*shakes cage door* hello? anyone?

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  1. Looking for someone to try out a plot. Its more smut then plot but its been on my mind.

    Basic idea is im a sex slave that is owned by a stripper club owner. He sells out his slaves for a price depending on certain things. They can pick 3 diff rooms any slave they want and weather they are naked and tied or not.

    You can be any race you want and m or f. Im good with anything.

    I am a stubbourn slave that hates it. The easier, gental rooms dont bother her too much but hates being in the harsher rooms and ussually puts up a fight. She also hates anal but doesnt have a choice in the matter. Skye basically looks like my profile avvie with skye blue eyes and shorter hair.

    Let me know if your intrested.
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  2. You can also post ideas too. I need a couple more rps to get on the go
  3. I'm down to take one of the slave slots. Male characters okay? If not then I can do female
  4. I'm willing to do a young neko female slave in training
  5. Message me if your interested, if your a chick, i have no way of telling on this website sowwy
  6. you still looking for this?
  7. Sorry. I went mia for a bit but im back and ready and wouldnt mind getting this idea up and going again. It would be a cool group rp or 1x1
  8. I'm up for being a slave that loves dancing on stage and having sex. Possibly the daughter of the owner that was groomed to be a good slave?
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  9. I'm down for a group if all the earlier suspects are still interested in joining.
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  10. I'm still strongly wanting to be apart of the role play.
  11. @SkyeBlue, will you be the club owner as well, or do we need another person for that?
  12. The club owner doesnt have much of a role so i tend to play him too. Dont think someone would want to play just him. But im pretty sure all we have are slaves. No doms. So dunno how well this would work
  13. Change the thread title to attract doms?
  14. Meh. Ill start up a new thread maybe so its a little more organized. This one is ki da old and and looks bad that i went missing. Ill name it something like masters bar looking for doms.
  15. Sounds good, what if we make this a group? That way people can join, we can create topic for floors, and private rooms?
  16. Ya. We will see how this goes lol but for sure it would be cool to set up like an open rp idea.
  17. I think it would be stronger for the role play as a official group group role play to the site that way we wouldn't be limited to only about 12 to 16 people.
  18. I'll gladly take the role of the club owner. The guy that give new folks tours, and sometimes takes private sessions with the slaves. ^^
    I can help setup the club as well.
  19. I got the group made. Would like to hand ownership to SkyeBlue.