Shakespeare Banned in Tuscon School District

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  1. Recieved an e-mail from one of my Professors that I had a hard time accepting as truth at first. But did a little digging on the web. Suprised to find that it might very well be occuring.

    Original e-mail recieved.

    Not too suprising a somewhat large lack of coverage by mainstream media but I did find some links to this issue.

    So what do my fellow Iwakuans think? Should Ethnic Studies not be taught in the classroom? Should we ban any book that deals with race and oppression?
  2. This, my friend, is my rage face.

    I may not be a fan of Shakespeare, but that's not really the point, is it? Banning any study of ethnic culture? Why? Because, like two years ago, they're trying to axe out the Hispanic community. This will likely go before the supreme court and be ruled unconstitutional. And if it isn't it should be.
  3. Let's also ban discussion of anything regarding segregation or suffrage movement and get rid of those pesky world history and current world problem classes too!
  4. Who needs Languages, anyways? They'll never, ever help you in the future!
  5. What the fuck is that bullshit. o____o

    Are we back in the 1920s or something?
  6. Not yet. Next we need to be able to hang people for the color of their skin.

    This shit is pretty sick though. We're definitely heading that direction, it seems. Oh, and from now on women cannot learn.
  7. To hell with this. *remodels her house into an entire kitchen and watches the presidential candidate due to her lack of suffrage*
  8. sux to be you guyz.

    srsly tho:

    This is denying history ever happened, which is a very dangerous road. What you're saying is nothing about slavery, the holocaust... all those lessons history provides will not be taught and so you open the doors to repetition.

    When you guys need me to kick nazi ass in 2039... I'll be 51 and ready with a rifle in my hands.
  9. Vay....get your powerfeet, we have some cocks to knock

    *Hefts the powersack of power doorknobs*

    I shall not stop until every arizona lawmaker is sterile and this heresy is repealed, FOR JUSTICE MEN!
  10. What sort of fuckery is going on here?

    Sounds like it's time for me to start packing my bags.

    Torsty, get ready. I'm moving in. :P