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  1. When he had found out there was a demon lurking around nearby, Lloyd had had no idea how wrong things could go. He did his research, got a pile of holy water and salt and then dug up the design for a devils trap and an exorcist spell thingie, that was total chibberish but apparently did the job, from the depths of a wonderful thing called the internet. He didn't think he would have a hard time with a single demon, after all, he had outwitted several supernatural beings in the past. Alright, two ghosts and a vampire don't count as several to some people but that's just details.

    Though none of that really mattered as the male felt pain explode in his shoulder as he landed hard on the asphalt ground after being hurled across the dim lit alleyway. Lloyd really wished he had backup. Pushing the pain and what ifs to the back of his head, the novice hunter got up and tried to run and grab the almost empty bottle of holy water that had been knocked out of his hand after he had dumped some of its contents on the servant of Hell. It had done pretty much nothing but anger the demon in the end.

    Almost there. Fingers inches away from touching. And then it was several feet away again as the demon hurled him against a brick wall. The world, or more accurately a dirty alley, swam before him as white blinding pain exploded in his skull. He figured he must've hit his head pretty bad since he felt something wet trickle down his neck as he watched the demon smile at him. Correction: As he watched three fuzzy and identical demons smile at him. For a second, Lloyd wondered where the two others had came from before he felt something choking him. He couldn't breathe.

    With panic looming at the edge of his conciousness, Lloyd whimpered as he tried to struggle free. However, that did no darn good as he couldn't move. He couldn't move a muscle and he couldn't breathe despite his lungs craving for air and he didn't want to die. Was that how he was going to kick the bucket? Alone in an alley, killed by a demon? Though, he couldn't deny the fact that most people who chose this life most likely couldn't get an end less pathetic. He chose it. He chose to die alone and there was no one else to blame.
  2. The sorry sack of dicks that's all that went through the Archangel mind as he had watched but of course Gabriel liked humans so the archangel landed ona. Dumpster and smirks ,

    "Hey big dark and greasy want so etching to really attack come over here buster brown" the archangel hissed a sassy remark as the demon snarled and let go of the hunter and stormed toward the archangel. Gabriel kept backing away and whipped out his blade an archangel blade and stabbed the demon sharply . The demon screamed and exploded into golden dust and was gone.

    Gabriel looked at the hunter for a good few moments before a smirk crossed his lips and said "should carry around an angel blade there buster helps with the shadowy figures that haunt the night" he cooed and flicked his hand and Gabriel was gone in a flutter of wings. Though his eyes would stay in the hunters mind haunting him. Seeing if this hunter could find him. Gabriel loved a good game of cat and mouse.
  3. Someone was talking but he couldn't make sense of it, his head was buzzing and the words sounded like ancient Chinese from really far away. and then he was crumbling to the ground not too gently. But that didn't matter, he could breathe again. He never noticed how great fresh air rushing into his lungs felt, Lloyd made a mental note not to forget it again.

    Though he was interrupted from his musings as he heard a scream and saw the demon explode in a golden light. Okay, his head was still throbbing and the world around him still seemed to be in a constant movement but he was pretty sure what he was seeing wasn't just a result from lack of oxygen and a possible concussion. Lloyd could do nothing but stare at his saviour from his position against the wall on the ground.

    "should carry around an angel blade there buster helps with the shadowy figures that haunt the night" Lloyd frowned as he peered into the golden brown eyes of the stranger. "an Angel blade" Now what the heck was that? Some sort of superior weapon that had been named that since it could kill demons? What else could it be, there was no such things as angels. The hunter watched as the stranger flicked his hand and then he was just gone. Vanished into thin air. It might have just been his concussion making things up but he doubted it. Weirder things than vanishing men happened but one thing was for sure, that hadn't been a human. Humans don't just disappear like that.

    Pulling himself up by using the wall as a leverage, Lloyd managed to get his shaky legs under himself. God his head hurt and the fact that he couldn't get the eyes of the stranger off his mind wasn't helping. With wobbly movements, the male managed to pick up his stuff after falling on his face a few times and dragged himself over to his car which thankfully wasn't too far away. Though, there was no way he'd be able to drive in that condition so he just dumped his useless demon slaying gear into the car and locked the door. He would have to walk to the hospital to get his head checked. Which actually wasn't too far away either, at least he had some luck that night.

    However, he couldn't help his mind from wandering back to the man, whatever he was, who had saved him from becoming a body on a dirty alley as the stumbled through the streets. The bastard had left before he had the chance to thank him, unacceptable. He wasn't getting off that easy, Lloyd was going to make sure of that.
  4. Gabriel stood ontop of a building over looking the street that the hunters car was on. What an interesting human, unlike many hunters this one had guts but no glory. He smirks this would be fun to play with a lot more then he would think.

    Gabriel after fe hours came down seeing the hunter fast asleep looked at him carefully and getting out what of his spare angel blade he tied a note to it and left it on the hood of the car witha. Kite. The archangel then was gone as he had no other reason to stay. Around the car was a heaven angel pentagram making all the demons stay away

    The note read the fallowing :

    Dear Stranger

    Hello my dear stranger who decided to take on demons without much as a angel blade with you. I am the guy that saved you but I do not think your ready yet to see the real world of what creatures lie ahead of you with those weapons you have. So I have given you this angel blade. On it you will find writing on it of one of the archangels it's your job to decode it . Best of luck and I am always there to keep your back safe in case of unwanted company should show its face.


    An archangel

    Gabriel had vanished himself to a local apartment smiling as he flopped on the bed his dog and cat sat next to him as he got a lollipop and watches a movie his dog falling asleep on Gabriel's back and Gabriel falling asleep as his cat laid on his head peacefully.
  5. Turned out his head injury wasn't that serious after all, just a stitch or two and he was as good as new. There was nothing broken either and his shoulder was just bruised and would be sore for some time. Also, he would probably have one helluva headache for a couple of days as well. Luckily, the nice people at the hospital gave him some good painkillers so he would be fine. Seemed like the night wasn't that bad after all, everyone had bought his story of being robbed and he was good to go. Well, the night wasn't so bad if you dismissed the fact that he almost got killed that is.

    After he had gotten his head stitched, Lloyd exited the hospital and walked back to his car. Damn, he was exhausted. Which was understandable as you don't get thrown around by a demon everyday. Getting into his car, the hunter popped two painkillers into his mouth and washed them down with the remainder of the holy water, he doubted he'd be needing it during the rest of the night anyway. He was too tired to go find a motel to crash in so he just wrapped a thin blanket he kept for emergencies like this around himself and rested his head against the car window. It certainly wasn't the best place to sleep in but Lloyd didn't really care as he was already having trouble keeping his eyes open. It wasn't long until he fell asleep.

    Like said, a car isn't an ideal place to crash in for the night and Lloyd found out why in the morning. It seemed like every muscle in his body was aching and protesting against any and all movement. Though the male suspected the beating he took not too long ago had something to do with it as well. However, the headache that was trying to split his skull in half was worse. Groaning, Lloyd got out of the car and swallowed two more painkillers. He didn't have any water though so he had to swallow them dry and succeeded after a while of trying. Stretching his screaming muscles, the hunter hoped the damned demon was burning in hell or worse. And then he noticed it.

    There was a some kind of a drawing on the ground. Frowning, Lloyd stepped away from his car to have a better look. It looked like some kind of a pentagram, "Wha-" He only managed to utter a single syllable before his eyes locked on the hood of his car. The first thing he noticed was a kite and as he got closer, he could see a some kind of a blade. Picking it up cautiously, Lloyd noticed a note tied to it. He wasn't too sure how to feel about the recent events and now this but he did feel curiosity nagging at the back of his head. Which is why he found himself reading the note.

    Dear Stranger

    Hello my dear stranger who decided to take on demons without much as a angel blade with you. I am the guy that saved you but I do not think your ready yet to see the real world of what creatures lie ahead of you with those weapons you have. So I have given you this angel blade. On it you will find writing on it of one of the archangels it's your job to decode it . Best of luck and I am always there to keep your back safe in case of unwanted company should show its face.


    An archangel

    Was someone messing with him? Angels were real? It made sense in a way, the bad stuff was real so why wouldn't the good stuff be real as well. The thought still felt unbeliavable, Angels for crying out loud. Besides, why would an angel help him of all people? Lloyd glanced back at the note in his hands. And an archangel of all things for god's sakes!?

    Feeling a little dizzy, Lloyd sat down onto the ground, leaning against the front tire of his car. How come his life went crazy in one night? He couldn't help staring at the beautiful blade in his hands, an Angel blade. He needed to find this archangel, he had to thank him. For everything. There was no way he'd just let this go, he would find his angel even if it killed him. But first, he needed a drink.
  6. The Archangel was in his home getting his pets regular dog food smiling to himself. Made pancakes with alot of syrup.

    Gabriel went out of his home as he walked changing his appearance and voice as well as eye color. He now had deep green eyes and golden hair. He saw Lolyd and blinked

    "Sir are you alright?" Asked eyes wide slowly a lollipop in his mouth a concerned look. He looked at the blade slightly "sir you shouldn't have a blade cops don't like such weapons" said slowly.

    Gabriel praised himself mentally at how well he could play himself different. He looked at the hunter swiftly looking around slowly. He grinned gently eyes glistened in the sunlight
  7. Lloyd was slightly startled when an unknown man suddenly spoke to him, he hadn't heard him walk over. Maybe he should pay more attention to his surroundings. The hunter glanced up at the stranger from his position on the ground and then back at the angel blade in his hands. It took him a second or two to come out of his trance and start acting like a human being again. Lloyd pushed himself up from the ground and back on his feet with a little help from his car, slipping the silver blade inside his jacket along with the note. "Yeah, I'm fine... Thanks."

    This guy didn't seem too suspicious to Lloyd but the way he didn't even as much as blink at the sight of the, actually quite unusual, blade, had the hunter thinking. Maybe the guy wasn't just a nobody, maybe he knew more than most. Like him. Lloyd fidgeted slightly before asking the first question on his mind, "Are you... a hunter?" Not that he had much to lose anyway, either the guy was a hunter or he would think Lloyd had a couple of screws loose in his head.
  8. Gabriel raised eyebrow slowly "I guess you could say that I am a hunter " the stranger said smiling gently lollipop in mouth still. Gabriel smiles as his dog trotted over and barked deeply.

    "My name is Gabriel Simon " he said deciding to give himself a more human name. Gabriel looked at the hunter slowly and at the blade "an archangel blade Interesting . Many archangels hate humans this one must take a liking to you" he muses gently as he looked at the hunter "who are you?" Asked
  9. Lloyd nodded slightly at the stranger. To him, it sounded like the other male was no ordinary hunter but he didn't want to be rude so he let it go without any further questions, it really wasn't his business anyway. He raised an eyebrow at the dog that walked over the other man, he hadn't thought hunters, or whoever this guy was, kept pets. he constant moving around not to mention the danger wasn't the best environment for animals. Though this guy didn't too "normal" for him to begin with.

    The hunter was pulled from his musings as the guy, who claimed his name was Gabriel Simon, mentioned the angel blade. Lloyd could't help blushing slightly at Gabriel's words, he was embarrassed and confused. What was so special about him?

    Realizing he as being quite rude with his silence, Lloyd quickly spoke while extending his hand for a handshake, "Oh right, sorry. I'm Lloyd Lawton."
  10. Gabriel shook his hand "Nice to meet you" Gabriel said cheerfully. He looked at the dog that barked once and pets its head gently. Gabriel eyes closed gently relaxing in the sun.

    He opened the eyes looking around once more slowly "do you want to get something to eat?" Asked confused looking at the wounded hunter. The dig barked again wagging tail.
  11. "Likewise." Lloyd gave a small smile at Gabriel as they shook hands. There was something slighly familiar with this guy but he couldn't figure out what it was so he just brushed it off as his imagination. Or maybe he had hit his head harder than he had thought the previous night. Lloyd shifted slightly as Gabriel closed his eyes for a while, a small ache had started making itself known in his shoulder.

    As food was mentioned, the hunter realized he was actually quite hungry, it had been a while since he had eaten. Lloyd replied with a small nod, "Yeah sure, why not. Do you know any good diners or such around here?"
  12. "Yes I know of many dinners around here" he said smiling gently as he leads her to the nice OREMS dinner down the street and smiles getting them a seat rather fast. Gabriel sat near the window looking at he hunter and at the menue thinking to himself about what to have for breakfast.

    "So how often do you hunt ?" He asked raising eyebrow slowly
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