Shakespeare ?



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Okaay :D In my english class, we're reading Macbeth, which is easily to follow, but hard to keep up with.

Do you know what I mean ?

Have you read these classics ?

How do you feel about them ?

What's your opinion on the significance of these works ?
Well my moeblob friend, since I'm watching you alter your post in real time as of 7:46 CST....

My current belief is that the school system does a bad job dealing with our bud Shakesphere. Understanding the plot is simple enough, if you take time to re-read various versions. However, being forced to read the plays instead of actually watching them takes all the action and mental imagery out of the tale being told. Plays aren't meant to be read, they are meant to be seen. It's only through seeing the actors emotions, that you can truly understand Shakesphere. As for importance, half of the romantic triangles you watch in modern anime is an ode to Shakesphere's comedic stylings. His works are present everywhere. :)
The play is supposed to be cursed, and if you say "macbeth" in the theater that your preforming it in, you curse your preformance.

Actors are a very superstitious bunch. ^_^
I LOVE Shakespeare.

I've read a lot of his works, but as silly as it is, I still like [Romeo and Juliet better. Though As You Like It is another favorite.

I think that people tend to undervalue his works, or give them too much enigmatic weight. He was a brilliant man, with superb plots, and his works are often either imbued with a powerful messag or moral. But where most people get it wrong is that his works are not impossible to understand, they are these weighty tomes of an ancient civilization... he was still a man.

Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.......

do you quarrell sir.......

shakespeare is awesome.