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When we last left our "heroes"...

The town of Renga Murai is in disrepair, stones and bricks strewn across the street. Bodies lay where they had fallen, and the fires had spread unchecked... though the light of the fire allowed a glint of light to reflect off of a small scroll that had fallen from the armor of the bandit's horseback leader.

Bound with an obsidian seal - obsidian known to be the corrupt, bloody form of the more holy material, jade - carved in the image of a spider. The note was written in a language that few could understand - a language that hurt the eyes of those who looked upon it.

However, the signature was clear as day, a name that - even if unknown to those in the group - sent a chill down each spine. A name that many dare not say, for fear of attracting his attention.

The signature was of "Fu Leng"... known better as the Fallen Kami, a being of such grand evil and malevolence that an entire part of the world has been blackened by his influence.

In fact, this spider symbol is clear as tattoos or as designs on the armor of the fallen 'bandits'. What this means to those is unknown, but one thing is certain: No good will come of it.

Along with the letter was a map, showing several other places where the 'bandits' were to attack - soon, they rushed off to warn their teammate's home of the rushing attack. Joined by others, the party soon split.

One party goes to no where, led by one of the land's craftiest. The other heads towards certain death, led by the two of the land's most honorable. They will meet each other again... perhaps sooner than they'd like.

Meanwhile, the forces of darkness begin to make their presence known. Bandit attacks and undead creatures begin to slip around the guard of the Crab clan, making their way into Rokugan. Something was happening... something bad.


Yup, I've decided to change my previous D&D game into a freeform game, so those interested can ACTUALLY join in. The game is set in an alternate 'Rokugan' (made famous in the Legend of the Five Rings setting), and I'll allow races that don't normally appear in the setting, such as the Kitsune or the Nekomata.

So... if you like big, epic battles... magic along with swordplay... samurai and ninja... and are prepared for a metric ton of drama, please come in. The game is pretty drama and romance based, so be prepared for that.

-Character Sheet-
Clan: (Normally, only Humans are part of the Clans - it is possible for other races to be affiliated with a clan).
Weapon of Choice:
Fighting Style:
-Hated Clan: (What clan do you dislike the most -and why?)
-Allied Clan: (Which clan isn't so bad - and why?)
Other: (Anything else you'd like o add?)

For those of you unfamiliar with Rokugan and it's clans... here's a handy Wiki link!
Name: Kansai Haruko

Race: Human

Clan: Scorpion

Weapon of Choice: Bladed war fan

Fighting Style: Ninjutsu

Appearance: Haruko has cascading hair the color of a moonless night, brought high by a band and draping down her back like a waterfall. Her features are soft and delicate, just as one would assume a geisha to have. Her eyes are cocoa brown and piercing, like she could rip the very secrets from your soul should she desire. Her body, though very rarely seen, is light and skinny but holds the power of ki. She is stronger then she appears but not very hardy. Her mask simply covers the area from the tip of her nose to the center of her brow, leaving holes for the eyes so she can see, colored black with red markings, the colors of her clan.

Personality: Haruko has many personalities and can mold into whatever is needed in the situation, for the most part she enjoys playing the frail soft geisha, quick to tears, quick to smile but all of it is an act. When discovered as a Scorpion she quickly becomes shifty, giving indirect answers, playing dumb or even lying to mislead, only telling the truth if it benefits her as well. She is very loyal to the Emporer, but does so with the twisted honor that only a Scorpion can possess. She has a soft spot for children, typically becoming much nicer and charitable when involved with them. Her heart is cold and she holds most men in contempt, refusing to fall to the follies of "love," even though she will use her charms to make men trust her and think that she loves them.

Background: Haruko was born into the Scorpion clan under a small family and was trained as a ninja from an early age. When she was about 15 she also began learning the arts of the geisha. The Bayushi family took an interest in her and began grooming her as an assassin that can get close to her marks. It didn't take her long to learn the subtleties of getting close to people and has become successful at her trade. In recent times the Scorpion clan has been sending her on long term spying missions. Her current goal is to glean some information the Unicorn clan, disguised as a Geisha, even exposing her face (though changing how she looks through many makeup techniques), she started her travels alone.

-Hated Clan:
Lion: she finds them stupid, foolhardy and simply as meat heads. She does acknowledge their military strategies but finds their blind commitment to war stupid and pointless.

Crane: Snobs, Haruko thinks that they are stuck up and rude, she will almost actively go out of her way to ruin a Crane's day, even if it is just a simple prank.

-Allied Clan: Crab, she respects their ability to keep the Empire safe from the threat from the Shadowlands and has no real grudge against them.
Name: Ropp'tch'tch (Roppu)

Race: Nezumi

Clan: Clanless

Weapon of Choice: Dagger

Fighting Style: Shamanism - no true fighting style, uses spiritual magic - the spirits of Trickery seem to favor her.


Personality: Shy and reserved, Roppu rarely speaks - but when she does, she stutters out her words for a good few moments. Her stutters are actually a result of her dual languages - the Nezumi tongue is filled with clicks and whistles, and the translated 'Rokugani' language sounds like a stutter. She fears samurai, and has spent a lot of her time in hiding.

Background: The world was just fine for Ropp'tch'tch when she was young. Extraordinarily pretty, she was one of the more popular little gatherers, taking from the humans with her brothers and sisters, providing a great deal of wealth and food for the small offshoot of the tribe that she belonged to.
The humans did not like that. The humans did not understand, they had so much food, what little the Nezumi took was meaningless! However, the greedy humans got the larger humans with the frightening armor and glinting, giant knives to come - the Samurai. The family of ratlings was easily killed off.
However, several spirits smiled on the young Ropp'tch'tch. The spirits guarded her, and cloaked her - making her appear human to the samurai... she was not aware, and huddled in the corner... crying and waiting for the blades to fall upon her. The samurai, seeing only a frightened human girl, lifted her up... 'rescuing' her from the fate that they had intended for all ratlings.
She was given over into foster care... but a few moments after the samurai left, her form wavered, and she was, once more, a ratling - and fled. She has been making a meager living off of the humans, vengence already slaked from the death of her family as she stole and made horrible deals with the humans, shattering their economy. Her reverence to the spirits of Trickery and her own Guardians has given her some incredible spirit allies... and her ability to appear human for a good deal of time helps, too.

-Hated Clan: None. She knows too little of the clans to really make a judgment.
-Allied Clan: None. No clan is fond of the Nezumi.


Name: Bei Irontail

Race: Kitsune, One-Tailed

Clan: Affiliated with the Dragon Clan

Weapon of Choice: Unarmed

Fighting Style: Earth Dragon - A fighting style developed by the Dragon Clan, 'Earth Dragon' is a low-stance fighting style focused on ending a fight quickly. It is seen as brutal and without grace by many other monk schools. It's practitioners use grapples, holds, and punches to kill or incapacitate opponents. The style is made famous for it's ability to rupture organs without affecting the skin being hit. It is a Dragon Clan style.


Personality: Despite his training as a monk, Bei seems playful and jovial. He is almost always smiling, and has a weakness for sake. He very much acts the kitsune he is, though he seems unwilling to use his kitsune magic, or even assume human form. Riddles and poetry are common from the fox's lips, all seeming to run counter to his brutal fighting style. He is honest and truthful in word, though seems pragmatic when it comes to the silent approach - he will tell the truth, or say nothing at all.

Background: It was years ago when he found the dragon monastery. It was an interesting group of humans - all shaven bald, tattooed and all mimicking the same punching motions. He had found it terribly amusing, like a setup of birds all singing the same song... he was amused enough to stay, and keep watching. They didn't chase him away, or glare at him... or even look at him. He supposed it was because he was in his fox form, and that he was being sneaky... this was not the case. He had given away his true self immediately to the sharp-eyed monks... and so he continued to watch... for hours... days... months... all the while, he envied the one who taught them... respected and strong, with all these little humans to do what he wanted... there were no riches involved, but the young fox had assumed that meant it'd be easier to rise up in the ranks, here.

At night, the young fox snuck into the Teacher's chambers... and, turning into his hybrid from, challenged him to a fight. It was no contest - soundly thrashed by the old monk, the young fox lay on the ground - bruised, bloodied, and expecting a final death blow... it never came.

Bei fled, and did the same thing, every night for a week - each time, the old man easily besting him. Finally defeated, in body and in spirit, the fox offered his servitude to the man.

Instead, the monk offered a different sort of punishment... to train at the monastery as one of his pupils. At first, the young fox laughed at it... but... slowly, he realized the strength he could gain... and accepted. It was not easy doing, as the order of the monastery rankled against his very nature... and yet... somehow, slowly... he came to enjoy it.

Naming the fox 'Bei', the old master gave him no special treatment - he was like every other monk there... save that the teacher forbade Bei from turning human, telling him that it was dishonest. Coming to respect the old man, Bei agreed to these terms. Soon, however, wanderlust began to creep into the foxes' heart - as the old teacher reached the end of his long life. Instructing his students to go out into the world and learn, so that they might pass on his teachings, each went off in search of their destiny.

Bei went last, caring for his mentor until the old man passed away.

-Hated Clan:
Pheonix Clan. "Their Void magic sure useful. Pity they hoard it for themselves!"

Crane Clan: "Talk, talk. Is that all you ever do?"

-Allied Clan:
Dragon Clan. "They adopted me, and I is happy to be a part of their clan."

Name: Matsu Kiyoshi

Race: Human.

Clan: Lion

Weapon of Choice: His Ancestral daisho, he almost exclusively uses the katana.

Fighting Style: Carving barely controlled rage into the battlefield dealing damage with little thought of his own safety.

Fully 6'1 and 211lbs of honed warrior baring the scars of growing up and training in a Matsu family and the life of a samurai of the lion. His long hair flown back like a mane of black all the way to his shoulders. He bares a brand of the Matsu mon on his chest, part of the gempuku he endured when he came of age. His green eye look out from his proud features. His armour consists of a chest and back plate, grieves and bracers over a single tunic. It bears the lion mon over his heart and on the back.

Personality: Kiyoshi is far from the typical Matsu. Seeming to incorporate aspects from all major lion families. This comes with considerable shame for him as he feels he was silently exiled, compacted by the shame of surviving his lord leaves him burning to the desire to redeem himself and hunt down those responsible fore the death of his lord and the destruction of Rensa Muzai.


Many thought the child names Kiyoshi would never pass his gempuku and his one act as an adult would be sepuku. He proved them wrong, barely and with his skin still healing around the brand he has sent to study with the Akodo. The Akoko view of Kami Akoko's writing contrasted with the hot headed matsu, and their slower, more calculated approach to war cooled Kiyoshos fires though never extinguished his Matsu heart, next He went to the Ikota where he learned of the history even being given a glimpse of the many versions of Akodo's great book 'tactics' when he asked questions about the Akodo's ways. Finally he stayed with the Kitsu who instilled with him the value of the ancestors and how even a virtual outcast with watched and could make them proud.

He returned home a changed man at his lord's bidding not long before he was killed in a cowardly attack that left most castle residents dead, the bodies covered in strange spiderwebs. His lord's final orders were contained in a letter to Kiyoshi, it was well known that lord Takahiro advocated for the strengthening of the empire's defenses and was investigating an external threat, but his final letter hinted he knew he was going to be targeted and accepted his own death and wished Kiyoshi to continue with work as best he could.

-Hated Clan:

Crane: Pompous fools who think they define the world while doing nothing to protect it.

Scorpion: Liars, thieves, scoundrels, brigands and cowards without a scrap of honor on the battlefield or off it. There are those who distrust the scorpion and those who get stung.

-Allied Clan:

Crab: Honorable warriors who protect the empire and do so for nothing more than doing their duty.
Name: Cao Dian The "Peasants Fist"
Clan: Crab - Peasant
Weapon of Choice: Glaive (or longsword, where the glaive isn't as useful)
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in short; fluid, heavy movements that you DO NOT want to hit you!


Personality: Stoic to insults to himself, a whirlwind of fury to insults and threats to the common people/those who cannot defend themselves (or who are wrongly challenged!)
To most his is polite and courteous, looking beyond station and for the most part, beyond occupation (as befits a Crab Peasant raised on the battlefield, nothing is more important that an iron will and fighting ability!)
History: It has been said that the Giant Warrior known as Cao Dian was born on another continent, that he was adopted by his Crab Clan parents in secret and hidden from the noble Samurai.
Cao Dian himself says nothing for or against this, simply stating that his past was and is as such irrelevant.
He rose to prominence fighting demonic enemies and made a name for himself despite his low station.

he has bought armor and weapons, training himself in the art of the glaive and the long sword in the fires of battle.

The raider lord stepped back, the bulwark of steel that stood before him, watching as the heavily armored mans glaive swung from left to right, up and down in a dance of death, bodies littered the ground around the blue armored warrior and sweat trickled down the raider's neck as he stepped back slowly, calculating the odds of his survival.

as the last of his warriors slumped to the dirt, blood gushing from his severed neck, the Raider leader tured to run, but felt a sharp pain lancing through his left leg, and as he fell he looked to his leg, grimacing in agonised dismay as he saw a flat steel broadsword had peirced his laquered armor on both sides, and that it bore the engraved symbol of an armored fist.

"you steal and ransack these peopel no more" a voice behind him boomed, and the Bandit king looked up in time to see a Glaive sweeping towards his neck, he made to shout, but cold steel cut through his windpipe, and his head toppled backwards, his mind still funtioning for a few short, terrifying seconds.

Cao Dian retreived his sword from the Bandit's leg, and wiped it on the corpses clothes before sheathing it, as he did so, one of the peasants that had stood beside him to fight off the bandits gave a cheer of triumph, and the Fist of the Peasantry let his head fall backwards and laughed.
once again, wolves had come to find sheep and instead found sheepdogs.
-Hated Clan: none, unless you consider bandits and highwaymen a clan.
-Allied Clan: none, each individual will be judged on their merits and treated accordingly
Other: bandits beware. Cao Dian returns!
I am gonna take a RISK and join a setting I am unfamiliar with! >:D I wanted to know if this character would be okay? She was originally designed to be part of the Crane clan and then the bio edited for two other unrelated RPs afterwords. So it might need a few changes for the rp. >>;
Name: Tsuruchi Ichino

Race: Human

Clan: Mantis

Weapon of Choice: bow

Fighting Style: Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter

Appearance: about average male hight, semi-buff, shoulder length black hair, white clothing

Personality: keeps to self most of the time. Socializes when needed. lives for family, honor and loyalty.

Background: Was raised in the Tsuruchi bounty hunter school since he was really little. though he was not required to stay away from katanas and wakazashis, he still chooses to follow the families original philosophy of just a bow and small blade. he was trained to hunt and use steath to an extent that it was second nature for him. Ichino praises his family and honor above all else.

-Hated Clan: pheonix- sees them as a clan that is militarily lacking

-Allied Clan: unicorn- one of the only clans to share an understanding of outside culture.
-Character Sheet-
Name: Yue
Race: River Spirit Folk/Shaman
Clan: None
Weapon of Choice: ... She has a staff?
Fighting Style: None, really. She sticks to the back of the fighting party and uses spells to heal and protect herself and others.
Appearance: She is tall, fair skinned, beautiful for a human woman. She has long, dark blue hair and light blue eyes and scales that flash rainbow in the sun. She wears simple robes and sandals and doesn't carry any type of money on her.

Personality: Yue is quiet and serene. She rarely talks but does her best to help others. She will defend the innocent and do what she can to help out. She is naive and innocent, despite having travelled around, and for the most part has avoided large cities.
Background: Yue's mother was a human who fell in love with a dragon. They mated and the woman died giving birth to a daughter. Her father named her after her mother so she would always remember her and she grew up, loved and cared for in her father's palace. She discovered she had a special connection to the River and Healing Spirits and since then, has left home to help others.
-Hated Clan: None
-Allied Clan: She respects all Clan members and all races.
Other: She is currently being followed by a rather large black wolf she healed prior to the start of the RPG. She doesn't use words like "I", preferring to say "this one" and "she" in regards to herself. She calls everyone, "honored" and bows with her knees bent until they touch the ground.


-Character Sheet-
Name: Moto Ryoko
Race: Human/Barbarian
Clan: Unicorn
Weapon of Choice: Halberd
Fighting Style: Mostly taking damage meant for allies, and dealing the damage back; she's a ferocious fighter on and off horseback
Appearance: She's short, about five four, heavy set with tanned skin. She has long black hair usually pulled back in a braid and dark eyes, wearing leather armor and clothing. She has a few scars on her arms and legs you can see because her outfit leaves her chest, legs and arms bare.
Personality: Ryoko is feisty, stubborn, and has an odd sense of humor. She's easy going and generally tries to have fun. She has a tendency to tease those *koffKiyoshikoff* who appear to be stiff and in need of a good laugh. She loves fighting and surrender is synonymous with death.
Background: Moto Ryoko is on a mission! She wants to become the greatest Utaku maiden to ever live and has left her family to pursue her dream!
-Hated Clan: Scorpions - Sneaky, backstabbing sons of--!
-Allied Clan: Lions - Not bad ... if you can pull the katanas out of their asses ...
Other: Give her sake at your own risk and do not touch her horse!
Name: Shosuro Tokito
Race: Human
Clan: Scorpion
Weapon of Choice: Ninja-to
Fighting Style: Never let them see you.
Appearance: A little below average Rokugani height with close cropped black hair, and pure black eyes. Depending on his disguise he may carry himself with pride or humility, though his eyes are never still and ears never resting.
Personality: Very porite and respectful in the surface and an inquiring mind beneath and never satisfied until he gets an answer or seen proof that his mission is done..
Background: Hes beein spying for almost as long as hes been walking, small children can hide in small places, but his lord wishes him to be more versatile than simply keeping tabs on visitors in his own lands. His current mission is to gain experience working undercover in foreign lands.
-Hated Clan:

Crane: Such a colorful display of absolutely nothing to be proud of.

Phoenix: So educated, and yet so ignorant.

-Allied Clan: Unicorn, disguised as one many times, they never arouse suspicion wandering alone.
Name: Kuni Murai

Race: Human

Clan: Crab

Weapon of Choice: Shakujo staff, Ancestral Daisho

Fighting Style: Shadow Hunting. One parts samurai, one parts shugenja, Murai's tsukai-sagasu Master was highly skilled in both areas. Murai is a highly capable swordsman and warrior, and knows many binding spells tied closely to Earth and Spirit.

Appearance: Like many Crab, Murai is an imposing individual with broad shoulders and a barreled chest. He stands several inches taller than some of the tallest men to be found among Rokugan, and weighs more as well-- but he is nothing but solid, well-trained muscle. Murai has a grim, yet handsome, face hidden behind layers of white, red, and black face paint that's the mark of his station of a Witch Hunter, and he has long, voluptuous black hair that he keeps in a high warrior's knot at the back of his head, with two additional knots flowing down either side of his head. It is an aesthetic for his facial paint that gives him a remarkably dominating look.

Personality: Murai is a surprisingly hearty fellow, despite his Kuni familial background. He served many years on the Wall, and has developed a grim sense of life, but has also developed the quirky, fatalistic humour that goes along with that. Many of his jokes involve death.

Second son of a powerful Shugenja, Murai was taken in by his mother's brother, a well-respected tsukai-sagasu, or Witch Hunter, several years after his name day and after having spent several years proving himself to the Crab as a whole, fighting the Shadow along the Kaiu Wall.

Murai showed great aptitude with combat and sword work, and had a fairly focused tactical mind. His uncle taught him many things of combating the Shadowspawn, and showed him a number of spells and magical binding that would greatly amplify his skill in finding the dark foes of the Empire.

His uncle was killed while engaging in combat with a remarkably powerful oni. Murai helped strike down this fell beast along with his uncle who, on his dying breath, passed on his legacy and his tools of combat to Murai.

-Hated Clan: Crane. They are weak, and sycophantic. They know nothing of truly fighting Fu Leng's evil.
-Allied Clan: Unicorn. They are bold, and strong, and like the Crab, sometimes viewed as outsiders. They are true warriors.

Other: Murai has a jade amulet that serves to protect him from evil, and his shakujo is more than a simple talisman-- it helps him focus his magical energies, and serves as a very powerful weapon. There is a hidden spear tip at the bottom of the long shaft, and the rings and head ornament are made of silver and jade.
Name: Pakwan* Utaku
Race: Hooman
Clan: Unicorn
Weapon of Choice: Composite bow; sabre in the afternoon


Personality: Think of a ripe lemon. A bit sweet, but mostly all sour. Now think of a human, like Pakwan, as a ripe lemon. The treatment of the Unicorn, long since returned to Rokugan, has not inclined one such as Pakwan to feel welcome in her ancestral home. As such Pakwan's interactions with the rest of Rokugan are clipped in both behavior and speech. Because the Unicorn have melded with a vast array of foreign cultures, Pakwan does tend to enjoy rubbing in the foreign devices and mannerisms she's come to habitually use publicly to the offense of onlookers—nobility and commoners alike (mostly the nobility)
Because of the foreign influence on the Unicorn Pakwan is, by Rokugan standards, a social and cultural outcast, a freak in laymen's terms. On one hand, it pains Pakwan to know that though her ancestors and therefore the blood pumping through her veins is that of Rokugan, her lineage and upbringing are emphatically NOT that of Rokugan thus making her a tragic mongrel that she tends to play up in bouts of extreme boredom. On the other hand, Pakwan feels that as much as the Unicorn have superficially changed in the eyes of their peers, at their core they remained the same people of Rokugan who emigrated a millennia ago and therein lies their strength of character. According to Pakwan the ability to have incorporated such wildly different technologies, values and perspectives yet retain the essence of their people is a valuable weapon in both battle and politics.

Background: The inevitable miscenagenation between native Rokugan Ki-Rin clan with those of foreigners resulted in modern day Unicorn clan people that look somewhat… off compared to the average Rokugan citizen. Pakwan is one such example, as her family tree traces back to the first contacts with foreigners. Since the only great clan to have treated the Unicorn kindly upon their return were the Crab many Unicorn from all families befriended Crab members to reacclimatize to the motherland-- the most notable alliance is the friendship between the Crab's Hiruma family and the Unicorn's Shinjo family. Being Utaku, Pakwan has had her fair share of run-ins with the Crab clan. The immediate commaderie has led to Pakwan's entire pool of friends outside her clan to be those in Crab, one such being Murai Kuni. A proud cavalrywoman in the Unicorn, her unit returned from a victorious scrimmage near Kaiu Wall in assisting the supply line with the Crab. Newly decorated for her unit's performance in battle, she took her leave and went carousing with Murai to the dismay of rice paddy farmers and stray teenaged nobility all over Rokugan before coming to Renga Murai.

Disliked Clan: The Dragon, Phoenix and Lion clans were the most politely unkind towards her clan so Pakwan has the good sense not to like them back.

Allied Clan: The Crab are homeboys fo' lyfe.

Secret: Pakwan is part of the Utaku family yet isn't a battle maiden. This is because Pakwan never killed her targets most of the time. She usually left arrows sticking out of their bodies in peculiar and in her mind, hilarious spots. One time she made a target resemble a porcupine with 9 arrows but got berated for wasted ammunition and a live target. She makes peace offerings to that poor soul monthly.

*Pakwan totally means "Watermelon" in Tagalog. …I named my character Watermelon—just to reiterate.
Name: Moto Kaemon
Race: Hengeyokai (wolf)
Weapon of Choice: Naginata
Fighting Style: raging river: a fluid fierce fighting style, which uses sweeping circular swipes, that can fend of opponants from multiple directions at once.

Personality: usually cool tempered but is prone to go into violent rages
Background: Mikoto was found by a member of the Unicorn clan when he was an infant. He was formally adopted, into the Moto family and trained as a Samurai. He' like all others of his clan, has a deep love of horses
-Hated Clan: Crane, he finds them aggressivly polite and believes their use of diplomacy a sign that they are weak. Lion, He thinks the lions are too proud and take bushido too far.
-Allied Clan: Dragon, he has had many dealings with the dragon clan and would gladly have one at his back. Crab, he has rode into the shadowlands with his fellow motot warriors, and has been saved by crab warriors on several occasions

Name:Iuchi Mack'uk
Clan: Affiliated with the Unicorn clan
Weapon of Choice: Ninja-to, Tail spikes
Fighting Style:Mack'uk prefers to use magic but if needs be he will fight using Ninjitsu
Personality: Mack'uk is very shy and prefers not to be seen, he is self concious about being a Ratling.
Background:Mack'uk was kidnapped from the shadowlands by a band of scorpion samurai,when he was young and brought to the capital city Ryoko Owari, where he was trained to be a Shinobi. He detested his masters who treated him poorly and while still young escaped and ran north until he was found by a unicorn patrol. He was taken in by the Iuchi family and trained as a Shugenja He became good friends with Moto kaemon.
-Hated Clan: Mack'uk is generally accepting of everyone except the scorpion clan, which he still despises for removing him from his home.
-Allied Clan: He was taken in by the shugenjas of the unicorn clan shortly after his escape from the scorpion, so he has utmost respect for them. otherwise he doesn't really care what clan someone comes from (except the scorpion)
That's true, but other races can be associated with them. It was stated that Kaemon was found by a Unicorn clan member, so that fits in.

Kaemon and Bei are both Hengeyokai with Clan ties. Kaemon is tied with the Unicorn, and Bei with the Dragon.
I'm sorry i didn't write that too well, i clarified it a little bit. I meant that he was a samurai, that was a member of the Moto family, he isn't necessarily a member of the Unicorn.

I also added another character.
hey, newbie to the forums here, but I couldn't help but notice you've got a rokugan setting going here. I've got plenty of experience in Rokugan settings and I'm hoping to join.

But first, I got some questions.

Now, in the last Rokugan game I played, players using characters foreign to Rokugan was prohibited, so my question is, would it be alright for me to use a character from a European nation? I've already got a backstory planned out for how the character would fit into the setting, as well as another player who is hoping to use a Chinese character.

That being considered, is it required my character be of a specific clan, or is it possible for my character to be a liason of a foreign trading company that operates throughout multiple clans?

Thanks, just wanted to ask ahead of time before I start character creation.
You'd have to clear it with frost but out last run had a character native to greyhawk shipwrecked in rokugan.
well, I'm not sure how incredibly well it'd work in the current setting, but my idea was something based on the Dutch East India trading company, which had employees in Japan as early as the 1600's.
My dudes chinese. adopted by Crane, but chinese, or whatever the chinese are in the setting.

comes from playing too much dynasty warriors.
dynasty warriors..... wow, that takes me back.

anyways, it doesn't seem like frost has been on this thread for a while, should I just send him a comment?

I've already done some preliminary designs for characters I'm hoping to use, so I hope to jump in soon.