Shadowside: War of Light and Dark

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  1. From My old one in roleplaygateway:

    In Kresden a war looms over the people's head. It currently expediencies a time of peace however it is rather fragile and tense. the two factions the Darkside Alliance and the Grand Light Empire. They only 30 years ago a century long war was finally ended when the gods came back and created the half-bloods to be intermediaries between the factions. and thus a peace was made. but the peace is fraying. boder clashes, territory disputes and a whole array of problems including a rumor of an assaination of the half-bloods who are few in number and the only ones keeping the peace. At this point it isn't a matter of how to stop the war. it will only be how will it start and how will it end.

    Shadowside Alliance: The Outcasts of the world and monsters some call them. The Werewolves, The vampires, The Phantoms and sympathetic Dragons and Demons. all having to live on the edges of the world, in the dark desolate places that The self-rightious Empire are trying to take over and pushing them out mean while. when the war came they banded together even stronger than the Empire and Held the ground. They did so for 100 years until finally The half-breeds came. most were greatful for the peace but some for either vengeance or other reasons wish for another war to be brought down.

    Grand Light Empire: The chosen people who shall bring Light to the Darkness. the Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Tamed Dragons and Angels. while the so called "Darkside Alliance" without an enemy will turn on itself the empire shall hold strongly together. Now while The Empire would be more than happy to civilize the areas those creatures hold they are content to let it be for now. however should their raids on villages that they set up within perfectly good territory without breaching the treaty continue they will take action though some are just itching for any excuse while others hope that it never comes.


    Werewolf: Created from the Love of The God of Beasts Garudais and The Goddess of Passion Marisaka. The middle child race if you will. They have made their Homes in the Darkwood a wild land only recently getting breached by mainly humans and elves. In wolf Form they are part wolf part buff giant human on steroids. in human form they have golden eyes a fit frame and darker version of their hair and skin color. For generally shared traits They quite Loyal to their kin and allies and to their enemies...well the empire's accusations of them being feral monsters isn't quite unfounded though they do value honor in battle. Also if your a werewolf and traitor for the Empire (which you can play) may the ancestors have mercy on you because the werewolves will have none for those they catch especially for their own... . Their Primary Magic is Bestiary the ability to influence and possibly outright control beasts or temporarily take on aspects of said beasts. They have A Tribal Structure to their society with most dominant being leader and Representative In the Alliance council.

    Humans: Created by a group of the gods and by some versions are chosen (though they aren't). they can be quite individualistic the Empire tones that down a little. they all have a bit of compassion for one another though not so much for those who they don't view as one of them. Appearances vary quite abit among them from region to region. Their home region however is Temprasi a mix of grassland and Temperate forest. Primary Magic: None really they were granted a more versatile ability with magic.Divided by Noble Houses, both Members and Vassals there of. They are the ones with the Emporer on the throne so they (supposedly) rule though there are muttering that the angels are really calling the shots...

    Vampires: The Bloodsuckers of the night. Created by four souls who managed to escape the realm of death when the death god Nagako wasn't paying attention. however when they arrived to the land of the living their blood could no longer sustain life so they fed on the blood of others and while turning some to others like them. They appear at a glance much like a human but their skin is far, far paler and their eyes too bright a color to be normal plus their fangs can be seen an exposed smile. These creatures are cunning and very,very cold which is a protection mechanism as to let anyone too close in what has become a very nasty political state to gain more territory as Vampires are pretty territorial creatures especially the powerful ones who need lots of blood to keep their powers and the more powerful and old the more blood is needed. Their home is a Ruin of a land called Desmir which while clearly aged an run down is inhabited by all sorts and live quite happily independent though no one really likes getting picked to be one of their rulers meals or a pawn in a scheme. Primary Magic: Blood magic which is manipulation of blood to heal or harm in a variety of ways. Other powers include your typical supernatural strength senses and reflexs. They are Broken up into Clans. The Vampiric king who through many tactics got the position rules it.

    Elves: The Classic nature lovers. Tall, fair, pointy eared, very long lived, agile. they where made by created by Mohanis, The Goddess of Nature, To watch over the forests of the land. They have done their jobs for many centuries rather well despite clashes with the werewolves. Then The Empire began the war with The Alliance and Werewolves among them. thus they joined the Empire to fight in the war against them. Their Home Forest is Tjeir Is A very thick, old temperate forest. they live among it's trees and revere it but can get a little over protective of it as far as their compatriots of the empire are concerned as well as them not doing so hot in cities with little nature. Broken up in Communes. The wisest of the Elven usually serves on the adviser council.

    Phantoms: While the other species were made directly or indirectly by the god this one has a decidedly mortal origin. when talented magi lost his love he went deep into Magic trying to find the primordial revival ritual. he was able to put in most of it together using some creative thinking to fill in the gaps. However it wasn't a complete revival instead the phantom curse and phantom was born. they looked much as they did in life except one art of their body is withered or rotted and their eyes (if they have any) is mostly iris with a tiny pupil and white around the corner. they hail from Graven, a kingdom that lies in ruins and only very recently being reinhabited by the living. They are pretty close to one another though do to the nature of the ritual they become more and more apathetic and easier to manipulate as they grow older marked by big the curse mark is. divided into groups called crypts. Primary Magic: Dark Soul a corrupted version
    of Soul magic a lost but powerful magic. They are ruled by those who've proven themselves in various ways with one representing at the council.

    'Dwarves: The great forgers and tinkerers of the Empire. Created by Trusden so as to watch over the mountains. They did just that though territory disputes rose with the Dragons since they also live in the mountains. Those Mountains being the for the dwarves the northern Trusden Mountains most settlement is underground due to the surface being butt-numbing cold. these Guys are quite diligent and good craftsmen and diligent plus good at using their craftsmen. problem comes with the ale and insulting their Families or Beards... .Their Primary Magic is enchantment which is imbuing magic into an item. divided into Large Families or unrelated. They have a traditional king system who however has to bow to the emperor.

    Demons: The name conjures evil, monstrous creatures that wish nothing more to end the world. While there are some that certainly do wish that most just desire a bit of chaos. some for good some for ill though all created by Goddess of Change Revilota and The new God of Chaos Drekil. they live in Hellik (this world's version of hell) though it is voluntarily as it fits their nature. their base of operations is what has become known Helldrin a giant pit on the edge of Kresden connected to Hellik. Demons in appearance are generally humanoid though all can shapeshift so who knows if that's what they actually look like. Their primary magic is infernal a dark version of the Primordial Maggic though in Kresdin it is put on a power limit so those passing through legit channels don't blow the world up on a whim. they are ruled by the most powerful of them. divided into groups based on their "Sins."

    Angels: The oppsite of their demonic bretheren they are normally potrayed as the pinnacle of good. while alot are good others aren't. their primary objective is to maintain order set by the gods. created by Yaveh the god of order for such a purpose they are based in this world is the floating isle named Paradisa they have allied and some may argue taken control of the Empire finding them much more suitable allies than the chaotic Alliance with which the demons sided with.
    The grand commander leads the Angel army and advises (or pulls the strings of) the Emperor. They are divided into Choirs. Their primary magic is Celestial a variant of the Primordal with the darkness removed.

    Dragons: The Second oldest race after Angels and Demons. They are fiercely territorial creatures especially the free ones. They have very tough scales, are very large, and can shape shift into an alternate form of their choosing to mingle among other races. they live in the Southern half of the Truesden moutain range where it is quiet volcanic. they often either raid or protect a village for food but still do plenty of hunting. they are ruled by the Strongest in the Alliance and in the Empire the oldest who once again advises the Emperor. their Primary is their unique Dragon magic which allows them to breath or control the elements and cast extremely strong but draining spells.

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