot (and for me, that can be as simple as the character pair and a setting with a starting point) helps, but otherwise I'm fine with just going with the wind so to speak. I'm fine with the genre you listed- fantasy, science fiction, realism...It's basically all fine to me. I don't mind mixing them too. As for romance...I prefer having a bit in the roleplay, but it helps to have it not be the complete theme. However, it does add to them. So...I think having at least a bit would be nice.

    Anyway...I'd be happy to hear your ideas first, or we can just figure something out together- or, we can do both (I could hear your ideas and we can mold them to fit both of us and such). So...I'll leave that basis up to you. I just hope we'll both be able to get something going and have some fun. :)

    Ah. Not sure if it matters, but I've been doing roleplays online for about 8 years as well. I started when I was...About twelve, and I'm nearing 21 now. It's fun, isn't it?
  3. I'm interested, for sure.
    As for posts and ideas, should I PM you?
  4. Character Driven Roleplays
    Now, I can understand the appeal of plot driven roleplays and sometimes enjoy participating in the right ones,
    but my absolute favorite form of roleplay is completely run by the characters.
    It allows the roleplayers to take the roleplay to unforeseen places and can be amazing.

    I wouldn't mind doing something like this...I've tried to do a random roleplay where anything went...purple cows, flying children, jello houses, and the like.
    Its fun to see where something like this would go.
    I play both male and female and I was wondering if you had any ideas for a roleplay or do we need to chit chat?
  5. I am interested for sure. I love the effort you put into this. If you are still looking for a partner (I see you have a lot of responses) You can hit me up whenever. You seem like a lot of fun.