Shakespeare ?

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  1. "That's what making it miserable."
  2. "So I make you miserable?" Astorath pulled her panties to the side to lean in and give her a teasing lick.
  3. The White Elephant is occurring, and a kid ended up with chocolate and a "Loving our cats" book.
  4. I LOVE Shakespeare.

    I've read a lot of his works, but as silly as it is, I still like [Romeo and Juliet better. Though As You Like It is another favorite.

    I think that people tend to undervalue his works, or give them too much enigmatic weight. He was a brilliant man, with superb plots, and his works are often either imbued with a powerful messag or moral. But where most people get it wrong is that his works are not impossible to understand, they are these weighty tomes of an ancient civilization... he was still a man.

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